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Top 8 Samsung S8 Plus Cardholder cases: Features, Buying Guides

Nowadays, cardholder cases are highly popular over simple phone cases. These are available for different phone brands. If you are using the S8 Plus, you can still find a huge variety of S8 Plus cardholder cases. These are worth buying because there’s a card-holding feature along with phone protection.

In this article, I will be discussing the best cardholder cases for the S8 Plus. It will be helpful for finding the right case after checking its compatibility. It will be easy for you to compare your requirements and find the right fit.

What Are Cardholder Cases? Why Are These Preferable?

A cardholder is helpful because it allows smartphone users to carry their cards along with them. However, they don’t provide a protector for the phase. In order to use it for phone protection, you can attach either of the phone protection cases. As a result, it will now be called a cardholder case. 

Nowadays, these cases are highly useful and famous among users. As a result, it will eliminate the need to carry an extra wallet while going outside. That’s why they are more preferable than simple phone cases.


They are usually slim, lightweight, supporting card slots for keeping cards and cash easily. 

features of S8 Plus cardholder cases

Factors To Check Before Purchasing S8 Plus Cardholder Cases

Phone Compatibility

Firstly, it’s important that it be Compatible with your phone. So purchase the right card holder according to the phone’s measurements.

Design & Color

When you are spending money on the card, the cardholder must check for the designs too. A card with high class style will be more worthy of purchase. Moreover, you should also check and compare before purchasing the right color.

Card Holder Slots 

When you are buying to get rid of extra wallets, it’s important to note However, if you want to hold cards and cash, choose the one with at least two card slots.

Price Comparison

Compare the prices according to the card slots and features. Conclusion: It’s important to buy because you will get a high-quality product through this.


The most important thing to notice in a card holder Basically, this will be the better option to consider because of its durability.

Protective Features 

You must go for the material that will suit the device’s protective features. Make sure that the case will precisely cover all the corners and body of the phone.

Best S8 Plus Cardholder Cases Feature Highlights 

1. Goospery Galaxy S8 Plus Wallet Case 

  • It supports the dual protective layer on it.
  • However, it’s storage card is present with the curve on it. Hereby, you can store up to two cards from the top to the bottom side easily.
  • Additionally, there’s the feature of a magnetic door on it. Through this, you can easily open and close it.
  • Moreover, it includes a hidden mirror inside.
  • However, it’s built-in material’s include Thermoplastic, polycarbonate, and Polyurethane.
  • It gives a high degree of elasticity to the wallet.
Goospery Galaxy S8 Plus Wallet Case

2. Navor Zevo S8 Plus Cardholder Cases

  • It gives more protection to the phone and your cards with the 360° protectors.
  • There is a magnetic clip inside it. That provides adjustable angles for watching movies on it.
  • Moreover, its cuts are also precise. That’s why they cover each part as well.
  • Additionally, it has high quality shielding of military technology. As a result, it looks so elegant.
  • Furthermore, it has money, cards, and window ID pockets in it.
Navor Zevo S8 Plus Cardholder Cases

3. Arseaiy Shockproof Leather Case

Its best feature is its ultra slim look. However it will not increase your phone weight. When it comes to card slots it has. 1 cash slot. That is enough to keep your debit/credit cards and cash. In addition to this it’s made from the non toxic PU leather. 

Eventually you will get it with the precise cut outs. Furthermore it supports the feature of wireless charging as well. Moreover there is wet slip resistance installed in it.  Additionally it has high corners for giving more coverage to the phone.  It’s made up of a soft TPU that is available with the high grip. 

Arseaiy Shockproof Leather Case

4. Arseaiy Case With Card Holder Kickstand Shell

  • Within this you will find high grip with the soft TPU. 
  • Additionally its high corner’s will prevent the screen and camera more effectively.
  • The feature of magnetic closure also adds to its beauty. 
  • Moreover it will not limit the access to any of the camera, buttons, mic and speaker. 
  • According to the protection perspective it’s made from the non toxic PU leather. 
  • In addition to this it’s unique in a way that its outer structure is water resistant
Arseaiy Case With Card Holder Kickstand Shell

5. Stenes Bling Wallet Phone Case

  • It’s a handmade 3d look giving wallet. That’s why these are available in different styles. 
  • Basically these are made for women. 
  • It comes with a wrist strap and screen protector. 
  • Moreover it’s made up of pure leather with floral designs over it. 
  • Overall there is much space to keep your cards in it. 
Stenes Bling Wallet Phone Case

6. Vofolen For Galaxy S8 Plus Case Wallet (Sliding Cover) 

For extra protection of you mobile phone, it has a dual hard shell protective layer on it. Actually, it gives a more amazing look because it has card sliding features in it. Additionally, there’s such an amazing feature of card hiding that is found inside it.

Moreover, you can easily carry up to 2 cards. It included a dual protective layer made up of TPU + PC. The weight of the item is 1.76 ounces.

Vofolen For Galaxy S8 Plus Case Wallet (Sliding Cover) 

7. Natumax Phone Cover Wallet Folio Case

  • However, it actually comes in the slim fit version that is made up of PU leather. 
  • It expresses the horizontal viewing stand. 
  • Moreover it provides high protection.
  • However it sidemen shows the water resistant options. 
  • It provides the easiest access to the ports and other parts. 
Natumax Phone Cover Wallet Folio Case

8. Crossbody Wallet Case

  • This case is a good option to purchase.
  • It comes with a detachable lanyard strap.
  • Moreover, it has a magnetic flip case that actually comes with the standing function. 
  • It’s a zippered handbag that is made of leather.
  • Additionally, it provides complete protection from dust and scratches.
  • However, there are 3 card slots that are present in this product.
  • In addition to this it’s easier to install & disassemble.
  • Furthermore, you can also carry it either horizontally & vertically.
  • Concludingly, it provides full coverage to the phone body.
Crossbody Wallet Case

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where You Can Buy Cardholder Case For S8 Plus?

If you are looking for the S8 cardholder, then you can buy it from online websites. Moreover, you can also customize these according to your requirements. 

Q. Are Cardholders Protective For Phones Or Not?

Surely yes. Actually, you can purchase these phone Card Holders because it has many protective features towards the phone. 

  • Camera covering
  • Precise cutouts for corners
  • Raised corners
  • Space’s for the ports

Q. What Is The Difference Between A Cardholder And A Wallet?

Cardholder can be a good choice that is attached to the phone and you can carry your cards inside it. However when it comes to a wallet you need to take it separately then your phone. 

Wrapping Up

The S8 plus cardholder cases are going to change your life. Basically these are good options for protecting your phone along with the card placement. You can search & purchase the right cardholder according to your requirements. 

Cardholders will be a better option as they will provide the full protection to the phones. However you must check for card holding capacity, price & durability.   So following through this article surely you will purchase the right wallet. To know about different other cardholder cases, do visit mindtechies.com

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