Why is MSI Laptop Battery Light Blinking Red? Easy Fixes

There is an impressive sale of MSI laptops because they offer quality specifications at medium-ranged prices. Moreover, these laptops contain eye-catching features which attract the attention of users. However, having a technical fault in electronic equipment is common. The same is the case with MSI, as users reported their claims about MSI laptop’s battery. They claimed that the light of MSI laptop turned blinking red. How to fix this problem? It is not a major issue, if your battery’s light blinks red. However, you should be careful and take it as an alert. In this article, we will address the issue about MSI laptop battery light blinking red.

MSI Laptop Battery Light Blinking Red

Why is your MSI Laptop Battery Light Blinking Red?

If your battery light blinks red, it means your MSI laptop is not fully charged. Therefore, you will have to do something about it. It will cause your laptop to not turn on. If the light is blinking, it indicates something is not right. You have to replace the charger or battery and change or fix your MSI GF75 laptop. There are several reasons which cause the blinking of battery light in MSI laptops.

1.   Charger Fault

Your battery charger is faulty, if your socket is okay. You have to ensure that the issue lies within the laptop battery charger. A faulty charger can mess things up for you, therefore, you should avoid charging your laptop with it. You should try to replace your charger in order to see if the issue is fixed.

2.   Dead Battery

Your battery may be faulty, if both your charger and the wall socket are fine. However, considering instant replacing your MSI laptop battery can lose its power from the laptop.

3.   Power Connection Fault

It is more likely your extension or socket has power problems. You cannot charge your laptop reliably, if you are dealing with a faulty extension or socket. A faulty socket causes your laptop light to blink red. Therefore, you should try to plug in the laptop charger in another socket.

How to Fix MSI Laptop Battery Light Blinking Red?

There are many ways through which you can fix this battery light blinking red issue.

1.       Reinsert CMOS or RAM Battery

The issue might be due to dirt in the motherboard of your laptop. However, this can afflict your CMOS or RAM battery port. If you know what you are doing, you should consider opening your laptop carefully. You can clean the golden edge of the RAM and remove the RAM from the motherboard. Also, wipe each particle of dust properly and clean the slot where you will reinsert the RAM thoroughly.

Moreover, use a clean cloth or towel to clean the CMOS battery after removing it from the laptop. You should clean the CMOS slot and then reinsert your RAM and CMOS battery into their slots. To check the fixes of these problems, connect your charger back to the laptop.

Reinsert CMOS or RAM Battery

2.       Hard Reset

The best solution to fix this blinking light issue is the Hard Reset option. Follow these steps, if you want to fix this problem.

1.   First, turn off your laptop and remove or disconnect the battery from the laptop.

2.   Next, click and hold the power button for 40 seconds and then let go.

3.   Connect your MSI charger and your battery to the laptop.

4.   Finally, you can turn on your laptop, and it can be fixed.

This is the way you can easily fix this issue.

3.       Connect your Laptop Charger

You make sure that the code and the AC adapter are connected properly. Moreover, you should also ensure that your laptop charger is connected to the socket.

4.       Replace your Laptop Battery

Replacing the battery is the only solution, if your MSI laptop battery is dead or faulty. However, the price of a laptop battery depends on the laptop model. It is better to purchase from an MSI laptop shop to acquire a particular laptop battery.

 Replace your Laptop Battery

5.       Fix your Faulty Socket

You need to fix the wall socket, if your wall socket is faulty and charging your laptop is not possible. Most importantly, a faulty wall socket can cause extreme damage to any electronic device like laptop when plugged in.

How can I Make my Laptop Battery Last Long?

Sometimes, we do not enjoy the laptop when laptop batteries start draining so fast. If you are a frequent laptop user, this problem can occur even for new laptop batteries. Follow these tips, if you want to make your battery last longer.

1.   Before unplugging the charger, you should allow the laptop battery to be fully charged. However, a full battery has the potential to last longer as compared to a half-charged battery. You should unplug the laptop battery before it gets fully charged, causing the battery to deteriorate.

2.   If you are using the laptop, reduce its brightness. Because higher the laptop brightness, the quicker the laptop drains.

3.   While gaming or doing demanding tasks on your laptop, you should close unnecessary background apps.

4.   Most importantly, do laptop maintenance on a routine.

5.   You should take care of the laptop hardware like the laptop fans.

6.   Do not spill any liquid on your laptop.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Laptop Battery Blink Red?

Power blinks are brief service interruptions, caused by a protective device that is working in reaction to the fault or a short circuit on a power line.

What are the Indicators of a Dead Laptop Battery?

There are several indicators through which you can observe your laptop battery. These indicators include overheating, slow charge, little use time and unexpected power issues.

Is it Good to have a Blinking Red Battery?

When protective devices acting as circuit breakers detect the default, power blinks occur. It portrays that the electronic equipment is working as it should to prevent a prolonged outage.


Why is the MSI laptop battery light blinking red? The blinking red of your MSI laptop battery light is not a good sign. Because it mostly occurs, if there is something wrong with your laptop. Therefore, you should address this issue as soon as possible. Your MSI laptop battery light turns red due to multiple reasons. These include dead battery, faulty power connection and damaged socket.

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