How To Change Airpod Settings on Android

How To Change Airpod Settings on Android?

It is a million dollar question: Can you change airpod settings on android? If you want to get a more personalised experience, you should customise your airpod settings on android. However, there are limited changes a person can make using android’s built-in settings. A third-part app can easily offer you more control over your airpod settings such as ear detection and activating Google Assistant. It will be the main part of today’s discussion. In this article, we will guide our audience about how to change your airpod settings on android.

Is It Possible to Change Airpod Settings on Android?

Apple first released the airpods on 7th of September 2016, they earned popularity within a short while. Moreover, the company continued to improve its airpods by launching further generations (Gen 1/2/3). If it is your 1st experience, this may seem difficult to configure airpod settings. But it is a very straightforward and easy process. If you are looking to change the airpod settings on your android, follow these steps.

1.   First, open your android settings app.

2.   You must navigate to Bluetooth settings.

3.   You must enable Bluetooth and pair your airpods first.

Find your airpods and tap on the information icon from the list of paired devices. After that, your airpods settings will appear. You can alter the name of your airpods in these settings.

Moreover, you can enable the options for what purpose you would like to use them like contact sharing, phone calls and media audio. To improve the music listening experience, you can also change the audio quality. However, there are limitations in android settings. This is the easiest way you can alter airpod settings on android.

It is obvious that you might be wondering about the other features like automatic ear detection, double tap, press-and-hold airpods and noise control. Most importantly, an individual cannot customise those settings on android directly. Non-Apple products do not promote the same level of integration with the airpods as IOS devices, however, airpods work with an android device.

Can you Change Airpod Settings on Android?

How to Use a Third-Party App to Control Airpods Settings?

Apple Airpods are launched for Apple devices. There are many features optimised for those IOS devices. Moreover, it is possible to pair and use airpods with an android device. Similarly, an individual may not be able to access all the features settings which are available on IOS devices. Can you acquire those features on an android phone? Using third-party apps, you can easily enjoy a full range of airpods features on an android smartphone. These apps allow you to check your airpods battery level, double tap, set voice assistant and change tap controls.

If you want to change your airpods settings on android, you should use any of the following apps:

  1. ·  AirBattery
  2. ·   MaterialPods
  3.  Assistant Trigger

 Apps Changing Airpod Settings on Android

1.       Air Battery

Air battery is a famous android app to manage your beats headphones and airpods. Moreover, you can use this app for free of cost. This app provides a wide range of airpods such as Airpods Gen ½ and Airpods Pro. However, this app is not favourable for Airpods Gen 3. This app can precisely monitor the battery level of your right and left airpods as well as airpods in real time. If you remove or insert your airpods, you can enable the Ear Detection features to automatically resume and pause music playback.

Moreover, this app will automatically activate displaying the current battery level, if you as soon as connect or disconnect airpods from an android device. The app connects or disconnects, it is due to the usage of Bluetooth connection. Consequently, it can activate itself to display the current battery level. These features are not officially supported by the android settings. If you want full control over your airpods, you should install this app. Most importantly, you can install the air battery app from the play store.

2.       MaterialPods

There is a free premium version of the MaterialPods app. you can customise the settings of your airpods with the help of this app. Moreover, it supports you to access the latest features which are not officially available via Android Bluetooth settings app. This app offers you precise airpods battery status like other apps. However, its automatic voice assistant and play/pause bring you airpods experience nearer to iPhone users.

You can personalise your experience using this app, providing plenty of customization options with pre-built attractive designs. However, some widget designs are available for you to select from. This app lacks a transparency app and double-tapping feature. Therefore, you are able to get Airpod settings on Android. Consequently, you can install this app from the play store.

3.       Assistant Trigger

You can enjoy the pro version of the app for free of cost. Assistant Trigger is also a famous app which customises Airpod settings on android. This app promotes all the Airpod models ranging from Apple Airpods Pro to Airpods Max. Assistant trigger app enables you to activate the voice assistant feature using a double tap. On the contrary, this app displays an accurate battery level. In the notification bar, you can see your airpods battery level along with the airpods case.

Its announcer feature speaks to the caller’s phone number, notifications and name, if airpods are connected. Other features include an automatic popup, ear detection and a background widget, if airpods are opened. There are many paid features. You must purchase its pro version, if you want to enjoy all of the Apple earbuds’ features. Using this incredible app, you can enjoy almost all the Apple Airpod settings on an android phone. Consequently, you can install the Assistant Trigger app from the play store.

Assistant Trigger

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Use Airpods with an Android Device?

Yes, you can. There are many features designed especially for IOS devices. However, all Airpods features are not available on Android smartphones. To listen to music and make calls, you can connect Airpods with an Android phone.

Can I Customise Airpod Settings on Android?

You can customise your airpod settings only on android. Moreover, android does not support the latest features like change tap controls, ear detection, double tap and noise cancelling. You can use third-party apps to customise airpod settings on your android device.

What is the Disadvantage of Using Airpods on Android?

Limited Functionality is the potential disadvantage of using airpods on android. Moreover, there are a few airpod settings which can be altered on non-Apple devices. Several users claim that Airpods battery drains faster on Android devices than on Apple devices.


Can you change the airpod settings on android? You need to adopt some features, if you want to make these settings on android. On the contrary, you can change these settings using several apps including trigger assistant, material pods etc.

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