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How to fix Dimmable led flash flickering? Complete Guide

Sometimes you feel dimmable LED flash flickering, which might be due to multiple reasons. Loose wire connections, circuit overload, faulty bulbs, and voltage fluctuations are the most important. Moreover, you can solve it using quality and compatible products. The flickering also poses health hazards in most cases.

This article will include the reasons behind the flickering of dimmable LED flashes. Moreover, it will include its causes, solutions, and health concerns as well.

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What Is A Dimmable LED?

These are the lights for which you can adjust the brightness level. That means you can switch between the bright and lower lights. Meanwhile, you can use the brighter light when you are working. Additionally, you can also choose to lower the brightness afterwards.

Causes OF The LED Bulb To Flicker

When it comes to halogen bulbs, first of all, they convert the electricity into heat. Afterwards, the heat changes into light. However, the LED bulbs use electricity directly to produce light. That’s the most important reason that these LED lights are actually more likely to flicker due to their direct connection. They show such a condition due to the voltage fluctuations. However, most modern LED lights are useful and establish a system that can work with these fluctuations without flickering.

Reasons For Dimmable LED Flash And Flicker

It might be dimmable or flicker, which actually happens for some reasons. Some of these reasons are as follows:

LEDs Are Not Dimmable.

Basically, all LEDs are not dimmable. It could be for a variety of reasons. Basically, the LED itself is not that dim. If you start to dim this light, it will start to flicker.

Voltage Fluctuations

The flickering might be due to the voltage fluctuations. That’s what happens when there is a connection problem. Additionally, it might be due to overload circuits or loose electricity connections in the house. As a result, the voltage monitor can also distinguish this problem.

Non-Dimmable LED Bulbs

Moreover, it’s important to know that you have the option to create dimmable or non-dimmable products. In order to purchase it, first of all, you have to check the details on its packaging. Moreover, look for a simple design in order to avoid any kind of striking problems.

Faulty LED Bulbs

Check if you can solve the problem, and check the problem itself. Moreover, you have to swap dimmable led flash in order to make it work.

Circuit Overload

After the connection of large appliances, you might feel there is a connection problem. Additionally, there might be a connection problem. Sometimes this flickering is actually due to a circuit overload.

LED And Dimmer Switch Compatibility

If your LED system is dimmable, it doesn’t mean that it will be compatible with the dimmer. Additionally, the light flickers when it is connected to the wrong dimmer. However, there are particular LED switches. That’s why, when you are changing lights, try to buy compatible controls.

Electromagnetic Induction

If all of the wires behind the board are tightly packed, it might be a case of electromagnetic induction. When the wires become too close to each other, they might cause electromagnetic induction.

Loose Wiring

Loose wiring is one of the main problems behind the dimmable LED flash. In that case, you have to tighten its settings to make it work properly.

Solutions To Stop Dimmable LED Flash

Light dimming might be due to some reasons. However, there are some of its fixing solutions that are more helpful.

Working of PMW LED power supplies

These work faster in order to quickly switch the light on and off. PMW is actually organized in order to provide you with smooth dimming. Moreover, it can easily expose the flickering or flashing immediately.

Try To Use A Dimmable Power Supply System.

LED lights are actually using the power supply transformer, which is called the driver. Moreover, those supply systems are developed either using the non-dimmable or dimmable settings. Additionally, they can either be present on the external or internal side of the circuit.

Make Sure About The Compatibility Of Lights And Controls.

These lights might dim according to the use of an incompatible control system. As a result, the compatibility between the lights and controls is important to note. Additionally, you need to check the circuit system to see if it is leading edge or not.

Programming Mode And Dimmer Switch

These LED bulbs might show flickering due to programming mode problems. Using the group flash, it’s easier to distinguish whether the lights are present on the specific circuit or not. Sometimes the dimmers also accelerate accidentally through button pressing. That’s why you should keep it away from the children. Moreover, you need to check that either the switch is in the right place or not.

Use A Dimmer Switch That Is Compatible With Leds.

You can see the RC label on the LED bulbs. Basically, these LEDs will flicker due to the incompatible dimmer switch. They actually flicker on the dimmers that are not sensitive. Moreover, the best LEDs also use a microprocessor for stable current use.

Check If The Dimmer Switch Is Overheated.

When you overheat an electronic device, it means that you are testing it beyond its limits. That’s why it might not work or show some major changes. However, you have to check, maintain it, and make sure that it will not overheat in any case.

Try To Use High-Quality Products.

Quality affects the products. Whenever you are using high-quality LED lights or switches, they will work smoothly. As a result, it’s a wiser decision to invest in quality products.

Wireless Lighting Controls

This is also one of the easiest ways to prevent dimmable LED flash. When you are using low-frequency waves on the programmable network, these wireless options are great to utilize. As a result this can be a great solution.

At Low Levels, Dimmer Lights Usually Flicker.

These kinds of dimmer switches are actually designed according to halogen light sources. When you dim these lights below 50%, the bulbs might start to flicker. For its solution, you need to use the resistive. It will increase the circuit’s role and can easily solve the problem.

Fulfillment Of The Required Minimum Load

Additionally, if the lights continue to flash, you should check the load. Moreover, it might be important that your dimmer switch requires the minimum load. Try to fix this problem. Try the following:

Varilight V-Pro range: there are no minimum load requirements. Moreover, it can either use a dome LED or a low-wattage GU10 LED.

Undersized LED Driver

Ensure that the driver’s wattage does not exceed 80 percent. Moreover, you must try to use the 20W driver.

Are You Using Dimming-Incompatible LED Lights?

Right here, there are almost all LED lights that are of three kinds:

  • Constant Voltage
  • Direct power
  • Constant current
  • However, if the combinations are wrong, the equipment might cause flashing.

Reasons Why Light Flickering Is Bad For Health

There might be two kinds of flickering. First of all, it can be predicted through the human eye. Moreover, it can be invisible and so quick that it cannot be perceived by the human eye. However dimmable led flash are useful However, the continuous light flickering might cause serious health issues that are:

  • Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Vision impairment
  • Fatigue
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Eye strain
  • Headache

Steps To Fix Light Flickering Due To Residual Electricity

For that purpose, you have to follow certain solutions, which are:

Addition Of A Bypass Capacitor

This is the easiest way to overcome the load. Example: Lutron LUT-MLC

Faulty Lamp

Near-end-life lamps may be problematic and cause the LED to flash. If it doesn’t work even after switching, it means the LED lamp is faulty.

Insert A Night Bulb.

Just like the bypass capacitor, you can also add a small nightlight. Moreover, this bulb has little or no resistance at all. This addition will add minimal load.

Try To Use A Smart Switch.

Moreover, if there is a normal wire in your switch, you can use smart switch options. However, the ground wire is useful for passing the residual current to the ground. In the absence of a neutral wire, you can choose to use the ground wire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Any LED Light Be Dimmable?

It’s a misconception that not all LED lights are dimmable. As a result, you have to make sure that you are using a dimmable light. Moreover, you can purchase it using the packaging instructions.

Do All LED Lights Flicker When Dimmed?

Usually the dimmable lights flicker when you are using an unsuitable dimmer module.

Is a Dimmable LED Better?

Dimmable lights are surely a great choice to buy. These are the lights that are actually saving 80% of energy.


Dimmable LED flash flickering might have a bad impression on your health. It might be due to multiple reasons, such as loose wiring, voltage problems, and circuit problems. However, you should try to use quality products in order to remain safe from such problems. Additionally, you can use the compatibility of the LED and dimmer. The flickering light can be seen or not. However, it is affecting your health. For more info must visit mindtechies.com

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