How does Instagram reel views work

How does Instagram reel views work? Complete Details

Nowadays, people usually love to spend their free time using short Instagram reels. For content creators & Instagram users, it’s a great way to get audience attention, but views matter. How does Instagram reel views work? People tend to trust a brand depending on their views. Your account can also gain popularity.

Through the reels, different Instagram pages are also earning monthly. In this article, I will explore the Instagram reel’s how the views work, & how you can improve it. Moreover, it includes all the details of where to watch reels, view them, and check their status. 

What Are Instagram Reels? Is The View Shown On It? 

Instagram reel’s are actually short videos that you post on Instagram. Depending on your type of account, people can view it. If you have a public account, then anyone can view your reels. Moreover, the number of views can be seen on the Instagram account. 

Each view counts on your Instagram reel. However, Instagram stories and reel videos are separate from each other.

How Does Instagram Reel Views Work? Which Views Count In It?

You can not only comment on a video; additionally, you can also see the number of plays in the video. Anyone who plays the reel for more than 3 seconds counts as a viewer. Each of the accounts that play and stay with your video will be shown as a view.

In addition to this, if you are playing your own reel, it will also be considered a view. It doesn’t matter if you are playing it on a loop or not. Each play will increase the view. As a result, you can get a lot of views from yourself.

Instagram Views

How To Find And View Instagram Reel’s?

There are two ways in which you can see and find Instagram reel’s. Basically, you can use it to find creator’s and other people’s reels. You can find it here;

1. Watch Reels Using Reels Tab

First of all, it’s actually the same as TikTok for your videos. On the bottom of Instagram, you can find the Reels tab. Hereby, you will get the full scrollable for free according to the Instagram algorithms. 

2. Watch Reels Using Explore Tab

In the explore section, you can also watch and explore more reels. Moreover, the algorithm of Instagram works according to this. 

Watch Reels Using Explore Tab

How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels? 

Making and sharing reels is great fun. Everyone wants to get more views on their reels. So how does Instagram reel views work? Everyone who sees the reel counts as a viewer. However, there are certain ways in which you can enhance the reel views. 

  • You should not post too long videos. Moreover, it will be boring to stay connected with a long video. Try to make short reels.
  • In addition to this, try to manage good video quality on reels. As it seems to be more attractive. 
  • Additionally, if you are playing the reel multiple times. As a result, it will increase your views. Each of the views, no matter if it’s your own, will be counted properly. 
  • Try to create engaging content. In addition to this, It will also make people stay for a long time. 
  • Moreover, you should try to post reels using hashtags. 
instagram reels

Does viewing your own reels count as a view or not?

The answer is yes. Firstly, you can easily view your own videos and reels after posting it. Moreover, if you watch your reels, it will increase your views as well. As a result, it can be a good way to get more views. Simply, you have to watch your reels and check for the reels insights, where all your views are counted.

What Are The Advantages Of More Views On Instagram? 

If you are a content creator or influencer on Instagram, more views are beneficial for you. If you post reels about your brandproducts people can watch & observe the quality of products. More views enhance the content at a high level.

People can use reels to gain more popularity. Through more views, different brands can approach you and pay you for the services. 

How To Check My Own Reels And Insight’s On Instagram?

  • First of all, open your Instagram account.
  • You will see gridlines, reel type, and a person icon.
  • Hereby, press on the reel icon to watch your own Instagram reel’s.
  • In order to check for insights, click on the profile’s three horizontal lines.
  • After pressing it, you need to click on the Insights option to check for the details.
How To Check My Own Reels And Insight's On Instagram?

Tips And Tricks To Gain More Views On Instagram Reels

1. Reels Should Be Visually Creative & Attractive

Firstly, you should try to upload reels that are creative. People usually feel more attraction toward the background. Due to which a person gets more views easily. Whenever you edit videos using filters and effects, create your video.

2. Reel Descriptions & Hashtags

Additionally, it’s important to use the right captions and descriptions. An eye-catching description can be more engaging. You can easily use up to 30 hashtags. Using these will be helpful to make your account accessible.

How does Instagram reel views work? Depending on the type of content, you will get views. All the time, you are seeing some sounds that are on trend. If you are using the sounds on your reels, then try to use the trending sounds on them.

4. Schedule And Post Reels On Best Time

Additionally, you can also use different tricks to edit videos. However, try to choose a specific time according to your region. Whenever you think most people are using Instagram, try to post at that time. Additionally, you have to share your reel on Instagram.

Schedule And Post Reels On Best Time

5. Try To Make Reels According To Audience Liking

You can know about this right after looking up your reel’s insights. Afterwards, you can explore the most wanted reels from people. Moreover, try to make these kinds of videos. You need to use the dash board to know the status of reels by checking:

  • Comments
  • Share
  • Plays 
  • Likes
  • Saves

How Do Views Count On IGTV Videos? Which Factors Take Part In Influencing Views?

IGTV is the long video session on Instagram. Moreover, its viewing experience is different from the reel video’s. Additionally, you have to view the video for a certain duration, which will count towards the views. Moreover, there are certain factors that are important for increasing views.

Ways To Enhance IGTV Views & Affecting Factors

  • Location tags 
  • Using more hashtags will enhance your chances of getting more views.
  • Display content
  • User engagement includes the shares, comments, and likes on the posts.
  • It depends on the user’s preferences and timeliness.
instagram live or IGTV videos


Q. Which Country Can Earn Money From Reels?

In Canada, the USA, and Mexico, video creator’s easily earn money through the reels. Their public account actually monetizes itself automatically.

Q. How Many Views Are Viral On Reels?

Usually, a reel with 5 million or more views is considered viral. In case the video gets such a view within 3 to 7 days of posting it.

Q. Why Do Reels Stop Getting Views?

It happens when your precious video’s don’t maintain engagement with the viewers or don’t get enough Audience response. As a result, Instagram will start to de- rank your Instagram videos.

Q. Does Watching Your Own Reels Decrease Views?

The answer is no. Your views will not decrease; however, they will count toward the total.


Using Instagram for business purposes can be enhanced using reels. But how does instagram reel views work? Creating attractive reels can increase the number of views on your reels. This will be helpful from many perspectives. This guide completely covers the importance of reels. By following this, you can configure the workings of reels and use them accordingly. To know more about such information, you can visit

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