how to charge fitbit without charger

How to Charge Fitbit Without Charger? A Step-By-Step Guide

There are various ways in which you can charge a Fitbit without a charger. These include using a wireless charging pad, a USB port, and a power bank. However, a question arises: ‘’Why do we need to charge a Fitbit without any charger?”

The answer to this question is that we need to charge Fitbit without a charger because its battery starts draining out. Most importantly, you cannot apply all charging methods to all smartwatches.

In this regard, we will recommend that you use special adapters and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In this article, we will discuss different methods that make it easier to charge a Fitbit without a charger.

Process of Charging Fitbit without a charger:

Plug USB Port into Laptop

Sometimes, people lose their chargers, or they are present in places where they cannot use the charger. In these circumstances, they should plug the USB port into their laptops or computers. Most people complain that they have connected USB ports to laptops. However, laptops are not charging their FitBit smartwatches.

When they are connecting USB ports to laptops, they often forget that their systems are running in sleep mode. Firstly, it is compulsory for users to turn off their laptops’ sleep modes and then try to charge Fitbit smartwatches. These endeavours will surely bring positive feedback as a result.

Plug Power Bank in Fitbit Smartwatches 

If you have lost your charger or do not have it at your current location, then you can use a power bank. A power bank can take more time than an original charger, but it depends on the specifications.

In this regard, just plug it into a power bank, through which you can fulfil your needs. A major benefit of using a power bank is that it can be easily carried anywhere. Follow some steps if you want to charge your FitBit with the help of a power bank.

  • First of all, switch on your power bank. 
  • Hold a USB cord. 
  • Plug this USB cord in the power bank port and then attach it with the fitbit tracker. 

The whole process depends on the workings of your power bank. If it is already charged or fine, then it will turn on Fitbit within one or two minutes.

Plug Power Bank in Fitbit Smartwatches

Use of Wall Chargers

People could not imagine the availability of power banks 10 years ago. In the beginning, people used to charge their devices with the help of wall chargers. Therefore, if you do not have an original charger or power bank at the moment, try to use wall chargers.

Plug the USB cord into the socket of the wall charger in order to charge your Fitbit smartwatches. In this respect, you have to wait for almost half an hour to fully charge your FitBit. This is considered to be the best alternative to the FitBit charger.

Apply Tony Stark Method in a Cave 

Suppose for a minute you are stranded in a cave and your FitBit battery is near to dead. In addition to these, you have no USB port, power bank, or wall charger in your bag. What should I do in this situation?

Tony Stark gave people a new idea in this emergency situation. He was in a cave and wanted to charge his smartwatch’s battery. He took the nail cutter out of his bag and removed the insulating rubber layer from the cord.

In this case, wires will be entirely exposed. You become eligible to plug these red and black wires into your FitBit charging connectors.

What Factors Are Needed to Know While Charging a FitBit Smartwatch?

There are a few other techniques available through which you can charge your fitbit watch without any charger. However, these techniques are not completely reliable but can be implemented later. Some of the techniques are as follow:

Use an Original Charger 

It is always beneficial to use an original charger to charge your fitbit battery. Because it does not affect the performance and efficiency of your fitbit smartwatch. Therefore, we will recommend you to keep the original charger in your bag while outing anywhere. You cannot apply cheap alternative methods everytime. 

Ensure Battery is 0% Before Aiming for 100%

It can damage your device badly if you start charging it when the battery is 70–80% already. Therefore, we will suggest that you wait for the battery to die to 0%. Otherwise, your device can be affected as a result.

Keep your Fitbit Watch Clean and Clear 

Your FitBit tracker starts taking more time to charge the battery. There are more chances that unwanted dirt or dust has affected the performance and efficiency of your device. In this situation, you should clean your FitBit watch with a special chemical.

Keep your Fitbit Watch Clean and Clear

You can use alcohol or cotton to wipe it off. It is important to note that you cannot put alcohol directly on the Fitbit tracker, especially on the back side. You can face severe consequences as a result of intimate exposure.

How do I check if the Fitbit battery is charging?

If you have used all of the aforementioned techniques to charge your fitbit battery, it is compulsory for you to check the following signs which include:

  • LED Indicator
  • Look at the application of Fitbit mobile
  • Check the Battery Percentage 
  • Vibration 
  • Charging icon
  • Potential Causes and Way Forward 

If you try to charge your battery with a duplicate charger, then you can face harmful impacts as a result. It is mandatory to address how to charge FitBit batteries. Here are some of the potential causes, which are as follows:

  • Debris or Dirt 
  • USB Cord is not secured with Fitbit watch tracer 
  • A Flawless USB connection


If you have forgotten your original charger and are worried about the charging of your FitBit watch, there is no need to worry at all. Most people do not know how to charge FitBit without a charger.  The answer to this question is given with proper details in this article. There are multiple ways in which you can charge your FitBit battery without its original charger. These include using a power bank, a USB port, and a wall charger.

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