Why Can't I Reply To A Specific Message On Instagram

Why Can’t I Reply To A Specific Message On Instagram? Ways To Reply

Instagram is a competitive social platform with amazing features. Sometimes Instagram will not respond and reply to particular texts during chat. However it’s confusing that why can’t I reply to a specific message on instagram? Probably it’s due to some software glitches, outdated apps, poor connection and restricted accounts. 

In this article I will mention all the reasons that possibly make this trouble. Moreover I will present all the fixing ways if you are unable to reply on Instagram. Let’s find out what you should do if you are facing these issues. 

How Can I Reply To A Specific Message On Instagram?

  • In order to reply to a particular message on Instagram tap on the message. 
  • Afterwards you will see the reply and other options to select the action. 
  • Choose it and you can reply to a text easily. 
  • Moreover you can also choose other options accordingly. 
How Can I Reply To A Specific Message On Instagram?

Why Can’t I Reply To A Specific Message On Instagram? Reasons Behind It 

Usually you can easily reply and chat with your friends on Instagram. However sometimes you can’t reply to some messages online. So here I am going to discuss some of the main reasons behind it. Knowing and fixing them will probably solve your problems. 

1. Instagram Bug Or Glitches

Firstly you can’t easily reply to a certain chat that is due to the glitches. Whenever you are trying to reply to a certain chat it will not work in your favor. It is possibly due to the outdated Instagram application. However after reinstalling the issue will solves easily. 

Instagram Bug Or Glitches

2. Poor Internet Connection 

If you are connecting with an internet that is poor in Connectivity you will not be able to use Instagram. In that case you need a stable internet connection for proceeding the reply. Although you are using the app, still some features will not work under poor connection.

3. Private Account Limitations & Setting’s

If you are choosing the private account setting it might be problematic. In that case there’s limitations of not replying to the people who are not following you. In that case you need to check for the message settings in your privacy.

4. Violation Of Instagram Community Guidelines

Sometimes it happens because of account restrictions. Basically it happens whenever you are violating the community guidelines for it. Due to those reasons Instagram blocks certain features for sometime.

5. Instagram Technical Limitations & Features

The app features also depend on the device you are using. If you are using Instagram then certain technical limitations will limit the replying or messages. 

Instagram Technical Limitations & Features

6. Instagram App Cache

Sometimes the app doesn’t perform due to the cache storage. Whenever the cache takes up space within the setting it will affect its functioning. 

7. Instagram Is Down

The message is not sent because the servers are down. For checking it you can use the browser or other official page of Instagram. In that way you can check for the status of Instagram. 

Solutions For Fixing The Message Replying Issues On Instagram

Knowing the main cause behind not replying is actually important for solutions. However it’s actually easier to remove these kinds of issues. You can follow certain steps in order to resolve these issues.

1. Instagram Cache Clearing Helpful To Avoid Replying Issues 

Actually the cache data is interfering with the apps working. That’s why sometimes it becomes necessary to remove these data. As a result you should go for a clear cache after some time to avoid any problems. 

Steps For Clearing Cache

  1. First of all press the Instagram icon on your mobile phone. 
  2. After holding you will see the “app info” option.
  3. Now select it and go to the storage using option.
  4. Hereby you can see the cache data. 
  5. Afterwards the cache data will be removed from the application.
  6. Moreover there will be no option of clear cache on the iOS. That’s why in order to clear the data on Instagram you need to uninstall it. 
Solutions For Fixing The Message Replying Issues On Instagram

2. Update Instagram App

If you clear the Instagram cache and still the issue persists go for an update. For that purpose you can follow as; 

  1. Go to the Google store and search for “Instagram”.
  2. Afterwards you will see two options below the Instagram application. That is uninstall and update. 
  3. Later on you can select the “update” option.
  4. As a result the application will start to update.
  5. Wait for a few minutes and open the updated version. 
Update Instagram App

3. Check For Internet Connection Resolve Connectivity Issues

Mostly the question arises “why can’t i reply to a specific message on instagram?” The answer to this is sometimes you are using a poor internet connection. Due to which the app doesn’t perform all the features. For that purpose check for your internet connection. You can opt for following ways as well;

  • Turn on airplane mode and use WiFi.
  • Moreover you can turn on and then turn the airplane mode off. Afterwards try again. 
  • Connect to the internet device again. 
  • Switch between cellular data and wifi for some time.
  • Additionally you can also use the internet speed testers from Google. 

4. Login Again To Your Instagram Account

Sometimes a person is using Instagram on different devices. That’s why it starts to show problems Sometimes. In that case you may also need to login again to your Instagram account. 

Login Again To Your Instagram Account

5. Use Instagram With The VPN

Sometimes there might be the region that is offering problems. In that case download and use VPN to use some features. Moreover the temporary problem can be easily removed if you use Instagram with VPN. 

6. Reinstallation Of Instagram Application

Sometimes the reinstallation will be a better option to solve the problem. That’s why first of all you have to uninstall the app. Afterwards you have to download the application. Now install and login again to Instagram. 

7. Use A Different Device To Login Instagram

When you are using Instagram on multiple devices it can be problematic. However, try to use some other device to access Instagram. In that way sometimes the replying issues clear out. 

8. Contact With The Instagram Support Team

It’s important to know why can’t I reply to a specific message on instagram? That is due to multiple reasons. First of all you need to follow the above steps to resolve it. However if it doesn’t work then you can also contact the Instagram support team. For that purpose you have to follow as;

  • First of all, open your Instagram account
  • Go to the “settings and privacy” option of settings. 
  • When it opens, scroll down. Choose the block of help. 
  • Furthermore you can choose to report any problem with your account here. 
  • As a result your problem will be reported to the team. Moreover you can also text about a specific problem to the Instagram team. 
Contact With The Instagram Support Team

What To Do If My Instagram Messages Not Delivered? 


It might be due to some internal app glitches or account issues. Moreover it can be due to the restriction account. Additionally some of the devices are not accessible towards the working of Instagram. 


In order to fix the problem you can login again or update the app. Moreover the rebooting of devices can also be helpful. Moreover, check for the internet connection and try to send the message again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Is Update Messaging On Instagram?

  • First of all click on your profile picture and go to the setting’s.
  • From the setting’s choose the option “settings & privacy”. 
  • You can find and tap on the update option of messaging for Instagram. 

Q: Why Can’t I Update Instagram?

It can be due to the slow internet and using an older version of Instagram. First of all it might not work because your mobile doesn’t hold enough space to get more storage. 

Q: What Happens If I Clear Cache On Instagram?

After clearing the cache Instagram will not delete any insta data. However after this the app will start to work more smoothly. Moreover it can be a good solution to multiple problems with Instagram. 

Concluding Thoughts

People wonders that  why can’t i reply to a specific message on instagram? In order to fix the problem first of all pay attention towards the reasons. Possibly concluding these issues will present the solution too. For example if you are using an outdated app you can update it. 

However, whatever the reasons behind it, no worries. You can follow the above instructions in order to solve replying issues. For more info must visit mindtechies.com

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