Hardshell Phone Cases

7 different types of Hardshell Phone Cases, Features & Specs

Protection of the phone is not an easier thing to do due to continuous exposure to the environment. They often fell down and were exposed to scratches. In order to protect your phone, you should use phone cases. Hardshell phone cases are a way better option due to their coverage and overall features.

In this article, I will share the features and advances in hardshell cases that will be helpful in selecting the right one. Besides this, it will include some of the best types of phone cases that are popular these days.

What Are Hardshell Phone Cases? What’s Its Importance?

These phone cases provide protection for your phone. Different kinds of hardshell cases are available for almost all phone brands. Choosing this phone case is a good choice because it provides full-dimension coverage for the phones. When it comes to the thickness, it is between 0.5 and 1 millimeter.


  • You can choose different colors and also get customized cases. Aside from this, you can get color combinations for these.
  • However, some of these cases also provide protection against scratches.
Hardshell Phone Cases
  • These cases are available in different designs according to protection.
  • In addition to this, these cases are also helpful for prolonging battery life. Besides this, they reduce the heat of the batteries that accumulate on the device’s backside.
  • Moreover, they can work in a great way to reduce glare.

Emergence Of First Hardshell Cases

On an earlier basis, they were made for phone protection. Initially, they were made from plastic and gave a hard look to the phone. At that time, it lacked the other technological features inside it. With time, they give more precise cutouts and fit appearances.

Advance Features And Innovations In Hardshell Cases With Time

  • Shock-Absorbing Features

Nowadays, you can easily find a lot of hardshell cases with this feature. Through the use of TPU and some other materials, it can provide high protection. Usually, the outside of the case is made up of hard shells. Besides this, it includes a layer of shockproof substance, which is TPU. Basically, it provides a formidable defense system.

Shock-Absorbing Features
  • High Edges And Reinforced Coroner’s For Camera And Screen Protection

The edges and corners of the phone are more vulnerable to damage. However, through the high edges in cases, the protector enhances. As a result, it minimizes the risk on different phones, like the Pixel and others.

This part of the cover ensures that the phone camera is fully covered. So, that it might not come into direct contact when it falls. Besides this, it creates a protective barrier for other components as well.

  • Hardshell Cases With Cardholder

Along with the phone’s basic protection, it also excludes the necessity of carrying wallets. With this feature, you can easily place your cards and cash in these cases.

  • Kickstands Placement

Using the kickstand, users can easily prop up their devices. Basically, through this feature, they can easily watch movies and get a hands-free viewing experience.

  • Water-Resistant Abilities

Most of the hardshell cases have this ability. Through this innovative feature, you can freely use your smartphones. As a result, it provides protection for water damage and accidental spills.

Water-Resistant Abilities
  • Wireless Charging Compatibility

Using the dock or charging pad, you can conveniently charge your phone with ease. Using this, it will eliminate the messy cable look.

  • Affordable And Comfortable

These hardshell cases are more affordable.

How Do I Purchase The Right Hardshell Phone Case?

You can easily select the right phone case by checking it’s on certain parameters. You can purchase it after noticing it.

  • Compatible Color 
  • Protection types inside the case
  • Design of the phone case
  • Price  

Types Of Hardshell Phone Cases, Depending On Materials

1. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Cases

This case is made up of plastic material called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Without adding any kind of bulk to your phone, that will greatly protect your phone. So these have resistance against oils and liquids. Moreover, it has a slim gel phone-type design that provides protection to the back and forth sides of the phone. Eventually, it will protect it from scratches.

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Cases

Checklist Before Purchasing

If you are going to purchase it, make sure that the page you are ordering from is authentic. Check for the picture cutouts. Make sure it does not show any problems related to camera flashes. Moreover, you have to check for its support for wireless or docking charging.

Pros And Cons

If your phone is dropped accidentally, this case will provide protection.Moreover, they provided protection against external options like batteries.However, these cases are prone to cracking from the sides.Some of these cases do not contain an inside insulating layer.

