What is Pavlok & How it Works

What is Pavlok & How it Works? Complete Guide, Specs, Features

Many people become addicted to some bad habits, from nail biting to smoking, and want to quit them. However, leaving any bad habit is not an easy thing. In the age of technology, you can now use a “pavlok,” which is a wristband device for breaking any bad habits. It is highly effective and works through the electrical stimulus to stop it.

In this article, I am reviewing this device to see how it works and how to use it. Besides this, an analysis of its pros and cons will be discussed to see whether it’s effective or not. Additionally, the working, management, and operation of the app will also be shared.

What Is “Pavlok”? How Does It Work?

It’s a behavioral training device. It works according to aversive conditioning. Basically, within the device, it uses negative stimuli and their associations. So that afterwards they can find ways to replace the bad habit with something good.

It responds according to the stimuli that make you uncomfortable. Afterwards, the brain will join two stimuli together. That will work in a way to replace it until you no longer like the bad habits. As a result, you can use this to get rid of any bad habit.

What Is "Pavlok"? How Does It Work?

How Do I Make Use Of The “Pavlok”?

  • For using it firstly for all bad habits that you normally do in a day.
  • However, when you do that bad habit, try to press the device and send the zap. Moreover, you can also send this using the app.
  • Depending on your needs within the app, you can adjust the strength of the zap.
  • Ultimately, this device will start to train your mind. Every time you do that bad habit, it will try to tell you that it’s not good and replace it with a good thing.
  • It will keep a track of your activities. 
How Do I Make Use Of The "Pavlok"?
  • You have to tell them your bad habit, for example, if you tell them that you do nail biting. The zap will send it out. Afterwards, they will start to notify you that it’s a bad habit. 
  • Moreover, it will tell you that you should avoid it and do something good instead. This all starts to happen right after sending the zap.
  • Afterwards, you can find new good habits to follow. So afterwards, your mind will not go back to repeating the whole pattern again.
  • As a result, you have to do that until your habit is removed.

When Will You Find The Results?

The results were likely to be seen within 48 to 50 hours.

Battery Life

Its battery will stay up to 7 days

What Will Be The Shock Strength? Is It Really Hurtful?

If a person is going to have continuous bad habits, then it will continually shock them at those times. Through this, you are kind of torturing yourself.

Shock Strength:

The shock is 40 percent for each dial. However, these are still acceptable. That will result in shocking yourself. Besides this, it’s important to know that it will not create any kind of magic. So, you have to do all of your work on your own. Moreover, it’s a kind of elastic band on your wrist.

Shock Strength of pavlok

Safety Concerns

There’s an automatic zap option on it too. If you use this method to stop your nail-biting habit, you can set it to automatic zap. It will first sound the alarm and then shock you. So whenever you put your hand above, it will shock you. If you are driving or something else, it might be risky to use it at that point.

What’s In The Box?

  • Pavlok Wristband
  • USB charging cable
  • Module
  • Online Quick Start Guide, Evidence Guide, and Instruction Manual
  • “Break Bad Habits” App
What's In The Box?

Apps And Integrations

This hardware comes with a sequence of software that is helpful to reach your goals. With the hardware technology, you need to purchase this software as well. Using these two, you will transform and track your habits.

pavlok Apps And Integrations
  • With time, they are adding more additions to the app, which makes it more powerful.
  • You can also have chats with the team on the app. As a result, you can ask questions and also give your feedback.
  • Moreover, you can also customize its settings. You can edit, update, or customize your profile.


They will show you the other communities of people looking to quit their habits. Moreover, you can give a thumbs up to the people and encourage them to participate in the activities.

pavlok Communities

Intro Course And Remote Features

The introductory course is a great way to stop a particular habit. They start to guide you from the basics to the next level so that you will stop the habit. Through this course, you can learn to change and make new habits.

However, the remote feature is helpful to make the hardware work according to the app or mobile device. Using this, you can change the zap, beep, and adjust settings on your own.

Latest Edition: Pavlok 3

Its 3rd Edition is a far better option than the previous models. It’s the best thing in comparison to other editions with better advancements.


  1. It ensures the presence of all shock features.
  2. Moreover, it is a great thing to skip the bad habits.
  3. It’s a great edition for practicing good habits.
Pavlok Features
  1. In addition to this, it’s a comfortable and durable device.
  2. A good way to increase productivity
  3. Focus provider
  4. Additionally, it has an elegant metallic design.
  5. Moreover, you can use it with an analogue watch or smartphone.
Water resistant3ft / 1m
battery lifeUp to 7 days 
Programmable buttons

 Habits Against Which It Is Highly Effective

However, you can use it according to your own bad habits. Besides this, it’s found to be highly effective against certain habits, and it effectively removes them. Have a look at these:

  1. Nail biting
  2. Smoking
  3. Oversleeping
  4. Playing with hairs
  5. Cracking joints 

Analysis Of Pros & Cons 

Due to the shocking idea, it will encourage you to leave the bad habits.
Moreover, it will work as a deterrent against any behavior that you want to quit.
However, the shock is also not insubstantial.
They often tend to make campaigns through which you can get the devices when the prices are falling.
It’s working is dependable, whether you wear it or not.
As they shock you, you can’t be compelled to use or wear it.
Due to these certain habits, it’s not a good option for many users.
Moreover, it requires a lot of willpower to shock yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Pavloks 2 Or 3 Better?

These 2 and 3 editions are far better because they have more improvements in programmes, water resistance, and other features. However, in comparison, the 3rd edition is far better due to its improved focus and productivity. There’s also the option of a standalone device you can wear.

Q. Are Pavloks Safe?

Yes, the shocks are completely safe and tested. However, it’s built in such a way that the shock is pre-selected and adjusted for a fixed time based on its intensity.

Q. How Many Volts Is In The Wristband?

It will deliver a shock of 450 volts to your body. It sounds high, but it’s not too hurtful.

Concluding Thoughts

People usually wear bands and watches in their hands to look cool. The “Pavlok” is a great wristband that works for quitting bad habits. If you are suffering from oversleeping, nail biting, or smoking, try to use it. You will literally experience the change within 48 to 60 hours.

Aside from the benefits, you must be aware of the shocks that it uses and if you can proceed with this. After reading this article and seeing how it’s working, you can decide whether it will be a good fit for you or not. Stay safe and leave your bad habits behind. More such information is available at https://mindtechies.com.

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