how long can instagram reels perfect

How Long Can An Instagram Reel Be Perfect?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media Apps that contain the huge attention of people worldwide. The reason behind getting the attention of the people is to provide many interesting and branded features. However, the reel is one of the best features of Instagram that users can use and make a good connection with the Instagram community. 

Moreover, if we talk about the duration then these are smaller than Instagram videos and their duration time is up to 90 seconds. So, we can say that the maximum length of the Instagram reel is 90 seconds. But the important thing is that the reel duration depends on your goals such as what you want.

On this page, we will provide you with step-by-step very handy information that can help you to boost your reel on Instagram. In this article, you find all the tricks that can boost your reel on Instagram and you can make a strong relationship with the Instagram community by providing reels. Let’s get started. 

How long can Instagram reels perfect? 

If we talk about the total reel duration on Instagram then it is up to 90 seconds. But remember that the reel duration depends on your goal. if you want to make a connection with your Instagram community. Then your reel duration is up to 60 to 90 seconds.

how long can instagram reels perfect

Furthermore, If you want to get the attention of the viewer your reel should be up to 2 to 10 seconds. You can increase the amount of viewers to create a 3 to 15-second reel. Moreover, if your goal is to get the comments on your reel then you should post for 15-30 seconds reel. 

Note that, the maximum reel duration on Instagram is up to 90 seconds but you people can upload more than 15 minutes of videos. But Instagram does not play the whole video and after playing 90 seconds the video is closed. 

Perfect reel different lengths on Instagram that lead to boosting your goals 

  • To get the attention of the consumers: if you people want to get more attention from the viewers then you should post a 2-10-second reel. Because a short-duration reel can increase the consumer’s attention on Instagram. 
  • Increase the consumer’s amount: you can increase the viewer’s amount on Instagram to upload a 3-15 second reel. Because the above-mentioned reel length is good for gaining the viewer’s quantity on Instagram. 
  • To increase the comments on your reel: if you want to get more comments on your reel you people create a 15-30-second reel because it is good for getting comments on the Instagram reel portion. You people can also increase the comment by using some tricks on your reel. If you mention some words such as tell us in the comment section what happens next? Then users may leave comments on your reel. 
  • Built a connection with consumers: you can easily build a connection with consumers to create a 60-90-second reel. Because viewers can watch your reel and have a good watching time. Therefore, the connection between you and your viewers is good with a great watching time. 

How you can make an Instagram reel?

Now, we discuss here how to make an Instagram reel and if you want to create a reel. Then don’t worry about it. because there are many ways that you can use and create a good reel for Instagram. So, I have listed below some ways in step-by-step forms that are very helpful for you to create a good reel for Instagram. Let you people come in the following and follow the all steps for creating an interesting reel. 

  • First, you people will open the Instagram app on your mobile and then swipe right on the home screen to see the Instagram story tool. 
  • After doing the above, you people see some icons such as stroy, reel live, and note at the bottom of your mobile phone screen. 
  • Select the reel icon from the given icons. 
  • Consider making your version of any Reel you see on Instagram by utilizing the remix feature.
  • You simply need to upload video content to complete the Reel template, which already includes the most crucial technical elements.
  • via posting a video to your Instagram profile. The video will transition to Reel if it lasts longer than fifteen minutes.

Can you see the viewers who watch your reel on Instagram?  

Unfortunately, you are not able to watch viewers who watch your reel on Instagram. Because Instagram does not give any feature that you can use and watch your reel viewers. But you can watch those viewers who like your reel. 

What is the perfect reel size, dimension, resolution, and length on Instagram? 

Size, dimension, length, and reel resolution are of great importance if you want to increase your reel visibility. Lets you people come in the following and read a perfect specification of the reel on Instagram. 

Perfect Instagram reel size with aspect  ratio: 

The size of your reel on Instagram should be in an aspect ratio is 9:16. 

Instagram reel dimension: 

For the Instagram reel, the good dimension is 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels. 

Length of the Instagram reel: 

The maximum length of the Instagram reel is up to 90 seconds. And it is commonly used to create a connection with the viewers. 

Ideal resolution for Instagram reel: 

The resolution of your Instagram reel should be 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels.

Ideal resolution for Instagram reel: 

Final Remarks: 

One of the most widely used social media apps, Instagram has captured the interest of users all over the world. The key to capturing people’s interest is to offer a plethora of captivating and distinctive qualities. Nonetheless, one of Instagram’s greatest tools for users to utilize and build strong relationships with the Instagram community is the reel. 

These are also shorter than Instagram videos, with a maximum duration of 90 seconds, when it comes to duration. Thus, we may conclude that the Instagram reel has a maximum duration of 90 seconds. The crucial point is that the actual length of time will rely on your objectives, including what you desire. For more information visit

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