Do Roku TVs have Bluetooth Problems and Fixes

Do Roku TVs have Bluetooth? Problems and Fixes

People are wondering, ‘’Do Roku TVs have Bluetooth?’’. The answer to this question is no. Roku TVs do not promote global Bluetooth connectivity natively. Some modern Roku streaming devices support Bluetooth connections. However, it is limited to tablets, mobile phones, and PC connections. Generally, there are some faults and loopholes due to which Roku TVs do not support Bluetooth. In this article, we will fix all these problems and offer effective solutions to allow Roku TVs to support Bluetooth.

How can Roku TVs Support Bluetooth?

A Roku TV does not support universal Bluetooth connectivity natively. If you use a device like a Roku wireless speaker, you can get Bluetooth on Roku TV. Moreover, a personal listening feature onboard the Roku Mobile app can offer you Bluetooth connectivity. There is another way to make it Bluetooth-capable if you connect a Bluetooth transmitter to the TV.

What Roku Models Do Support Bluetooth?

First, you need to understand the features of all models before getting Bluetooth on a Roku device. Nowadays, Roku models including the TV series are quite scant, that can host a full-fledged Bluetooth connection. However, several of these products can act as an intermediate between the Bluetooth receiver and Roku devices by hosting the connection themselves. Various Roku devices have Bluetooth connections with a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Roku ModelBluetooth Support
Roku Plus Series TVDirect
Roku TV (All series)Requires intermediate; enabled via Roku Smart Soundbar or Roku Streambar
Roku Ultra LT (4801)Direct
Roku Ultra (4800 & 4802)Direct
Onn. Roku Smart SoundbarDirect | Acts as an intermediate
Roku Smart SoundbarDirect | Acts as an intermediate
Roku Streambar & Streambar ProDirect | Acts as an intermediate

The models which are not mentioned in the table are unable to host a viable Bluetooth connection.

Roku TV | Problems and Solutions

The most common issue with streaming content wirelessly is connectivity problems. There are plenty of reasons for interference or outdated software versions. Another common problem with Bluetooth communication is the sync/delay problem. It may be helpful to reduce the effective distance between the devices, however, there is not much to be mentioned about this problem. Issues may vary from one to another, relying on the way you have adopted to employ Bluetooth connections. Here are some of the solutions that can fix Bluetooth connections.

Roku TV | Problems and Solutions

1.       Checking for Updates

You should ensure that you have updated the Roku TV to the latest version when you are connecting the Roku wireless speaker or while using private listening. It can make the connection junky if you run on an updated version. Moreover, it is also able to make the UI freeze at times. Follow these steps if you want to get updates and check your Roku TV.

  • Visit the Settings tab, click, and open the system.
  • Choose your System Update.
  • Press the ‘’Check Now’’ option to manually scan and download the updates.

It does not take much longer when you restart the device after updating. You need to check it for any problems. It is necessary to ensure routine checks for software updates for the optimal functioning of your device. You can do the same in the case of a tablet or smartphone.

 Checking for Updates

2.       Checking for Interference and Maintain Close Proximity

Cracked and broken audio can cause problems while streaming if the paired mobile devices are not close to the Roku TV. Moreover, you should maintain proximity while connected. There is a shorter connection radius of Bluetooth connections relative to other connection protocols like Wi-Fi.

However, there are chances for the connection to get affected by wireless interference. You should check for wirelessly communicating devices within the vicinity of the Bluetooth device. You should turn them off for better communication, and restart the devices as an added assurance.

Checking for Interference and Maintain Close Proximity

3.       Refreshing the Connection

Another healthy method to fix the problems is to refresh the connection. Unpairing and pairing the devices is what we have to do. Therefore, follow these steps to fix these issues.

  • Visit the Settings menu, click, and open the Accessories & Remote.
  • Press the ‘’Bluetooth devices’’ option and choose a desired device from the list of devices.
  • Press the ‘’Forget this device’’ button to unpair the device from the Roku TV.

Take a quick restart, pair the cell phone device again, and check for problems. However, you can initiate the pairing process from the same Bluetooth Devices tab.

Refreshing the Connection

4.       Turning Off VPN & Other Network Filters

This is the most applicable method to turn off your VPN and other network filters when you are facing connectivity issues. Moreover, it causes buffering problems while streaming. You must turn off these filters and masks on your mobile phone or network, especially any IP masking software. You should restart your TV or smartphone, and try connecting again.

Best Alternatives of Roku TV

There are some alternatives to the Roku TV available in the market. These include;

1.       Roku Wireless Speakers | The Suggested Walkaround

These are a great pair of smart speakers that have a connection feature for pairing with Roku Products. Moreover, Roku wireless speakers provide a premium sound for your Roku TV. There are two products in a box, and each has to be powered separately. Moreover, Roku wireless speakers have Bluetooth streaming hence integrating the said feature with the paired Roku TV. On the contrary, the Roku Smart Soundbar model is an excellent pair for your Roku TV. The process of pairing/linking the speakers is a breeze, as advertised.

Follow these steps if you want to connect a Bluetooth device.

  1. Visit the Home screen, press and open the Settings option.
  2. Choose the Devices & Remotes option and then press the ‘’Pair a new device’’ option.
  3. Press the ‘’Bluetooth Device’’ option.
Roku Wireless Speakers | the Suggested Walkaround
  1. Try to open the Bluetooth settings menu on your desired device.
  2. Choose the Roku TV from the available devices list.
Roku Wireless Speakers | the Suggested Walkaround

You can play podcasts or music if you complete the pairing, or even the radio on your Roku TV setup.

2.       Roku Private Listening

This is a great choice to isolate yourself from late-night streaming rendezvous or noisy surroundings. You can use your desired pair of headphones to stream content from Roku TV. However, you need to connect the headset to your mobile, wired (Charging port/Headphone jack), or wirelessly. This method allows you to connect virtually any Bluetooth device to the TV. Most importantly, this is a cost-effective method.

First, you should install the Roku Mobile App from the respective application store of your cell phone device, within which the feature lies.

3.       Using a Bluetooth Transmitter/Adapter | the Final Straw

You can easily make your Roku TV Bluetooth-capable if you use a Bluetooth transmitter. You need to plug one into the available I/O ports of the TV, like the AUX or RCA audio jacks, SPDIF, or TOSlink optical ports. It makes a Bluetooth adapter virtually an audio output device. Therefore, you can use audio devices like Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones. Delaying issues does not make it a reliable method. Similarly, it also includes other issues like volume and connectivity issues.

This method cannot be implemented on most of the Roku models like the Roku Streaming stick or the Roku Ultra. An adapter needs to have a wide range of I/O connections. However, the version of Bluetooth and the type of DAC are also things worth noting. An LDAC along with Bluetooth version 5+ are the most suggested requirements. Connect the transmitter to one of the Roku TV’s I/O ports, if you manage to procure a Bluetooth transmitter.


Do Roku TVs have Bluetooth?

You can directly connect a Bluetooth device to a Roku+ TV series. If you have a Roku TV system, you can pair Roku TV wireless soundbar or Roku wireless speakers to add Bluetooth capability to your TV.

Which Roku TV Supports Bluetooth?

You can pair your Bluetooth devices by using a new software update, including Bluetooth wireless headphones, directly to compatible Roku devices. It only works with Roku soundbars and Roku Ultra, namely the Streambar and Streambar Pro.


People want to know; do Roku TVs have Bluetooth. The answer to this question is no. If you include some features in your Roku TV you will be enjoying the BlueTooth connectivity. There are several alternatives available in the market that support Bluetooth. 

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