Cannot use import statement outside a module

How to fix”Cannot use import statement outside a module” Error?

Importing a function from the Java script is quite easy. However, sometimes it doesn’t proceed easily. Sometimes it shows an uncaught syntax error. That represents the notification “cannot use import statement outside a module”. Basically, it happens due to some reasons associated with this.

In this article, I will share the reasons why you are not able to import a statement and why it happens. Additionally, this article will discuss and provide complete solutions for resolving this uncaught syntax error. Let’s start with its reasons:

Common Reasons With Solutions For Error “Cannot Use Import Statement Outside A Module”

Whenever you fail at importing, it’s due to multiple reasons. If you avoid these factors, then surely importing will not be possible. So the following are the reasons behind this problem:

Common Reasons 

  1. You are loading the source file in the SRC directory. However, you have to use the dist directory in that case.
  2. It happens because you are using the native source code in its unbundled state.
  3. This might not work because the module you are using is scoped.
  4. It happens when you are using the native modules for opening the library.
  5. Moreover, it is happening because Ms. doesn’t have global scope. As a result, the ad is not accessible for certain scripts.
  6. Besides it all, it might be due to other reasons too. Sometimes it happens when you are inside the ES module and you are trying to import it.
  7. Additionally, it can be due to the incorrect file extension as well.
  8. Whenever you use an incorrect or missing MIME type
Common Reasons With Solutions For Error

Quick Solutions

  • In order to avoid this problem, you have to first try to load the source file in the dist directory. Additions can be solved through the use of bundled versions.
  • You can use the dist version of the file to make it open in a window. Afterwards, the problem might be resolved.

Useful Methods For Solving The Conflicts Of Statement Importing

Following are the methods through which you can resolve any type of issue in it:

Way 01: Type=Module

First of all, you have to put this statement type=module in the browser. Afterwards, the browser will recognise and treat it as the ECMAScript module. However, you have to use it properly, following its rules.

Way 02: Package.Json

Secondly, you can resolve the module problems through this. For this purpose, first of all, you have to open your package.json file in node.js. Follow the programming sequence as shown in the picture. Afterwards, restart the npm project for its implementation.

Way 01: Type=Module
Way 02: Package.Json

Way 03: Import Replacement

If you are not seeing the importing then replace import by required. Follow up;

import { parse } from ‘node-html-parser’;

parse = require(‘node-html-parser’);

4. Enable ES6 Modules

If you are seeing this error “cannot use import statement outside a module,” check for ES6. First of all, you have to use node.js to enable the ES6 modules. To resolve it, you can use the following methods:

  1. The file extension needs to be changed to mjs.
  2. Later on, go to the settings of the package. json file. To this file, now add the “type”: “module”. Afterwards, ES6 proceeds as follows:
Enable ES6 Modules

5. Convert The ES6 Export And Import Statement To Commonjs Syntax

When you are using an environment that is not supportive of the Es module, you have to convert it to jS syntax.

Here I am sharing the way to import and export statements.

  • Importing Function;

// Before

import { sum } from ‘./utils’;

// After

const { sum } = require(‘./utils’);

  • Replacement Of Export Statement 
Convert The ES6 Export And Import Statement To Commonjs Syntax

6. Correction Of MIME Type

However, if you are using the programmes under the ES6 module, Whenever you are using this on a web application, the MIME type is important. In that case, you must be assured that the given MIME type is correct for the module files.

For setting the MIME type in the.Js file during the use of express.js, Concludingly, you have to proceed with the following codes for its solution.

Correction Of MIME Type

Module Types In Javascript

A module is self-maintained code. By the way, you can also import this into the other applications. Moreover, these modules are helpful for making reusable pieces and converting the code into smaller ones. Mainly, there are two main modules for JavaScript.

  1. CommonJS
  2. ES6 modules

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Can’t I Use Import In Javascript?

Basically, it’s important to know that only a module is important for importing statements. This type of error can occur at any time in your JavaScript. Moreover, it may occur due to browser issues.

Q. How Do I Import A Module In A Js File?

To turn it on in HTML, you have to add some functions. However, there’s also the option of dynamic import. Concludingly, it shows that there’s no need for scripts type=”module”. 

Process For HTML

type=”module” to the <script> tag.

Q. How Do I Import A Module Into Code?

First and foremost, you must import the module with the statement before you can use it. The import keyword and module name together make the import statement. As a result, on the Python file, the code will appear on the top side.

Q. How Do I Install An External Module?

You can easily install it through the use of pip. However, you have to follow these steps in order to proceed further. These are;

  1. First of all, make sure that your pip module is installed.
  2. Afterwards, you have to pip install the command <module-name>. It’s for the installation of the Python module.
  3. Now you just have to use the commands of pip list to install the packages and modules of Python.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s the time of technology, and behind a new application or website, there’s a sequence of modules, languages, and codes. Sometimes in JavaScript or HTML, you will see the error “cannot use import statement outside a module”. Module is the short coding sequence that plays an important role in coding.

In order to make it work, importing is important. Firstly, check for the above points of reasons that will highlight if there’s a problem in your hands or not. If it’s due to general reasons, you can opt for quick solutions.

However, if it’s due to some technical issues, then you can also use the ways and functions. Hopefully, after going through this article, your problem will be resolved. For more such information, visit

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