MyFlexBot: How to set up it? Top features, Working, Pros & Cons

Amazon Flex is an emerging freelance platform for the work of product shipping.  Myflexbot is an automated software program that is helpful for Amazon Flex drivers. Basically, with its unique features, the process of grabbing becomes too easy.

Moreover It includes controlling features like notifications, advanced filters, automation settings, and speed control. In this article, I will discuss this bot in detail, including its features, functions, workings, and safety. In addition to this, it includes complete information from different perspectives that will help you decide if you should use it or not.

Introduction To Myflexbot What’s That?

Basically, it’s an autograbber that works for the company website. It acts as an offer or flex block collector for Amazon. In actuality, this website works for Amazon Flex drivers.

A Quick Layout Of Flexbot Features & Work

The main features of this bot are as follows:

  1. It can immediately perform the automation settings for Amazon.
  2. Moreover, it works according to the advanced filter settings and explores more features to work in favor of Amazon drivers.
  3. It can easily maintain the email, text, log-in, and notifications too.
  4. Moreover, it’s helpful in order to check for the area batches to collect for the drivers. That, overall, carries the whole process.
  5. With the use of powerful algorithms, it will quickly find out the batches.
  6. As a result, the Amazon drivers will not need to pay extra hours for the sorting of the posts as well. 
Quick Layout Of Flexbot

How Can I Set Up My Flex Bot Installation? For Android & Iphone 

If you an Android or iphone user you can set up this application easily. The app will work on its own. On your mobile you can easily use it. If you try to install this it will immediately starts to download. Onwards you have to follow these;

  • First of all you have to get this application from the developers website. 
  • Afterwards you can install this app according to your type of device.
  • However before using the flex bot there will be some requirements. Hereby you need to insert your login details for accessing it. 
how to register on myflex bot
  • Afterwards you need to set up the shopping cart. 
  • Through the shopping cart setup on next move, the app will automatically retrieve products & contents.
  • Moreover you can also set up for the pick-up details to receive your order.
  • Recheck & if you want to continue further grab and hit the button.
  • As a result all of your details and tasks are filled up in it. 
  • All details will be saved within your account. 

Details To Fill

You need to insert the details of the region and the address here. Sometimes people confuse these two. However, I am going to tell you the difference & details you have to put in these blocks. 

Region: it actually represents the site where your block is situated.

Address: However, the address can be anything. Within it, you have to choose the block address, street number, or even the Amazon web services.

It’s a great edition that can reduce the skipping chance. Your data will be permanently saved in it. As a result, editing will not be required each time. It can easily store a vast amount of data. Additionally, you can use this for retrieving Amazon flex blocks. 

Insights on The Features Of Flexbot Mobile App 

However, it’s a good choice to take and work through the use of Flex Bot. If you are using its application in your mobile, you will get access to following features as well; 

1. You must require the BlueStacks application to use Flexomatic.

2. Only by paying $47 will you get the advanced filtering features with the day trials.

3. Product #2 is a flex snatch that is US based.

4. Using the flex bot you can also personalize the 15-day trial. 

Feature Of Flexbot Mobile App

List Is The Applications Serving The Work Of Amazon Flex Bot

Following are the Amazon bots that offers as; 

1. Myflexbot2. Flex47Bot
3. Flex Snatch4. Flexomatic

What Does A Flexbot Can Do? Requirements & Responsibilities 

Through this the Amazon orders can be grabbed easily. The whole order block can be easily collected using this application. Moreover, it can eventually collect all of the orders from the specific stores in a queue. 

Additionally, you can also set up the particular schedules. However, you have to enlist for the recently made orders. Afterwards, it will start to work accordingly and grab the whole product queue for next time. 

What Does A Flexbot Can Do

Step By Step Guidance On The Working Of Myflexbot

It works in the sense that after the commands, it will work as an autograbber. Basically, it starts to grab and add the product’s effectively to your cart.

How To Make It Work?

  • Firstly, you have to make sure about its installation, either on your computer or any other device.
  • Afterwards, you will require an USB cable. It will provide the connection between the computer & your Amazon Flex blocks.
  • Later on you have to choose the product’s according to your choices. The purchase will be made according to the barcodes.
  • As a result, these selected item’s will be added to your shopping cart. 
  • Lastly, you need to check the item list. If you find it ok then click on the checkout button. 
How To Make It Work

How To Settle & Place Amazon Flex Blocks?


After login you need to go to the configure tab. Basically the flex drivers are working for the delivery shifts routines and struggling. That’s why the flex bots carry a complete solution. Though this utilization of automated software’s the gig economy improves. 

These bots actually provide hardware solutions that are helpful for the employees. As a result it will provide the details of Amazon flex blocks position’s effectively. Their working is more unique and right in a comparison to human fingers. They easily swipe up and touch the delivery blocks easily on the screens. 

Settle & Place Amazon Flex Blocks


Using though some settings you can easily connect the Amazon flex blocks & flex bot together. However you firstly need to set up for the Amazon flex blocks. As a result you will direct towards some directions that you have to follow. Importantly you need to also check for the block after creating it. 

What Are The Rules Of Flexbot Working?

  • Right after downloading the flex bot you have to agree with their terms.
  • It strictly prohibits any type of data mining. 
  • Moreover you can’t use any other similar extraction techniques and apply it for gathering.
  • In addition to all this they also permit the usage of any automated bots for securing more shifts.
  • Sometimes it starts to refresh & you have to swipe, click and accept the options. 
  • After some defined time Amazon will slow down the account speed. 
  • Persistent offenses will lead to the suspension of your account.
Rules Of Flexbot Working

Cost For Myflexbot

Actually this app provides you a free trial for 15 days. However this trial period varies from country to country. After the trial period you need to pay for it. Basically this app will cost you $50 per month. According to the price you are actually paying for its exceptional features. 

