how to change airpod settings on android

How to Change Airpod Settings on Android? A Step-By-Step Guide 

Everyone wants to enjoy a movie by turning on HD audio on the AirPods. Similarly, it is an amazing experience to hear media audio on the mobile’s speaker despite being connected to an airpod. In this regard, people want to know ‘’how to change Airpod settings on Android’’? The answer to this question is that you cannot enjoy all the functions of Airpods on an Android-like iPhone. Therefore, it demands users change airpod settings on their Androids. In this blog post, we will discuss some effective ways through which you can change your AirPod settings

3 Best Methods to Change Airpod Settings on an Android 

If you want to enjoy a large variety of Airpod features on Android then follow these steps which include: 

Step 1: Open Android Settings 

  • First of all, you have to unlock your Android phone. 
  • You should open the Android settings in two ways including scrolling down the apps or typing on the search bar. 
Open Android Settings 

Step 2: Visit the Wi-Fi Network and Bluetooth

  • Open your Android settings and visit the subcategory of Wi-Fi Networks and Bluetooth. 
  • It will then trigger you to move on. 
  • After that, you have to turn on your Android’s Bluetooth. 
Visit Wi-Fi Network and Bluetooth

Step 3: Tap on Airpod Settings and Ensure Required Changes 

  • After connecting your AirPods, tap on the Android settings. There are various options available such as media audio and mobile calls
  • Choose a category and ensure the desired changes. 
Tap on Airpod Settings and Ensure Required Changes 

What Airpods Features You Can Enjoy After Connecting to Android? 

If you manage to connect your airpods to an android device then you will enjoy three amazing features as a result. Here are some of the features as follow:

What Airpods Features You Can Enjoy After Connecting to Android? 
  1. Single Airpod Listening

Each piece will begin to work properly on its way if you connect Airpods to your Android. Open the ‘’Accessibility’settings due to which users can alter their sound outputs from stereo audio to mono audio. 

  1. Command Gestures

If you connect Airpods to your Android device then the feature will remain accessible even by double tapping on it. 

  1. ANC and Transparency Mode

You will avail of this feature after connecting earbuds to your Android. 

What Airpods Features You Cannot Enjoy After Connecting to Android? 

If you connect your earbuds to an Android, there is a possibility that you will remain deprived of enjoying some features. Here are some of the features as follow:

  1. Find My Function:

This is highly helpful in finding the earbuds when you lose them by mistake. 

  1. Spontaneous Ear Detection

If you remove one of the airpods from your ear then this function will automatically pause the playback as a result. 

  1. Battery Life Inspection:

It has become easy now to check the current condition of your battery with the help of Siri or the iOS Control Center. 

  1. Customizable Controls

Users will be provided with gesture-activated controls of airpods such as squeezing or double-tapping. 

  1. One-step Setup

It is quite an easy function through which you can pair two devices. 

  1. Siri

Due to this function, the virtual assistant of Apple does not work properly with an android. 

  1. Automotive Switch

Due to this function, users can switch seamlessly between the Apple device and android immediately. 

How to Sort out Low Volume Airpods Issues on an Android?

You need to follow some instructions if you want to fix low sound airpods problems. Here are some of the advantageous ways as follow:

  • In the beginning, make sure that the volume level of your Android device is completely up. 
  • Turn off the ‘’Volume Limit’’ if you are an iPad or iPhone user.
  • For earbuds (1st generation), you need to hold the setup button for almost 15 seconds unless the status light flashes white.
  • For earbuds (2nd generation), hold the setup button for almost 20 seconds unless you witness the status light flash white. 
  • If the sound problem is still there after following the aforementioned techniques, you should then contact Apple Support or visit a nearby Apple Store for more assistance. 

Are There Any Impacts on Airpods Sound Quality After Connecting to Android? 

Unfortunately, you will not experience a good sound like an iPhone as a result of connecting airpods to your android. Sound distortion occurs due to audio codec mismatch. People want to know ‘’how to change airpod settings’’, it is more likely that they were to face a sound problem. 

How to Ensure Airpod Pro Controls on an Android?

You cannot use airpod controls on an android device. However, it demands you to take help from a third-party app. There are various third-party apps available through which you can use airpod controls on android. These third-party apps include Airpod Controller or AirButton. Here a problem is most people do not know how to get help from these third-party apps to solve their technical problems.

After installing the third-party app. Users just follow the instructions in this regard. Consequently, this is the best possible way to get airpod pro controls on android. 

Final Words 

People purchase airpods and try to connect them to their androids then several problems will come out as a result. This factor triggers people to know ‘’how to change airpod settings on android’’?  Firstly, there might be some technical issues like sound distortion, low volume of your android, and so on.

 However, you can sort out several technical airpods issues by getting help from third-party apps. In addition to these, if there are any airpod settings issues then you can solve them by following the aforementioned instructions in this blogpost.  For more information visit

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