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Puffco Proxy Wax Vaporizer: Specs, Features & Complete Review

Finding customized options for a concentrate vaporizer is difficult. However, the Puffco proxy is a great release and known for its versatile style. Instead of using the lighter one, it has a modular glass and ceramic-glazed atomizer. Besides this, it’s power’s high functionalities in it. However, it will take up to 90 minutes to charge.

It offers flavorful vapor production, and you can enjoy wax in it. In this article, I am going to review this puffco product from different perspectives and share its specifications. Moreover, I will share a section on its cleaning, how to use it? Pros & its cons will also be part of this article. Firstly, have a look at the specifications of this product:

Highlights Of The Specifications Of The Puffco Proxy

Compatible material Concentrate
Charging time90 minutes 
Swappable batteryNot supportive
Pass Through Charging featurePresent 
Battery life 6 to 8 session’s 
Charging PortUSB-C
Temperature Control systemPre-Sets
Range for temperature to set 490, 510, 530, 545°F
Heating System typeCeramic Atomizer
Motion sensor feature Not present
Oven size 0.15g
Vibration Alert optionPresent 
AccessoriesDry Herb Chamber / Modular Glass
Price $339
Warranty 1 year

What Will You Get In The Kit Of Puffco?

The following items are included in the kit:

  • Dab Tool
  • Carb Cap
  • Ceramic Atomizer 
  • Vape Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Q-Tips
  • USB-C charging cable
What Will You Get In The Kit Of Puffco?

3D Atomizer Features And Review

Through the use of a base and a 3D atomizer, you can easily cycle your voltage using the LED light strip. You can manage the temperatures in different ranges. However, its heat-up time is quite slower, as it shows after 30 seconds.

White 545°F
Green 510°F
Blue 490 °F
Egg mode 630°F 

In addition to this, it will not emit any harsh vapors. However, it provides a relaxing experience to its consumers. Additionally, it has accessories available for dry herb smoking. For this purpose, you need to drop it into the glass and light up the cannabis.

Coil Embedded Throughout The Atomizer

This system is helpful for distributing heat. Moreover, it removes the cold or hot spots. Through this, the dab will vaporize or melt evenly.

Coil Embedded Throughout The Atomizer

Battery Features And Charging Reviews

The battery duration will depend on its usage. Its battery will take around 1 hour to fully charge. Afterwards, you can use it for up to eight sessions. However, for charging it, you will get the pass-through charging and USB-C options as well.

Auto-Off Timer

You will not find any auto-off timers in this product. As a result, after each session, you need to turn it off. It’s important to do that because if you don’t do that, the battery will start to turn low.

Charging Indications

The red and yellow lights indicate that the charge is not full. When you charge it with a red light, it will turn yellow and then green to indicate that it is fully charged.

Use A Power Bank

You can also use the power bank to charge it. However, if you are traveling somewhere, it’s better to take the power bank with you. There are different brands that offer good power banks.

Analysis And Review Of The Vapor Quality

Its vapor quality is too good and smooth. The resin and the melt hash work in the chamber, which quickly melts. That’s why it provides flavor in comparison to lower-quality wax. The lower three temperature options are good for this user. For the Easter mode, hit it with the bubbler to cook the harsh vapor.

Analysis And Review Of The Vapor Quality

Step-By-Step Process Of Using The Puffco Proxy

It’s easier to use it. First of all, I am sharing the basic information before the steps. You need the dab to first go into the chamber. Afterwards, select the right temperature for it. Later on, you need to wait for the vapor quality to diminish while running through the heating cycle.

It will show a green flash when you turn the battery off. However, if the flash shows a red or yellow color, that’s an indication of a low battery. Now I am going to explain the whole procedure from now on:

  • Turn it on after pressing the power button and holding it for some time.
  • For the preset temperature changes, you need to press the power button once.
Step-By-Step Process Of Using The Puffco Proxy
  • Afterwards, you have to place the dab product in the available chamber. Later on, you need to reseal the carb cap.
  • To start the session, you have to double tap on your power button.
  • Now take the 30-second heat-up time.
  • Afterwards, your chamber will heat up for 30 seconds, as indicated by the solid turning of the pulsing light.