What Are The Productive Functionalities Of Myflexbot? Detailed Features & Inclusions

1. Task Categorization & Management 

This is an amazing application for making and managing tasks more easily. However, through the use of prioritizing tasks & setting deadlines within a few minutes. Additionally the task categories and originations can be made easily through this. 

2. Integration With Other Platforms

You can easily use it without getting into the switching of apps. Actually this bot will work through the platforms involving emails, messages & social media. As a result you can easily communicate directly through the use of these applications. That’s why you can also make the calls from this platform too.

Integration With Other Platforms

3. Working As A Centralized Hub

Now you don’t need to utilize and search through different applications. This application will totally work as a central hub for multiple tasks. Basically it can store your important details & nots as well. As a result it’s a time saving edition to your work. 

4. Optimization Of Time Utilization

Using this application you can also choose to organize your whole day. Moreover you can manage the tasks easily through this. In actual it will increase the work efficiency as well. As a result, it’s a great idea that will optimize your time from All perspectives. In this way without any stress it’s a time saver forum as well. 

Optimization Of Time Utilization

5. User Friendly Interface With Simple Navigation

However it also provides a friendly interface through which it’s not a difficult task to do. Moreover you don’t require and have to implement any technology in operating it. As a result anyone can easily utilize it for enhancing productivity

6. Customization According To Priorities & Preferences

It’s an interesting option of customization that is available here. Additionally you can customize the notifications, tasks, color schemes according to your own requirements. Moreover you can categorize tasks according to the preferences. 

7. User Centric Design

This user Centric design feature enables you to discover any kind of functionalities according to the needs. 

User Centric Design

8. Easier Registration & Set Up Process

It’s quite easy to make registration on the application. Basically you just need to make the account on the application. Later on follow the simplest steps for a few minutes. As a result it will give you fingerprint based personal assistance. 

9. Availability Of Setting Authorization 

Using it you are able to use the application under complete authorization. That’s why it’s easily manageable that you have to share the information. As a result you can easily set up different authorization level in it. 

Availability Of Setting Authorization

10. Smart Calendar Syncs With Your Schedules

You can also manage to schedule a calendar using it. Afterwards it starts to give you reminders of important dates and meetings for sure. Moreover you can also adjust specific time zones and reminders for the upcoming schedules. 

Is There Any Security Features Of Data For Using Flex Bot?

Security is the first main thing that makes an application safer. However if you are Using the flex bot you’re on the safe side. There’s complete security system within it. That means your all of the data is safer in this. 

  • All of your data from personal details to managing tasks all of the data is present in encrypted form. 
  • Moreover your any kind of information is not accessible for unauthorized sources. 
  • Additionally your all information is safer & confidential here.
  • You have this complete control over the system of who is seeing your content. 
  • Basically you can also set the security on different levels and features of the app. 

Pros & Cons In Detail 

This is actually a time saving option for the workers through this automation option.Basically it will give the access to choose for the near spot blocks. Acquiring through the popular blocks employees can be benefited. Moreover there’s complete permission to prioritize the blocks.  Searching through the DNS filter the site assured that it’s safe to use. Overall it’s a legitimate site and has been available for a long time. If you violate any conditions then it may lead towards the termination from the flex program on Amazon. However most of the workers also disagree with the bots’ employment. The complete automation might result in losing jobs & it can limit the work hours. Additionally with the use of bots you will get the account limitations. The owner of the website is hiding his identity from whois by using a paid service. 

What To Do If Flex Bot Is Not Working ? Solution’s

1. Make sure that your internet connection is strong.

2. Try to connect again after restarting your computer.

3. Check for the browser cache and clean it.

4. If nothing works, then uninstall it and install it again.

5. Additionally, if there’s any other extension you have to disable it.

6. If nothing works you can try to seek help from the support team. 

7. Try to login again. If the problem still persists then you can also go for a reset password through the website. 

How To Reset Your Password?

If you are unable to open and use the flex bot you can also go for a password resetting. In order to do that you have to firstly go to the flexbot website. Afterwards, there will be an option. You have to insert your email address linked with the account here. 

After that clear captcha and press for the option of “Reset Password”. Later on they will send you an email. You just have to click on that link. As a result you can manage/change your password.

How To Reset Your Password

Is It Safe To Use The Flex Bot? Safety Concerns

Basically the drivers are using this service for ensuring the fast working for the drivers. In addition to this it also makes the system more secure through the security features. Through this, life becomes easier. When check’s on the safe side it’s safer. However you should proceed with cautions still to avoid any hurdles. 

According to the research it’s considered to be one of the safest applications. However there is no doubt that if you are using a bot there’s some safety concerns that arise. Although with the use of this application the user information is completely safe. 

Additionally it’s a safer app to download & works smoothly for cell phones. So as a result it’s a reliable and trustworthy platform. Moreover people can easily customize and arrange their tasks & events within it. Due to the intuitive design it can perform really well. 

Flex Bot? Safety Concerns

Top Alternatives Of Myflexbot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is There Any Free Trial On Flex Bot? 

Yes it will offer you a free trial. The trial period is given to the customer to use it freely for 15 days. 

Q. Is Myflexbot.Com Legit Or Scam?

No it’s not a scam. This website is considered to be legit due to its popularity and public review’s. 

Q. How To Contact With Customer Service At Myflexbot?

For this purpose you can email the team about your query or questions at [email protected]

Concluding Thoughts

Amazon flex operators can use myflexbot for carrying the service blocks easily. Basically it’s an improved version to make the freelancers work more easier. It’s a great edition for implementing innovation & customizable plannings. 

If you were confused about its working or registration then you can follow this article to make this bot work in your favor. For furthe such informtion, do visit

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