why is my mac charger yellow

Why is my Mac charger yellow & How to clean? Complete Details

Many Mac users experience the charger yellowing after some time. Usually they don’t know and look to see why is my Mac charger yellow? It can be due to various reasons, like aging, sun exposure, oxidation, and so on. However, it’s not dangerous to use the yellow charger. By following some precautions, you can also delay the process of yellowing the charger.

Besides this, you can also go for cleaning sides, by which you can remove it. In this article, you will find all the reasons behind the yellowing of the charger and why it happens. Moreover, it will include the methods for cleaning it, by which you can get rid of the yellow charger and restore its original color.

Why Is My Mac Charger Yellow? Reasons

The Mac charger includes the cable, which is usually made of plastic. It comes in white. With the passage of time, it starts to turn yellow and fades to a white color. However, there are some factors that are possible causes behind the yellowing of the charger. That are;

Yellow mac charger
  1. Charger Placement 

If you don’t place your charger in the right place, it will affect the appearance of the charger. If you place it in a wet environment, it will turn out to be yellow or greenish. It usually happens due to the fungus’s presence in wet places.

  1. Sunlight Exposure 

If your charger placement is near windows where there is high sun exposure, it changes color. Due to the continuous exposure to sunlight, the charger heats up. As a result, it eventually introduces the yellowing of the plastic.

  1. Quality Of Plastic

The charger is made of plastic. If the charger is made of low quality, it will start to turn yellow quickly due to the poor quality. However, the good-quality plastic charger will take more time to turn yellow.

  1. Bending Or Twisting

Usually, when you charge your MacBook with twisted cables, Due to the heat accumulation, it starts to turn yellow in specific regions of the charger.

  1. Oxidation

According to the chemistry experiments, with the passage of time, the oxidation starts up within the charger. The continuous reactions going on inside the charging wires introduce oxidation over the rubber or plastic. Due to this oxidation reaction, the charger is starting to turn yellow, which is a natural process.

oxidation causing yellow color on charger
  1. Aging 

Aging is a natural process. When the charger becomes old, it will start to turn yellow.

Is It Risky To Use Yellow Chargers?

Technically it is not risky to use. So there’s no need to worry about replacing it or purchasing a new one. With time or due to aging, it starts to change color. It will pass the current in a direct manner. You don’t need to worry about it. It’s completely ok to use the yellow chargers, as it’s nothing to do with the changes in their functioning.

How Do I Clean A Yellow Mac Charger?

Knowing why is my mac charger yellow? It is important to clean it. The cleaning methods differ according to the type of yellowish stains on them. However, by following some instructions, you can do that easily.

Cleaning Method 01 With Materials & Step By Step Guidance

Materials Required

  • A brush for cleaning
  • A bowl full of detergent and mix water
  • A cleaning sponge 
  • Towel 
  • Gloves 
Materials Required for cleaning yellow charger

Procedures For Cleaning

  • First of all, use a simple piece of cloth to remove the dust particles from the charger.
  • Take a bowl and add some good-quality detergent to it. Add water and make a paste.
  • Carefully handle the charger while cleaning. Don’t apply the paste over the plugging points. Start from the side of the cable.
  • Use the paste and apply it over the wire. Apply it well until the fumes come out on it.
  • Afterwards, use the brush to remove the yellowing from the charger.
  • Rub it well so the dusty appearance is removed.
  • Later on, use the towel to remove the paste and fumes.
Procedures For Cleaning charger
  • This will clean the charger up to a certain level. Do it weekly to remove the old stains.

Use An Electrical Contact Cleaner.

Nowadays, you can also purchase an electrical charger. This spray will eventually remove the corrosion or dust particles from the charger.

Deep Cleaning: Method To Remove Extreme Yellowing On Chargers

  • First of all, apply the above method to check for the removal of the yellowing on it. However, if it doesn’t work in your favor, use the following:
  • Hereby, you have to follow all the above steps, like dry cleaning with a cloth.
  • Afterwards, instead of using detergent, you have to use the light bleach mixture with water.
  • Apply it in the same way and clean it with a towel or cloth. This will remove stains steadily with time.

Ways To Delay The Yellowing Of The Mac Charger

  • Place it in the charger box or cover somewhere where there’s no wet environment.
  • Additionally, keep it away from direct sunlight.
Ways To Delay The Yellowing Of The Mac Charger
  • Remove the bending of the charger.
  • Moreover, keep it in a place away from direct dust exposure.
  • Frequently clean it from time to time.
  • Wash the charger using bleach, water, or detergent once a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Know If My Macbook Charger Is Damaged?

Usually, the physical checkup will clear up the damages. Check for the nearest charger point. Mostly, it happens due to exposed wires or the best pins.

Q. What Is The Yellow Light On My Laptop Charger?

The yellow light shows that the charge is not full. However, it is also representative that charging is over the threshold point.

Q. Is A Mac Charger Repairable?

In some cases, the wire can be replaced if it is bent or damaged. You can simply wrap it up with tape and use it.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are searching for the reasons why is my Mac charger yellow? As I explained above, it can be due to various influencing factors. With time, the oxidation reaction starts out on the outer side, and continuous exposure to heat triggers the process of yellowing. Although you can also remove it using detergent or bleach to clean up the yellow stains,

In addition to this, you don’t have to purchase or replace the charger, as it will work in the same manner and doesn’t affect the charging process. However, caring is a good way of protecting and avoiding yellowing. For more such info, visit https://mindtechies.com.

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