However, if you are still not done with the session after heating it for 30 seconds, As a result, you need to boost it after double-pressing the power button. Ultimately, this will add an additional 30 seconds to your session.

Step-By-Step Process Of Using The Puffco Proxy-2

Other Availability Of Light Mode

For the third time, you can also use the power button to activate the light mode. It’s a great way to go. Through the use of a relaxing style in between, it will be good for the extraction of the deb pen. Aside from this, you can also load the chamber cleaning with the puffcoke knife.

Is It Portable?

It has a 5in x 2in portable design. However, it has a fragile structure that is not comfortable for traveling. Besides this, it has the traditional pipe shape. That will surely be an attention-seeking idea within the crowd.

In addition to this, the supply of pass-through charging is also a great feature. This also owns the battery bank, which is helpful to use on the roads.

Is poffco proxy Portable?

Methods For Cleaning

The cleaning process is quite simple. You just need to wipe it with a vape stick to clean it. You should need to do that after each session. So that no residue can stay in your dab. However, if you don’t take care of this, it will start to accumulate. There is a 3D chamber that comes in at $60. So you can also wipe out and clean your old dabs.

Methods For Cleaning poffco proxy

Q-Tip For Scraping Tar

Over time, if there’s resin burned on it, you can use the Q-Tip. Firstly, you need to dip it in the orange chronic. Afterwards, the tar starts to loosen, and then you can use the dap tool to scrape the tar.

Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit

You can use this purify cleaning kit in which you have to soak the atomizer upper top part in ethyl. Moreover, you have to add the chazzed ceramic to it for 10 minutes to clean it.

Attachment Accessories

Travel Pack

It’s helpful for the proxy to sit flatter. Moreover, it comes with cutouts where you can store the Q-Tips cleaning. This will be the best piece that will add to the value of the package. Usually, its price ranges from $70 to $80.

Bub: The Official Bubbler

It’s similar to the original glass pipe design. However, you have to fill it from the top. Ultimately, the water sits over the carburation holes. Usually, its price starts at $165.

Pros And Cons Analysis

First of all, it provides consistent vapor quality.
Fully modular with a sleek and classic design.
Moreover, its manufacturing is of high quality.
Furthermore, it will not cause the temperatures to rise.
Terp pearls are compatible with the chamber for the extraction of dab.
In addition to this, it supports pass-through charging.
Firstly, its battery life is short.
To clear your bowl, you might need to repeat some heating cycles.
However, its power button gives it an overall cheap look.
If you are a heavy user, it might not be good for you because it supports a slow session style.
The glass body is so thin within it that it might risk shattering the glass.
Moreover, you need to clean its atomized connections on a regular basis.
In terms of pricing, it costs the same as a premium E-Rig.


Q. How Many Hits Can You Get From A Puffco Proxy?

It will take one and a half hours to charge completely. However, it will give you 15 hits per battery charge.

Q. What Is The Puffco Controversy?

The most ongoing controversy shows that they don’t own the warranties of Puffco. Besides this, the atomizers are easily breaking up with the customers.

Q. What Does The Puffco Proxy Do?

It’s a modular glass design device. Through this, you will enjoy and prepare the smooth and favorable production of the vapors.


If you are looking for the vaporizer, the 3D ceramic heating chamber is present in the Puffco proxy, which makes it unique among all other options. For making the puffin dragon-like clouds, the proxy will make it every single time. It’s one-time full charging, which will be good enough for 6 to 8 sessions.

If you are thinking of purchasing this model of vaporizer, you must know about its features. However, it will look cheap due to its power button and low battery. Besides this, it has glass that shatters easily. So choose and purchase it wisely. For further such information, visit https://mindtechies.com.

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