Blue Light Glasses Test

How to do Blue Light Glasses Test? Complete Guide 2023

LCDs, phones, computers, and other devices emit blue lights. According to different research studies, continuous exposure to blue light is harmful and can lead to blindness. In order to avoid any problems, you can use blue-light glasses. You can find the right pair of glasses by performing the blue light glasses test.

In this article, I am going to share some types of blue-light glasses. Moreover, it will include different tests to distinguish whether you purchased the right glasses or not.

Introduction To Blue Light Glasses: How Does It Work?

These are glasses that are protective against blue screens. Wearing these glasses will protect your eyes. These are available in different sizes and shapes. It works in the sense that they will not let your eyes directly expose themselves to the blue light. It’s effective to use for late-night working hours.

Why Should You Take A Blue Light Glasses Test?

It’s important to keep in mind that not all of the glasses are created equally. Some glasses perform well according to the instructions. However, some of the brands or glasses are not the ones that they are claiming.

It’s hard to find the right product at an affordable price. So you must know that you get the thing for what you are paying.

Why Should You Take A Blue Light Glasses Test?

Spectral Analyzer

It’s an expensive analyzer for authentic and accurate results. However, it’s expensive, and literally, it will cost you $10,000 or above. This analyzer gives more exact test results than any other device.

Different Types Of Blue-Light Glasses

What Are Computer Glasses?

These are glasses with clear lenses. These glasses are good to wear during the day. However, these are useless when there’s no sunset. Aside from this, it’s important that these are good to use because of their filtering abilities. The main purpose of wearing them is to avoid blue light penetration. The best glasses can filter up to 25% to 30% of blue light.

What Are Computer Glasses?

Orange-Lens Glasses

For sleeping, the orange-lens glasses are good to use. Basically, these lenses will filter out 100% of the melatonin-disturbing light. These are slightly darker than the yellow ones. However, these are not suitable for driving purposes. The premium types of sleeping glasses can block the blue light up to 99.5–99.9%. 

Orange-Lens Glasses

Red-Lens Glasses

These are often found to be good for sleeping purposes. However, these are hard to see through in comparison to orange lenses. So, if you are looking for sunglasses to wear in houses, then it’s the best option. However, it’s hard to see through these glasses.

Yellow-Lens Glasses

These are the glasses that are useful for night driving. So these are good for removing the 440nm highest blue light energy. Usually, they are good at blocking 65 to 70 percent of the blue lights.

Yellow-Lens Glasses

How To Do Blue Light Glasses Test?

It’s a risk after buying something whether you purchase the right glasses or not. In order to make sure that you are using the authentic product, some tests will be helpful. So let’s start with these tests.

1. Take A Spectrum Report From The Glasses Brand.

If you find any computer glasses, then first of all, research this company well. Now you need to contact the company and ask for the reports. This spectrum report will show you the percentage of lights that they are capable of blocking. However, most of the glasses are not good enough to block enough blue light.

Take A Spectrum Report From The Glasses Brand.

How Do I Check? The Minimum Light Filter For Blue Light

Once the company sends you the reports, check for the filtering powers. LED lights contain different levels and percentages for the blue lights. When you see the filtering levels for the blue light, they should be 30%. Actually, it’s the minimum light filter for blue light; you should buy it.

How Do I Check? The Minimum Light Filter For Blue Light

Should You Use Violet-Filtering Glass?

Many companies start to inform you that they will block the violet light. However, your main concern is the blue light. So don’t fall into the trap of companies that claim to purchase the violet lights. This light is not enough on the LEDs. As a result, purchasing these lights will be useless.

2. Perform A Lens Reflection Test To Check Blue-Light Glasses.

It’s one of the best ways to check your glasses. You can easily perform these tests at home. For this purpose, you have to follow these steps.

  • First of all, pop your computer glasses on.
  • Now you have to observe which light is reflecting from the glasses.
  • However, if you observe the blue light that one is reflecting, then it means it is able to filter blue light.
Perform A Lens Reflection Test To Check Blue-Light Glasses.
  • Instead of blue light, if you see that purple or violet color, then it might show something. As a result, it will not filter the blue light properly.
  • However, reflecting purple light will show you that they are filtering purple or violet light instead of blue.
  • Purple lights are not found on all LCDs. Besides this, our main concern is the blue light that is effective for sighting.

