How to Delete TikTok Story

How to Delete TikTok Story? A Step-By-Step Guide 

Unfortunately, I posted the wrong video as my TikTok story and do not know how to delete it. Most importantly, I want a quick way to fulfill my requirements. Is there any chance to remove my story on TikTok immediately? You want to delete this story before viewing it by someone. You have chosen the right platform to find the answer to this question. Nowadays, there is no working difference between TikTok and other social media platforms. Therefore, you can delete your TikTok story by following some methods. In this article, we will give you authentic information on how to delete your TikTok story. 

how to delete tiktok story

How to Add a Story on TikTok?

It is quite an easy and simple method to upload your story on TikTok. Open the app, select a video, and tap on the ‘’Plus’’ option to make it upload as a TikTok story. In addition to these, you can present a caption and edit your story. You can save your favorite TikTok story within a draft folder. This will lead you to add it as a TikTok story whenever you want to. 

How to Delete TikTok Story?

There are various ways through which you can delete your accidentally uploaded story on TikTok. Follow these steps which are as follow:

  • Install the TikTok app on your mobile and click on the ‘’Profile’’ option. 
  • Visit your profile page and press ‘’enter’’ on your profile image. It will give you access to your story. 
  • Tap the meatballs menu icon once on the ‘’Story’’ screen.
  • Click on the ‘’Delete’’ option on the menu. 
  • To delete your TikTok story permanently, you should click on the ‘’Delete’’ icon. 

These are quite easy methods through which you can delete your TikTok story. Top on of that, nobody can even assume that you deleted your TikTok story. You can remove a TokTok story after it is near to uploading. 

Step 1

For Android users, click on the TikTok app option to launch it. It will take you to the Home screen, move to the bottom panel, and tap the ‘’Profile’’ icon. Eventually, it will adapt to a human outline. 

Step 2

Tap the ‘’Profile’’’icon and view your original profile at the middle of the page. Tap on it again to access your TikTok story. 

Tap the ‘’Profile’’’icon and view your original profile

Step 3 

Once you have entered the story you posted, move to the right corner of the screen and tap the meatballs menu. It is usually represented by a three-horizontal-dot icon. Due to this, you are now able to open a menu from the bottom of the screen. 

Step 4

You should tap on the‘’Delete’’ icon once on the said menu. Keep one thing in mind, you can never view your story on TikTok again once you delete it. 

Step 5 

You will receive a pop-up text after tapping the ‘’Delete. It is mentioned that you want to either delete your story on TikTok or go with this process. If you want to delete a TikTok story then choose the ‘’Delete’’ icon by tapping on it once. 

pop-up text after tapping the ‘’Delete’’icon

By following these five steps, you can remove your accidentally uploaded video story on TikTok. You can also check if you have deleted your story on TikTok by refreshing your profile.  

How to Know If You Have Deleted Your TikTok Story? 

This is quite easy and simple to know whether your TikTok story has been deleted or not. First of all, refresh a TikTok application on your device and again click on the ‘’Profile’’ option. After doing this, if the TikTok story has disappeared permanently then it is fine. 

Is It Possible to Retrieve a TikTok Story After Deleting it?

Once you delete your TikTok story or reels then you will never view it again. Because there is no such feature that can make you able to retrieve your TikTok story. If you delete your TikTok story then it will be removed permanently. 

Can I Reply to the Comment on My TikTok Story?

Currently, there is no such version available regarding the TikTok story that can make you able to respond to comments. However, you can easily react, share, and comment on the stories when it comes to other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Consequently, TikTok imposes some limitations on its users in this regard. 

Final Thoughts 

Sometimes, people accidentally upload the wrong videos as stories on TikTok. They find ways to delete immediately before viewing these stories by someone. They can remove it if they follow some aforementioned steps. When you upload a story on TikTok it disappears after 24 hours. 

However, if you observe that the video you uploaded as a TikTok story has some issues then you can delete it quickly. When it comes to viewing it again, it is not possible at all. You cannot do so, especially with the ongoing version of TikTok. Users can also comment, react, and reply to their followers on TikTok stories. For more information visit

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