Does night shift save battery

Does night shift save battery?

The primary purpose of Night Shift isn’t to save your iPhone’s battery life. It reduces your eye strain and helps you sleep better by adjusting the display’s color temperature. Night Shift warms up the display by reducing blue light, making it easier on your eyes in low light.

While the Night Shift features only change the screen’s color temperature, which, unlike brightness, doesn’t affect battery life, activating any of them won’t help your Apple devices’ batteries last longer.

On the other hand, using Night Shift can have a small effect on battery life indirectly. By decreasing blue light output, the display may use slightly less power to heat up the colors, but the overall battery drain from Night Shift alone is likely to be very small. For more deeper review we will go into the following. 

Does night shift save battery on iPhone?

It is no secret that turning on the Night Shift feature on your Apple device makes it more comfortable to use, especially when you’re in a dark room. But a lot of people are curious about how it affects your battery life. 

You can use the Night Shift feature without worrying about battery life if it enhances your screen viewing experience, but you shouldn’t be expecting any improvements to the battery life as a result. Activating the Night Shift feature will neither have a positive nor negative impact on the battery drain of your Apple device.

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The Night Shift feature will change the colors on your screen without changing the brightness of your device. This is different from Auto-brightness which changes the brightness automatically and has a direct effect on the battery drain of your device. The Night Shift feature does not change the brightness of your screen in the same way that you change the colors of images on your screen.

On the other side, using Night Shift could have a slight indirect impact on battery life. The display may take a little less power to heat up the colors because the emission of blue light is reduced, but the overall energy drain from Night Shift alone is probably quite minor. We shall discuss the following in greater detail. 

Does the night shift drain the battery? 

How to save the battery life of the iPhone to use night shift 

The purpose of Night Shift itself is not to extend the battery life of an iPhone. By altering the display’s color temperature, its primary goal is to lessen eye strain and enhance the quality of sleep. By lessening the quantity of blue light emitted, Night Shift warms up the display, which can be more comfortable for the eyes in low light.

There are more methods you may use to extend the life of your iPhone’s battery. Those are listed below. Let’s come in the following and read them with your full attention. 

  1. Reduce screen brightness: Your battery life can be considerably increased by reducing the display’s brightness.
  2. Enable Low Power Mode: You may reduce background activities and improve power use by turning on Low Power Mode in your iPhone‘s settings.
  3. Apps operating in the background should be closed in order to save battery life.
  4. Disable push email: You may save battery life by manually retrieving emails or by doing so more frequently.
  5. Disable pointless notifications: You may lessen how frequently your iPhone wakes up and consumes battery by limiting the amount of alerts you get.

It’s important to keep in mind that battery life depends on a variety of factors, including the age of your device, its battery health, how often you use it, and the apps and services that you use.

Frequently asked questions(FAQS)

Q. Does night shift mode use more power?

When you turn on the night shift mode, the screen will turn a bit orange and the overall brightness will decrease slightly. However, if you keep the phone on the night shift for a long time, the phone will quickly run out of battery.

Q. Does night shift drain battery Mac?

if you turn on the Night Shift or True Tone features, they won’t save your Apple device’s battery since they only change the screen’s color temperature. Unlike brightness, these features don’t have an effect on battery drain.

Q. Does night shift reduce blue light?

Yes, the night shift feature reduced the blue light and made it a more comfortable iPhone screen for use for a long time. 

Q. Does night shift help eyes?

Switch night mode on our iPhone or Android smartphone to easily avoid both sleep disturbance and eye strain.

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, neither Night Shift function will affect how much battery life you experience because, strictly speaking, they do nothing more than alter the color of the pixels on the screen.

Night Shift features both affect the color temperature on your Apple device, so it’s natural to wonder how they affect battery life, especially since your screen is usually one of the biggest drains on your phone. So, I hope you understand that does night shift saves battery. Because I have mentioned all the information above in detail. 

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