3. Ignore The Blue Pen Test For Glasses (Sellers Trick)

However, sometimes the company tries to satisfy you with the results of this test. This trick will not identify the results. As a result, it will not be a good option to test for blue glasses. In actuality, it’s a marketing technique, and the seller wants to satisfy the customers.

This pen will emit only violet light. However, your glasses should filter the blue light. That will not be proved by this test. It will do nothing for you, and it’s useless.

Ignore The Blue Pen Test For Glasses (Sellers Trick)

4. Black-Blue-Circle Test

  • First of all, wear your blue-light glasses.
  • Afterwards, you have to look at the picture that I am sharing.
  • Later on, try to read the words written within the blue circle.
  • To prove the effectiveness of blue light glasses, the blue circle will turn dark gray.
  • If you get the following results, then your glasses have a blue light filter on their action.
Black-Blue-Circle Test

Professional-Level Checking Via Visible Spectrometer

  • This instrument is really good to check for the exact filtering details. 
  • This will determine the percentage of green or blue light it is blocking overall. 
  • However, you should use a professional spectrometer. 
  • Although you should not need to use the handheld visible spectrometer, this method will not give you exact results.
Professional-Level Checking Via Visible Spectrometer

Blue Light Glasses Test For Testing Red/Amber Lenses

You can perform these two tests easily at home.

1. RGB Color Test

Following the RGB test, you can check whether the glasses are filtering the green or blue lights or not. For this purpose, you have to follow certain steps:

1. First of all, put on the blue-light glasses.

2. Secondly, you have to look at the picture we shared here.

3. Now observe that the blue circle starts to turn black.

4. If the test goes well, the color will change from blue to dark gray.

5. Afterwards, you will see the cyan color that starts to blend with the green circle.

RGB Color Test

2. Square Test

You can also use the square checking for the blue light glasses test. 

  • First of all, observe the black and blue square shown in the picture.
  • Now you have to wear your glasses.
  • If you are using these blue light glasses, then you will see both squares black in color.
  • However, if you see the blue color, that means you are not wearing blue light-blocking glasses.
Square Test

Blue-Light Glasses For Sleep

In order to remain safe and protected from the blue light on this screen, you have to see certain things on it. Wearing these lights will ensure that you are not exposed to the blue light. Moreover, it’s a good way to guard your circadian cycle.

Pros And Cons Of Blue-Light Glasses

You will not further face the eye strain.Moreover, with time, your headache will start to fade away.Afterwards, you will feel relaxed while sleeping.It reduces the chances of eye diseases.First of all, these glasses will not protect your skin. It will not let your body recognize the photoreceptor Melanopsin. This receptor acts to tell your body that it’s daytime or nighttime.These lenses will change the color of everything when you see them under the yellow hue.


Q. How Do I Know If I Need Blue-Light Glasses?

On the light spectrum, after the UV rays, the next harmful rays are the screen blue light. Due to the continuous experience with this light, it will cause pain in the muscles, neck, eyes, and headache. As a result, if you are facing these symptoms, that means you are in need of blue-light glasses.

Q. How Do I Test My Anti-Blue Light Glasses?

To check it, you have to look on the blue light side, for example, on the ambulance and on the vehicle’s lights. So if you don’t see the flashing of blue light, that means it has an effective lens against the blue light.

Q. Do Sunglasses Block Blue Light?

Most sunglasses block UV radiation and blue light. Moreover, they also reduce the glare.


The eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. If you are spending much time on screens, then you might feel headaches, eye infections, strains, and muscle issues with time. In order to avoid these problems, you can go for blue-light glasses.

However, you need to purchase them after processing the blue light glasses test. This will be helpful to get your hands on the right product. So if you have any doubts about the glasses, then you can follow the above tests and confirm. As a result, it’s better to use blue-light glasses for screen work and to avoid health issues.

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