Logitech Keyboard Reset Default

Logitech Keyboard Reset Default: Easy Steps to Fix this Problem

Logitech is one of the most famous keyboard brands, however, their keyboards often have issues. If the mouse or keyboard is giving you trouble, you can perform a factory reset on them. This will surely restore them back to life. There is a large number of people who use Logitech keyboards nowadays. There are several Logitech keyboards available in the market such as Mini, Touch and diNovo Edge. In this article, we will address the main problems behind default, and present solutions to reset Logitech keyboard default.

Logitech Keyboard Reset Default

How to Reset a Logitech Keyboard?

If you follow some steps, you will surely reset your Logitech keyboard default.

Check your Battery

It is important to make sure that your keyboard has sufficient battery power before beginning the reset process. The keyboard may not turn on at all, if the battery is low. To check the battery power, click on the ‘’Çaps Lock’’ key and the ‘’Fn’’ key at the same time. However, it will activate the battery indicator light. Charge the battery or replace the batteries before proceeding, if the battery is low. If the battery is fully charged, the light will turn green. On the contrary, if the battery is low, the light will automatically turn red.

You will be confused to figure out how to reset a Logitech keyboard. You can try this method which works with all Logitech keyboards, holding the power button, the FN button and the blue button all at once while turning it on. If it does not work, an individual should try the method which works with the individual keyboards. Moreover, you must have the Logitech keyboard drivers for a keyboard plugged in through USB. From there, you can go to the ‘’reset tab’’, right-click the driver and select properties. You will surely reset your keyboard by clicking on the button.

Restart Bluetooth Logitech Keyboard

Mostly, you will need to restart your Logitech keyboard. Because it can dismantle all the problems your keyboard faces. However, the first step you have to do is to unplug it. If you are pressing the connect option, you should turn it off. If this still does not work, you can restart it again and try to plug it into another computer.

1.   First, upgrade your keyboard’s drivers.

2.   Move your mouse over to the Logitech option in the tray.

3.   Press the off/on option.

4.   Click on the ‘’Connect’’ option on your keyboard. If it is ready for pairing mode, you will see a LED blinking.

5.   Visit the settings > devices > Bluetooth in Windows and choose your keyboard by name. Click preferences in the settings menu, if you are on the Mac. Then select Bluetooth and hit pair with ‘’the name of your keyboard’’.

6.   Press the ‘’Finish’’ and you are done.

Restart Bluetooth Logitech Keyboard

How to Reset your Logitech Unifying Keyboard?

To handle a computer or laptop, a Logitech unified mouse and keyboard is a fashionable and efficient way. Moreover, these keyboards can be out of sync with the gadget or computer like any electronic item. Here, you will learn how to reset a broken unified keyboard. To start, remove the keyboard’s battery and shut down the device. After that, you should power on the device using the given USB receiver and leave it on for a minute. Next, replace the batteries and switch off your device, connecting them with the keyboard properly before turning on the device. It is easy to reset your Logitech unifying keyboard by reinstalling the unifying receiver and heading to the control panel.

If you do not locate it there, type the ‘’control panel’’ and then press the ‘’start’’ button. Visit the View > Devices > Printers > Open a new window, if you want to see your printers and other devices. You can uninstall the unifying receiver by choosing it in the context menu of the right-click menu. Consequently, plug the unifying receiver back in and restart your computer.

How to Reset your Logitech Wireless Keyboard?

The Logitech wireless keyboard is a great choice for people who are looking for a wireless one to buy. Moreover, it provides a membrane design that is favourable for people who do not like the feel of mechanical keyboards. If you are facing problems with your Logitech wireless keyboard, follow some tips.

To start, press the set key and hold it down for 3 seconds. After that, press the Caps Lock key. Keep your fingers crossed the way so the NumLock indicator will come on. Consequently, you should simultaneously push the numbers 2 and 3.

1.   First, you should open the battery compartment on the back of your wireless keyboard.

2.   You should remove the batteries and keep them in a safe place.

3.   Click on the ‘’connect’’ button on the Logitech wireless keyboard.

4.   The next step is to attach the batteries to the back of your wireless keyboard.

5.   Most importantly, wait for the light to turn on.

6.   Click on the ‘’Connect’’ option on the back of the keyboard.

How to Reset your Logitech Wireless Keyboard?

How to Reset your Logitech Folio Keyboard?

The Logitech folio keyboard is a great choice for enjoying media, if you are either on the road or work. Moreover, a folio keyboard does not respond to button pushes. If you are looking to reset and restore it, follow the procedures below.

First, an individual is required to hold down the power button on the back of the foldable keyboard. Next, he needs to press the ‘’Fn’’ key and push the ‘spacebar’. You must connect the keyboard’s USB cord to ensure the use of the folio keyboard again while pressing these buttons. Follow this step, if you observe that the keys are not lighting up. Remove the ‘’I’’ on the left of the screen and disconnect your Bluetooth keyboards connection. Visit the table settings and navigate Bluetooth. Once you select your keyboard’s name, press the ‘’Forget this Device’’ option.

How to Reset your Logitech MX keyboard?

Logitech MX keyboards are popular for their excellent quality. Consider a Logitech MX keyboard, if you want to replace your old ones. The interface is quite easy to understand, saving your time and making work more efficient. Follow these steps, if you want to reset Logitech MX keyboard’s default.

Switch off your computer system. Next, click on and hold the ‘’ctrl, alt and delete’’ keys at the same time. Click on the ‘’f’’ key and then release all the keys. At the end, click on the connect button.

1.   Click on the ‘’ctrl, alt and delete’’ keys at the same time.

2.   Next, use the ‘’F’’ key.

3.   Click on the ‘’Power’’ button.


If you have a Logitech keyboard, you should follow the above steps to fix any default. However, there are multiple keyboards a Logitech company has introduced. Do not panic, if your keyboard system has any defaults. Restart your device before beginning to reset any problem. 

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