Turtle beach recon 50x/recon 50p

Turtle beach recon 50x/recon 50p – Specs, features, Price Complete Review

The turtle beach recon 50x/recon 50p is compatible with most of the devices. Additionally it is lightweight, comfortable with the adjustable headband. Moreover it has a detachable microphone with easy plug-and-play design. Additionally with a single charge it can be useful up to 24 hours. 

With the availability of 3D power it has a speaker size of 40mm. This article will include all the specifications & features of this model. Moreover it includes the reviews, pros & cons that are helpful to know before purchasing it. 

features of Turtle beach recon 50x/recon 50p

Feature Highlights

  • First of all it has a highly adjustable sensitive mic.
  • Moreover it is convenient in-line control.
  • Adjustable headband 
  • In order to provide you the superior sound it has 40mm high quality speakers.
  • Additionally it is lightweight.
  • Moreover it has across platforms Versatile Compatibility.
  • It has a comfortable headset design.
  • Additionally it has a detachable microphone. 
  • Sony 3D Audio Ready for PS5™
  • Master volume & mic mute adjustment feature

Price & Availability

Price: $24.95

Concluding you can purchase it through the online stores as well as from stores. 

Specialties Of Turtle Beach Recon 50x/Recon 50p

Audio connection type3.5mm
Headset PowerWired
Frequency response of speaker20Hz – 20kHz
Speaker size 40mm

Parts Specialities

Earpad/Headband MaterialFoam Cushioning, Synthetic Leather 
MicrophoneOmni-Directional & Removable Microphone 
Ear CushionFoam Cushioning in synthetic leather

Overall Weight & Size Features

Weight (approx)9.5 in.
Total Width8.7 in.
Height9.5 in.
Depth3.9 in.

Headset Features & Reviews 

Ear CushionFoam Cushioning in synthetic leather
Impedance32 Ω
Sensitivity98 dB
Frequency response Minimum: 20 HzMaximum: 20 KHz
Headphone Driver40 mm 
  • It has great sound quality. However if you don’t turn the mic settings down then it will also pick the surrounding sound. 
  • Headband adjustable
  • Moreover it contains the on & off mic feature that is quite helpful.
  • However most of the reviews suggest that it starts to hurt the ear outside after 1 to 2 hours.  

Microphone Features & Reviews

Nominal Impedance2.2 kΩ
Output Sensitivity of microphone-39 dB
Capsule Diameter6 mm.
Frequency Response100-12000 Hz
  • However it has excellent quality. 
  • No complaints related to the mic & headphones.
  • Good, comfortable sound quality 
  • However the mic sound is ok but usually it lasts for 1.5 months. Afterwards most of the time you get mic cuts & loud pops. 

Reviews On Design, Comfort & Performance

  • It has a flexible & comfortable headband.
  • Moreover it is available in different sizes. 
  • However ear cushions are made up of breathable material. As a result it makes it more comfortable for attending gaming sessions.
  • Additionally it is helpful to reduce fatigue as well. 
  • However you can feel light weight even after hours. 
  • As a result its performance is too good. 

Battery Features & Reviews

Battery life is actually important to play and use for listening. However this battery consists of SteelSeries Arctis 7. Moreover after a single charge you can use its battery for up to 24 hours. As a result you can choose to use it for a long time period without battery worries. 

Box Items

As a result you will get the following items in it’s box; 

  1. Microphone (removable microphone)
  2. Headset
  3. Guide

Special Features/Qualities Of Turtle Beach Recon 50x/Recon 50p

In-line controls convenienceFollowing features are available on your finger tips; Master volume optionMic mute feature
Comfortable & lightweightYou can easily listen to music for hours.Moreover it is comfortable. Play for hours 
The 3D audio benefitsFollowing are its benefits that are;An immersive delivery of precise spatial surround sound.Moreover it has the power of 3D Audio.Additionally you will get the realistic & best PS5™ gaming experience. 
40mm speakers of high qualityYou will find the high quality sound feature.Large 40mm speakersThundering low & high sound voices become more interesting to hear. 

Competitive Model For Gamers

Gammer’s require such headphones that are comfortable & adjustable. Basically it is a good option for the gammer’s as it has following inclusions;

  1. Easily plug it & hear music/gaming sounds for hours.
  2. Moreover it has a lightweight & comfortable design.
  3. Additionally you will find a highly sensitive & highly adjustable mic.
  4. Moreover it has 40mm drivers. As a result, speakers are good for sound. 

Device’s Compatibility

First of all it’s important to know that if you are purchasing a product it should be compatible. As a result this headset is compatible with the following devices;

  • PS4™ controller
  • Xbox Series X|S (that has 3.5mm jack)
  • PS5™ controller
  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Mac® 
  • Mobile

Pros & Cons Of Turtle Beach Recon 50x With 50p

First of all, ear cups are comfortable for gaming. Moreover the presence of 50p’s 50mm drivers are helpful for delivering clean sound. Budget friendlyAdditionally it is easy to set.Easy plug-and-play designCompatible with PS4™, Xbox Series X|S, PS5™ controller, PC, Tablet, Mac® , MobileFirst of all this model is not suitable for the recording and streaming purposes.However when you use it for a long time period then it will not be a good option. As a result it’s not handling the heavy use.Moreover it’s difficult to alter the sound volume as well. Afterwards most of the time you get mic cuts & loud pops. 

Product Comparison With Turtle Beach 50P With 50X

Turtle Beach Recon 50PTurtle Beach Recon 50X 
Adjustable boom mic, over-ear design, Lightweight, High-sensitivityIt is compatible with the PS4 Pro, Mac, Xbox One, Mobile devices, PC & PS4.Multi-platform compatibility, 90-degree rotating ear cupsBasically it is compatible with; PS4, Xbox One and PC. 
Same price, dimensions & weightCE certified & 1- year warrantySame micrometer diameter, sensitivity & frequency responseMoreover they have a Turtle beach brand with the China origin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Turtle Beach Recon 50 Or 70 Better?

Basically both of these Recon models 50 & 70 are similar to each other. However, according to the design, comfortable & sound profile the Turtle Beach Recon is better.

Q. Will Recon 50P Work On PC?

Yes these are compatible to work on the PC, tablet, Mac and mobile. As a result it will connect easily with these devices. 

Q. Is Turtle Beach Recon 50P Compatible With Playstation?

Yes, these are comfortable with the play-station. Basically it is compatible to work on the PS5 & PS4.

Final Thoughts 

The turtle beach recon 50x/recon 50p is lightweight with the adjustable headband. Moreover with the presence of 40mm speakers it is actually providing a high quality sound. Additionally this product is compatible with most of the devices. That are including; PS4 Pro, Mac, Xbox One, Mobile devices, PC & PS4. 

Moreover it is CE certified. As a result it can be a good addition to your gaming season. In addition to this it is affordable. According to the features it’s an excellent product. However according to some reviews it starts to show the cuts & loud pops in the sound. 

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