How To Clear Cache On LG TV

How To Clear Cache On LG TV? Easy Methods

You need to clear cache for proper functioning of tv and avoid any extra storage. There’s 2 types of Cache in it that are browser and app related. Changing through the app and browsing settings you can easily remove and clear Cache. Additionally through the TV resetting, apps uninstallation it will also remove all kinds of data and cache.

In this article we will guide you about the easier ways to clear Cache from your LG TV. Moreover it will guide you when to remove it and why it’s important to do that. 

How To Clear Cache On LG TV

Is It Possible To Clear Cache On LG Tv & What Is Cache?

Just in the similar way to other smart TVs the Cache settings do not appear directly. However it doesn’t mean that you can’t clear the cache. Although this cache can be removed using certain tricks and ways. However with the use of certain storage related settings it can be possible to clear.


Every installed application & website has some cache storage on your device. Basically it’s a temporary storage that your device holds for all the things that your device holds. 

Cache Types In LG TV

LG TVs contain 2 different types of Cache memory.

1. Apps creating Cache

2. Web browsing cache

However you can’t try to clear these two caches at the same time. As a result you have to clear these two caches through different fixing ways. 

When And Why You Need To Clear Cache On LG TV?

The LG TV user’s can easily remove the cache. However you need to remove it due to following reasons that are;

  • Whenever your TV shows the out of memory message on the display screen.
  • However you should do it if any app takes much time to Install it’s applications.
  • When the app starts to abruptly crash and frequently closes.
  • In order to fix the corrupted days issues.
  • If the TV is not working properly.
When And Why You Need To Clear Cache On LG TV?

Some Quick Solutions How To Clear Cache On LG TV?

First of all the easier way is through the rebooting. First of all you need to turn off your Tv that is connected to the power socket. Moreover you need to leave it for at least 30 to 60 seconds. Afterwards you can make it on again. This will be quite helpful in order to make it work again. However following through this the memory will be reset. 

Moreover you can also choose, select and clear the specific application’s to remove the cache. You have to click on the right corner of the applications. Right here through clicking on the X symbol you can easily clean the applications specific cache files. 

 How To Clear Cache On LG TV? Some Quick Solutions

1. Through Apps Uninstallation

First of all you can uninstall the applications and download it again. 

2. Updates For Apps

Moreover you can go and continue to work with the app’s update. 

3. Resetting

It’s the easiest way when it’s been a long time and you haven’t known about the cache removal methods. Through the resetting all the cache’s removed and the system will work entirely through the new version.

4. Power Cycle Changes

Turn off the TV and turn it on. However through this type of restarting few temporary cache files will be removed instantly. 

Method For Clearing App Cache 

In order to remove the app cache you have to make & follow some steps. This can be done whenever your LG TV contains apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and others. As a result these applications will trigger the cache storage. However you should keep in mind that not all of the apps cache will remove in a single way. 

Method For Clearing App Cache 
  • First of all open the system settings on the tv.
  • Now continue the settings with choosing application manager.
  • Right now you will be able to see the applications in a sequence.
Method For Clearing App Cache 
  • In addition to this right now select the app for which you want to remove the Cache.
  • As a result you have to click on the Cache button.

How To Clear Cache On LG TV Of Webos From Browsers?

Through visiting and browsing different websites on the internet the TV might generate cache. Depending on the time you are spending on the internet the storage of cache depends. However there are some easier ways for erasing the browser cache on the TV.

How To Clear Cache On LG TV Of Webos From Browsers

Step 01: Browser For LG Tv

First of all in order to delete the browser cache you have to open and clear cache on the browser. In case of using webOS LG TV the most commonly used browser is web engine. Through the home screen you can also find a browser through the search option. 

Step 02: Browser Settings

After opening the browser now you have to go to make the browser settings. Through the menu icon you can easily go to find the browsers setting. 

Step 03: Optional Setting Of Private Browsing

You can also go for resolving the browser cache problem. You can easily toggle it from the private browser settings.

  • In addition to this it will also prevent the IP from going public. However after the internet suffering session there will be no cache on that.
 Optional Setting Of Private Browsing
  • Moreover you can also move from the setting’s tab to toggle a feature. 
  • However this Feature is totally optional. It will prevent more cache storage. That’s why you can enable the setting of private browsing.
 Optional Setting Of Private Browsing

Step 04: Cache Clearing Step

It’s the final step to erase the cache. Go to the drop-down menu & private browsing. Afterwards for clearing the browser settings and do the following steps;

Through the menu >settings now you can see the clear browsing data option. Clear it through pressing Ok. Afterwards you will receive the confirmation message and you have to press the OK. Moreover it will also remove all the types of saved credentials. 

Steps For The Factory Reset On LG Tv

If you face problems with your tv and are unable to detect the cache settings then you can go for it. That’s why for performing the factory reset you have to follow some steps that are;

  • First of all go and open the LG TV settings tab.
  • Now you have to press on the all settings option. 
  • After choosing the general settings go with the “reset to initial settings”. 
  • Confirm it through the yes button. 
  • However the resetting might take some minutes. 
  • As a result with all tv data the Cache data will also be removed at the moment. 


How Do I Clear Netflix Cache On My LG TV?

  • First of all open settings on your LG TV through the settings button.
  • Now go to the general settings.
  • Afterwards select the storage and reset it. 
  • Moreover here you will find the Netflix cache clear option. You have to clear it.
  • After this you need to reset your TV.

How Can I Speed Up My LG Smart TV?

You can easily clear the cache for speeding up your smart TV. If you’re facing the TV lagging and it’s not working properly you can try clearing cache. 

  • You can choose to install a TV optimization application.
  • Moreover check for any TV updates. 
  • Try to restart your TV.
  • In addition to this you can also try factory resetting of your TV.

How Do I Clear Cache And Data On My LG?

  • For this purpose you have to open the home screen tap on the apps to go with the apps settings.
  • Now you need to swipe the tab from right to left.
  • Scroll and open an app to check their info.
  • Here you will find the cache clearing option you need to clear it.

Final Thoughts

How To Clear Cache On LG TV? In LG TVs there are 2 types of Cache. How there’s not such a direct and installed way to remove it. However it can be easily done using the browser and application settings. It’s important to do so the TV can work properly. However thought he app uninstallation, resetting and changes in the power cycle can made to remove these too. 

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