How to Share Internet From Mobile to Mobile Without Hotspot 3 Best Ways 

How to Share Internet From Mobile to Mobile Without Hotspot? 3 Best Ways 

Sometimes, you visit a restaurant without any internet connection to have a meal. Moreover, you visit a picnic place with your close friends to enjoy the beauty of nature. In both scenarios, you will try to share mobile data with your friends. People want to know ‘’How to share internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot’’? In this article, we will discuss the different methods through which you can share mobile data without a hotspot. 

Can We Share the Internet without a Hotspot?

The answer to this question is yes, Of course, everything is possible in this modern era of technology. As far as sharing the internet without a hotspot is concerned, some different ways make it possible as follows:

  1. Share the Internet via Bluetooth 
  2. USB tethering in iPhones and Androids 
  3. There are several apps for tethering iPhones and Android devices including Tetrd, Easy Tether, PdaNet+, and TETHERGPS LITE. However, it is needed when a corporation disables tethering in your cell phone. 

Consequently, it is compulsory to use the Network Advance Translation (NAT) Protocol in tethering to share mobile data without a hotspot. This protocol introduces some modifications in private IP addresses and connects them to a reliable internet. 

Via Bluetooth 

You usually use your mobile’s Bluetooth to pair it with your smartwatches or headphones. However, very few users know that they can also share mobile data with friends with the help of a Bluetooth connection. To ensure this, users must enable Bluetooth radio on both Android devices. It is quite easy to turn on your Bluetooth connection. 

  • Open the settings of your mobile. 
how to share internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot
  • Tap on the ‘’Bluetooth’’ option and turn it on. 
Via Bluetooth 

You will see a small Bluetooth icon on the top right corner of the screen. It indicates that your Bluetooth is activated. You should try scanning your mobile with another one you want to pair. After that, there will be a list of all Bluetooth-activated devices in front of you. It depends on you which device you like to choose. Once you select a device, click on the ‘’Pair’’ option. 


It is often seen there will be a pairing issue between the two devices on the permission/request message. In this case, a user must approve that request to ensure the internet connection with enabled access. Before approving the connection, you should insert a password in this regard. Consequently, your mobile is now ready to establish a reliable internet connection via Bluetooth. 


When you share your mobile data with a friend via Bluetooth, you should keep some advantages and disadvantages in mind at that moment. This will be a secure internet connection. 

As far as drawbacks are concerned, you will witness a limited range between devices. For example, both users need to sit close to each other while pairing devices via Bluetooth. Similarly, your mobile battery will be drained out comparatively more quickly. These are the factors users must keep in mind before pairing their devices via Bluetooth. 

Via USB OTG Cable

You can connect two devices with the help of a USB OTG cable. In this regard, you can share mobile-to-mobile data or important files with your friends. However, this USB OTG cable must be of C-type. Follow these steps if you want to connect this cable with a secondary device are as follow:

  • Try to connect the primary mobile with a USB cable and the secondary mobile with an OTG cable. 
  • Touch and hold the ‘’Hotspot’’ option and switch on the USB tethering. 


If a USB OTG cable is used in pairing two devices, you will experience a fast internet connection as a result. Most importantly, it prevents your device from unwanted hacking and noise. You do not need to use special hardware for compatible mobiles. 


It is a wired connection and range becomes limited by the short length of the wire. In addition to this, your battery will start draining out more quickly. 

Via Third-Party Apps

If there is no built-in USB tethering option then you can take help from many apps. However, users must have root access to these apps. There are various third-party apps available through which you can share your data with a secondary device while using a USB OTG cable. In this way, you can use an app like PdaNet+ because this app provides USB Tethering and Bluetooth on all smartphones. The app’s Wi-Fi tethering is applicable for a few devices. 

Via Third-Party Apps

Is there any Possibility of Sharing the Internet from Mobile to Laptop or PC without a Hotspot?

Even though it will not ruin your day if your PC does not have a broadband connection, the only way to share the internet from mobile to laptop is possible only through a broadband connection. In this modern technological era, you can share mobile data with a laptop without any hotspot. You can use a USB port or Bluetooth connectivity to share data with a secondary laptop or PC desktop. In this way, you have to contact the carrier company and submit extra charges for tethering. 

What are the Limitations of Bluetooth Tethering?

If you use Bluetooth tethering to share your internet from one device to another, you should also know its limitations. Some of the limitations of Bluetooth tethering are as follows:

Low Data Transfer Speed: You are not able to share large files or do live streaming by using Bluetooth tethering. Because this feature is available only on hotspots and USB tethering. 

Slow Speed: If you share data from one mobile to another via Bluetooth tethering, it will consume comparatively more time to load. Most importantly, the files will transfer with 2 Mbps of speed. You can do simple tasks such as canvas editing, browsing, or using different social media platforms. 

Limited Range: Bluetooth tethering has range limitations when it comes to pairing two devices. You can fulfill your requirements just within 10 meters of distance. 

Final Words 

You can share your internet with a secondary device without any hotspot. There are different ways available for this purpose. These include Bluetooth tethering and a USB OTG cable. When it comes to Bluetooth tethering, there are certain limitations. If you are out of your home and do not have internet. 

People want to know ‘’How to share internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot’’? We suggest you use a hotspot instead of using a USB cable or Bluetooth connectivity. Because these connections have some limitations that can harm the actual efficiency and performance of your Android.  For more information visit

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