how to tell if someone using alt account

How to tell if someone is using an alt account? Tricks & Tips

It’s very Common to use multiple accounts on different social media platforms. Some social apps restrict to 1 account only & some allow multiple accounts option. If you are doubting a Discord, Instagram, or other social account, it becomes difficult, how to tell if someone is using an alt account? However using some tricks alt accounts can be found & recognized.

In this guide I am going to tell you about the alt accounts and how to identify these. People might be using it for different purposes.  Following through this guide you can find if in any doubt that multiple accounts holder is the same person or not. 

Why Do People Use Alt Accounts? 

Actual Alt accounts can be made for various purposes. It depends on the person why they need alt accounts. Many people use Alt accounts because they want to share specific content only at one account. Moreover people also used alt accounts in order to add a backup in case of side ban accounts. 

However most of the time people choose to use these types of accounts for specific reasons. They might want to do some other activities without showing themselves. Alt accounts are not always playing an evil role. 

How To Tell If Someone Is Using An Alt Account? 

Whenever you are using the Alt accounts on discord it’s not a big deal. You will not be able to see the IP of the user. Additionally if you are a server then still you will not be able to see the owner of the account. Discord owners themselves can know about the authenticity of the account. However, the public doesn’t have that access.

However, depending on the types and contents a person can distinguish account’s. The alt account users try to maintain their authenticity there too. In case of Instagram & discord following are the ways to find alt accounts.

1. Searching Through The Avatars Reverse Image Or Check Profile Picture

If the personal on discord using the avatar you can use this trick. 

  • First of all you have to search with the use of reversed avatar. 
  • If they use something that matches this you can find out the relevant accounts. 
  • However if they are using the other cultural images or gif it will not come. 
  • As a result you can find either a link or a genuine account.
Searching Through The Avatars Reverse Image Or Check Profile Picture

2. For Finding Alt Account’s Check There Linked Accounts

There’s an option of linking accounts with the discord. Usually people don’t try to insert links to their alt accounts. Moreover you can search for the username and find out the accounts. In order to find the Alt account’s check for their account links. 

If there’s linked accounts it will not be an alt account. However  we Sometimes people don’t link their accounts too. That’s mean not linked accounts are not a surety of the alt account. 

3. Use Alt Identifier

Additionally there is a bot that can work as an identifier. Basically this bot can check for the connections and identify the alt account. You can also try to find manually however using bot is quite a faster action that can be useful. Moreover it can verify whether it’s a new account or not. If you find nothing then this account is the only option. 

Use Alt Identifier

4. Implement Phone/Email Verification For New Members

It’s always difficult to know how to tell if someone is using an alt account? However it’s not popular but can be helpful. As a result if you are constantly facing trolls you can use it. In this method you have to requirement for the phone/email verification from the member’s before joining. 

Implement Phone/Email Verification For New Members

5. Check For The Activity Status Of Account

Usually people don’t use alt accounts for activities. So you have to check for the account activities and time. People with the main accounts show more activities on their account. In case of an active account you will see this green signal on their profile picture. Checking through the time & activities you can find the Alt accounts.

6. Hypsquad & Profile Status

Actually Hypsqued directly shows the status of an account. It makes the account more realistic. Hypsqued is usually used by the users with an active account. If you find the purple icon on their profile picture it means they are using it. 

Hypsquad & Profile Status

7. Check Account Posts 

Basically if you suspect a profile you need to check it thoroughly. You have to check for their type of posting and stuff on their account. However in the case of alt accounts usually they don’t post properly on their account.

8. Mutual Friends Checking

You can predict it by checking it’s mutual friends. Checking this list will be helpful. 

9. Use Iplogger For Matching Ips For Doubted Accounts

  • If you are doubting 2 accounts of the same person you can seek help from the iplogger. 
  • Go for the short links of iplogger and send it to both profiles. 
  • In order to know firstly copy any YouTube video open the iplogger & paste link in the input box. 
  • Afterwards you can make the short link using it. 
  • Copy this link and open your discord account. 
  • Now send these to the accounts you doubt. Wait for sometime until they click on the links. 
  • Once they click on the links you will be able to check their location through a tracking link. 
  • If the link is opened twice & it’s from the same IP address then the both accounts are under the same user. 
Use Iplogger For Matching Ips For Doubted Accounts

How To Make a Discord Account?

First of all you have to install the discord application. Afterwards you can use the email address. Additionally you can also connect and link the phone Numbers, steam and twitch connections can be added as well. Moreover you can also do it more with the avatars. In this way you can easily join the discord. 

making discord account

Is There Any Way To Find That Discord Account Isn’t A Main? 

Nobody can tell this and find out the account status. Whenever you are making an account you have to pass some investigation’s. However it’s not possible to find which account is main or not. Although the discord can be found out. 

What Should I Do For Persistent Trolling On Discord?

If you are continually a victim of trolling you can go for some Safety steps. However you can use some steps to avoid these issues. Here I am sharing some fixing ways to go for;

1. Ban Troll’s & Revoke Open Invitations

If accounts are getting trolls you can ban the trollers. Moreover you can use this revoke open invitations feature. It can be helpful to return them back. Basically the revoke invitation is helpful to avoid person’s that you don’t trust. 

Ban Troll's & Revoke Open Invitations

2. Verification

However it’s not a popular but useful method. As a result you can go for the phone or email verification. However most of the users will not mind it.

3. Kick The Accounts Who Haven’t Login From Months

However it’s not used widely but people might be using the sleep accounts. As a result you can kick the accounts that are not logged in from months. Additionally you can use this revocation of invitation to make it more secure. 

How To Find If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts? Ways To Find Alt Accounts

How to tell if someone is using an alt account? Here I am going to discuss some ways by which you can find if a person is using another Instagram account or not. Check through these all; 

  • Check out their bio. If people want to show access to other Instagram accounts they use the link in their bio.
  • Additionally there’s a way of looking for the recommended friends. You can check these profiles to find out the person.
  • Moreover there is an option of contact synching on Instagram. After applying this you will be able to check all accounts of your saved numbers.
Instagram account
  • You can also check about who is following the account. Probably they are following the other account too.
  • Additionally you can also use the Instagram search option to find a person. Write their name and check their profiles.
  • You can also google their name to find Instagram accounts.
  • Moreover you can also search their profile picture on Google using Google lens. 
  • Besides this all you can also look at their other social accounts. In most of the cases there other accounts might be attached with any other social account. 


Q. Can Discord Bots Detect Alt Accounts?

Yes there are some bots available to find alt accounts. However these bots are not very common these days. 

Q. Does Discord Disable Alt Accounts?

The alt accounts will be removed from the discord if there’s no phone verification. It doesn’t matter if you use that account for once. After some time they remove that account.

Q. Can People Find Alt Accounts On Instagram?

People can easily see the accounts if they have your number in their phone. 


It’s not easier to know alt accounts &  how to tell if someone is using an alt account? With the advancement of technology now it’s not difficult. If you are doubting a person’s accounts no matter which social platform you are looking at, it is possible. Hopefully this article will be helpful to distinguish the alt account’s of a person.

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