How to Change the Owner of AirPods

How to Change the Owner of AirPods? Best Possible Ways 

There are multiple reasons you decide to change the ownership of your AirPods. It might be for selling, gifting, and buying AirPods. To make it more clear, you need to understand about the AirPods ownership. When you are near to selling or purchasing your airpods then you must change the ownership of your airpods. In this regard, most people do not know ‘’how to change the owner of Airpods’’?

To find a correct answer to the question, you must thoroughly read this blog post once. In this article, we will discuss some effective ways through which you will be able to change the owner of Airpods. 

Why Do We Need to Change the Owner of Airpods?

What will happen if someone does not change the airpod’s ownership? It is commonly experienced that every time a new owner cannot connect AirPods to his own Apple ID. Meanwhile, he will get a message mentioning he is already connected to the other Apple ID.

Moreover, it will deprive new users of enjoying other effective specifications like Automatic Switching between Lost Mode and Apple devices. If you are a new user then you can never access the latest Apple features. Simply, you are only able to link and listen to your airpods in return. 

What are the Best Ways to Change the Owner of Airpods?

A person who is near to buying or selling AirPods then he must know everything about it. Follow these steps if you want to change your AirPods ownership which is as follow:

Step1: For iPhone Users: Tap on Airpods Settings 

  • Visit the Airpods Settings on Apple Devices 
  • First of all, you must ensure your AirPods are either connected to your iPhone or not. 
  • Go through the Airpods settings and click on the ‘’Bluetooth’’ icon. 
  • After clicking on the ‘’Info’’ button, you should open the official page of AirPods settings. 
For iPhone Users: Tap on Airpods Settings

Step 2: Place the Name of the New Owner 

  • Click on the ‘’Name Line’’ option and rename the new owner. 
  • Click on the ‘’Done’’ option to keep these changes safe. 
Place the Name of New Owner

Most importantly, android users can also ensure these changes by using Barcode Live. 

Step 3: Disconnect the Airpods Pairing on any Device

If you are an iPhone user then it is necessary to unpair your airpods. Because it helps in resetting and removing the previous Airpods settings. In return, a new owner will enjoy a clean slate. To ensure this, a user needs to open the Airpods settings official page and click on the ‘’Forget This device’’ option. If you unpair your iPhone devices then airpods will be removed as a result. 

Most importantly, if you remove or unpair your Airpods from the iPhone then every Apple device will automatically disconnect. Because you have signed into the same iCloud account. It is considered to be the most crucial method in changing airpod ownership. 

Disconnect the Airpods Pairing on any Device

Step 4: Unpair your AirPods from the Apple ID 

Keep one thing in mind if you unpair your airpods from the iPhone then it will not remove them from the Apple ID. It portrays that the former owner is still able to trace your current location and access other specifications like Find My.

However, a new user must use ‘’Find My App’’ to remove the former owner’s account permanently. You can even plea the former owner to remove his account on his behalf. 

Unpair your Airpods from the Apple ID 

How to Remove Your AirPods Ownership from the Previous Owner’s Apple ID? 

There are several ways through which you can remove your Airpods ownership which are as follows: 

Step1: Remove your AirPods from Apple ID on your iPhone

  • You have to log in by placing the same ID which is used on your AirPods. 
  • Install the Find My App and tap on ‘’Devices’’. 
  • Choose your AirPods. 
  • Click on the ‘’Remove this device’’ option. 
  • Click on the ‘’Remove’’ option to confirm this task. 

Consequently, you will be able to remove Airpods from your Apple ID if you are an iPhone user. 

Step 2: Remove Your Airpods from Apple ID on Your Mac

  • You have to log in on iCloud with the same Apple ID. 
  • Select the Find My App and install it. 
  • Click on ‘’All Devices’’ and choose your airpods from the menu. 
  • Consequently, the last thing you have to do is to remove it from your account. After that, tap on the ‘’Remove One More’’ option to confirm this action. 

Step 3: Conduct a Feasible Factory Reset 

To change the airpods ownership permanently, you have to perform the airpods factory reset in this regard. By doing this, all of the settings of the former user will be removed. Always remember one thing: you should ensure these settings before handing over your AirPods system to another one. When it comes to conducting a factory reset, you must follow some steps which are as follow:

  • First, open the lid of your AirPods. 
  • Hold and press the ‘’setup button for almost 15 seconds. 
  • Release the button when you see the amber light turning white. 
  • Finally, your airpods are reset. 

How to Know If You Bought Used Apple Airpods? 

A new user should ensure first whether the airpods he is about to purchase are unpaired with the former owner’s ID. You have to connect these airpods to your Apple ID to know about it. If airpods are still connected to the former owner’s Apple ID then you will receive a message in return. In this situation, you should immediately contact the previous owner and ask him for unpair these airpods. 

Most importantly, if you do not have easy access to the airpods owner then avoid purchasing these gadgets. It is not a reliable method to factory reset your airpods. Simply, you must make sure of the official removal from the previous owner. 

Final Words

People want to know ‘’how to change the owner of airpods’’? The answer to this question is given in the blog post with effective evidence and reliable methods. You should ensure that your Airpods are disconnected from the previous owner’s Apple ID. You can not use these airpods if their access is still available to the previous owner.

The major drawback is that the previous owner can track your current location. Therefore, we will recommend you avoid purchasing the Airpods until you do not have easy access to the owner. 

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