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How to Fix Roku Remote Blinking light 2023?

Roku devices are great for streaming movies. These devices are actually controlled & connected through the Roku. Sometimes due to the technical issues the remote will not work with it. Most probably you will observe the roku remote blinking light. Basically the blinking of green light is indication of ready to pair with the device. 

Moreover the blinking of White light shows low charging. However if you see the continuous blinking of the remote it means that it will not be due to syncing, low battery & faulty remote issues. Either will be problematic in its functions too. In this article we will discuss the causes and all possible solutions to avoid its continuous blinking.

Roku Remote Blinking light

What Does The Roku Remote Blinking Light Mean?

Basically the remote starts to bring the green light to Indicate that it’s in the pairing mode. In this way the blinking of the green light shows that now it’s discoverable to the nearest device. Afterwards you need to follow the on screen instructions for pairing up.

You need to press the buttons for pairing mode. This blinking of light is actually the indication either it’s for the pairing, fault indicator or problems detection. Moreover the white and red light also represent the specified perspective.

Why The Roku Remote Blinking Light? 

This might be possible due to some reasons. It’s actually hard to find the exact reason. However some of its reasons are;

Blinking Of Red Light

  • If you find the solid red color of the blinking light then it’s due to the overheating of the device.
  • However if you are observing blinking it indicates the low power issues. 

Flashing Of Green Light

When it comes to the average lifespan of batteries it is up to 3 to 6 months. After this time period the remote will try to show the glitches and bugs through this light.

Flashing Of Green Light
  • Hardware errors are also one of the reasons.
  • Whenever the pairing doesn’t succeed in the right way. 
  • It appears when the remote and device don’t sync and pair up properly.
  • Due to the faculty remote you will observe this light. 

White Flashing Light

Basically it can be due to multiple reasons or internal faults of the remote or Roku device. 

What To Do If The Light Blinking Continues To Show? All Possible Solutions

If the light blinking doesn’t stop even after the pairing then it will be due to some reasons. Due to this continuous blinking this remote will not pair up with your TV device.  Then you need to apply some techniques to get rid of this. 

What To Do If The Light Blinking Continues To Show? All Possible Solutions

1. Power Cycle The TV Again

If the light continues to blink you need to power off the TV and try again in order to connect with the remote. The issue will be resolved through this. You need to unplug the TV for sometime and then plug it again with the power after waiting for at least one minute.

Power Cycle The TV Again

2. Remove Batteries From The Remote & Reinsert

This method will be much help to control the unnecessary blinking of the remote. You need to remove the batteries from your remote. After a Little break try to reinsert the batteries in the Roku remote. Afterwards it will work as usual.

Remove Batteries From The Remote & Reinsert

3. Replace Batteries

If reinsertion of the batteries doesn’t affect it then you need to check though replacing. You have to remove your old batteries and wait for some time. Afterwards insert the new batteries and must check they are in the correct orientation. 

Basically most of the time the wrong battery placement introduces these kinds of issues. Moreover it might happen due to the old batteries. As a result you need to replace the old one with a new one along with the right placement. 

Replace Batteries

4. Factory Reset The Roku Device Using Remote

If it doesn’t work in the right way now you need to reset the settings. It might be possible that the system is showing an error. That can be easily removed through the factory resetting of your Roku streaming device. You have to follow these;

  • First of all if you are looking for the factory resetting then you have to find the reset button. 
  • Usually this button is placed on the bottom or back of the streaming device. Moreover it can also be a kind of pin hole type ke raised button.
  • After finding the button now you need to press it for at least 10 seconds. After the reset the light starts to blink fastly.
  • As a result now you can proceed further to implement the settings of Roku. 
Factory Reset The Roku Device Using Remote

5. Factory Reset Through The Device Settings

Sometimes the roku remote blinking light can be resolved through the resetting. If the remote is not working for the resetting then you can do it through the device settings. You have to use the setting’s menu to complete the resetting. Follow up;

Factory Reset Through The Device Settings
  • First of all you need to press the home button from your remote.
  • Now choose the setting’s option.
  • Afterwards you have to choose the system>Advanced stay settings.
  • As a result you will see the factory resetting option. You have to press it.
  • After this you need to follow up the screen instructions.
  • After the factory reset now try to pair your remote again.

6. Use The Temporary Remote (Roku Application)

In addition to using the other settings you can also proceed with the Roku application. For this purpose you need to download the Roku application on your smartphone. It’s a good option however it doesn’t be a good replacement of the remote. 

Use The Temporary Remote (Roku Application)
  • You can find its application on Google and apple stores. Moreover you can download this app from the website. 
  • After downloading it will be able to find the nearby Roku devices. 
  • Go on the settings, choose the remote and pair the remote. 
  • You have to use the phone’s keyboard to search for anything on the TV. 
  • Moreover this app can also be useful as a Private listening Feature through Bluetooth.  

7. Purchase A New Remote

These remotes are actually cheap and easily available in the market. Moreover the new remotes contain the newest features too. However before purchasing the remote you need to carefully read all the instructions and description about it. Not all of the remotes are compatible with your device hence choose it wisely. 

Purchase A New Remote

8. Wifi Routers Rebooting

Sometimes it might be the router that makes the remote functions faulty. Mostly it happens due to the interruption between the Roku device & your network. As a result, remote repair will be problematic in that case. You have to reset the WiFi router.

  • First of all you need to track down the working of the wifi router.
  • Additionally you have to figure the plugin location.
  • Now unplug the router from the wall.
  • Unplug it at least for 30 seconds and then plug it again.
  • In addition to this you have to wait for at least 1-2 minutes before the reconnection of devices.
  • Afterwards her Roku device now tries to pair it with the Roku remote.
  • The screen will show the pairing instructions onwards. 
Wifi Routers Rebooting

9. Universal Remote Compatible With The Roku Device

There are still most remotes that are available in the market that are universal. You will easily use it and control the device features.

10. Wireless Interferences

Sometimes the communications between the remote & receiver may cause this problem. The physical or the wireless interference should be removed for accurate working. 

Physical Interferences: dust, sunlight reflections, distance & obstructions

Wireless Interferences: frequency, signal strength, remote receivers & electronic devices interruption

Wireless Interferences

11. Clean Your Remote

However the Roku remote blinking light might appear due to an unclean remote. Sometimes the remote doesn’t work due to the debris or dust collection over the Roku remote. First of all you can use the dry cloth in order to clean the surface.

Clean Your Remote

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Roku Remote Light Blinking?

Whenever the remote light is blinking it means that it is actually present in the pairing mode. However if the blinking persists then it might be a problem. In that case you have to find out any solution for improving its performance.

Why Is My Roku Remote Not Pairing?

If your Roku remote is not pairing then actually you should try to reset the remote or the device. As a result the system settings will restore to the same according to the factory manufacturing. It will be helpful to pair. 

Why Is My Roku White Light Blinking And Remote Not Working?

Actually this white light blinking indicates low battery or the on going pairing issue. As a result you need to restart to work effectively.

How To Learn Roku IP Without Remote?

For watching the IP you must connect with the wifi. Now you have to open the “your router GUI” then go to the network. Check the connected Devices. Now you have to save the Roku IP.


Roku devices actually work in remote control. The blinking of light on the remote has various meanings. If you see the white light blinking it means the low charging. However the green light indicates the ready to pair with the Roku device. 

However the continuous roku remote blinking light is actually due to some internal issues. So you can take up the guidance from this blog post to resolve these continuous light blinking issues.

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