2. Insignia Hard Shell Case

In most cases, the NS-13 HSC model is useful for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro. It provides you with high protection against phone scratches, bumps, and falls. This phone case is lightweight and slim in design. In addition to this, it has a magnetic charging ring. 

  • Due to its raised edges, it gives extra coverage to the corners. Screen and camera lens protection features are also included.
Insignia Hard Shell Case
  • The original phone color is also see-through in this case due to the transparent back. 
  • It has convenient cutouts according to the ports and buttons. 
  • For smaller models, smaller phone cases with color combinations are available too.


It is hard to grip with one hand.

3. Polycarbonate Cases With TPU Lining

  • It’s literally one of the best choices for your phone because it provides full protection. 
  • Due to the inner lining of the TPU, it provides extra protection for the phone. 
  • Moreover, they provide 360° protection and a lightweight product. You can easily access your power button and high-sensitive buttons. 
  • Through the use of this technology, the microbes stay away from your phone
  • It’s highly versatile, thermoplastic, and water-resistant. 
  • In addition to this, they are flexible, affordable, and durable.
Polycarbonate Cases With TPU Lining


  • It is more expensive than the silicone cases.
  • Additionally, you can’t stretch them like in other cases.

4. Rubber-Based Hardshell Cases

  • These are inexpensive. Moreover, they are protective against bumps and scratches.
  • Additionally, they are molded in such a way that they can auto-fit your phone.
  • It also offers customized designs. These are also available with interior pockets.
  • Some models also come with an extra protective lip.
  • Moreover, these are usually made from recycled materials. As a result, these are eco-friendly.
Rubber-Based Hardshell Cases


  • It’s important to know that these are bulkier in comparison to plastic cases.
  • Rubber cases are not very stylish in their designs.

5. Liquid Silicone Cases Made From Polysiloxane

In the earth’s crust, silicone is the most abundant element. Polysiloxane is a silicon polymer that is useful in making phone covers. 

  • It has more advantages, as these are protective, safe, flexible, and lightweight. 
  • The other important feature is that they are environmentally friendly. 
  • Through its tactile buttons, you can easily press its buttons. 
  • They provide phone and camera protection. 
  • Easy-to-clean feature due to the presence of a soft-touch exterior. On the market, these are available in different colors.
Liquid Silicone Cases Made From Polysiloxane


6. Clear And Transparent Hardshell Cases

They are usually made of eye-catching colors. These are transparent, clear, and responsible. They actually present the real phone color. Moreover, it gives the phone a kind of mirror impact. For accidental drops, they have high coroner’s for protection.

7. Leather Cardholder Wallet Cases

  • These are more reliable with the additional feature of card slots in them. 
  • Aside from the protection, it can provide high protection for the phone case. 
  • These are mostly present in leather. However, other material options are also available.
Leather Cardholder Wallet Cases


  • It gives a heavy look to the phone.

Hardshell Phone Cases Vs. Soft Cases

Hard cases provide more protection due to their rigid surfaces in comparison to soft ones. Hard cases are made up of materials that start to damage after falling. However, soft cases are typically made of rubber, which stretches over time. Concludingly, hard cases provide way more protection than soft ones.


Q. Do Hard Shell Cases Crack?

The hard cases crack more easily after continuous use.

Q. Are Hard Shell Cases Better Than Soft?

Hard cases provide more protection than soft ones. The reason is that they can provide more coverage to the fragile surfaces than the soft ones.

Q. What Is The Best Type Of Phone Case?

The phone case provides the screen, camera, and coroner’s protection. Moreover, they must be bulkier, and protective clothing can come along with the kickstand. Additionally, there is one that is water-resistant.


The hardshell phone cases are way better than other types of phone cases, according to features. They cover the whole phone with the right fit. Moreover, they had high coroner’s for extra protection. They came in different materials and colors.

With advancements in technology, day by day, new models with improved features are coming to the market. So if you are going to buy, then compare features and prices before making a decision.

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