Urlebird: Best App to watch TikTok Videos Anonymously

Can you access TikTok without installing the app on your phone? Urlebird is a website that gives you access to TikTok videos. Besides this, it also offers other features that TikTok lacks. You can download and search any video here. Additionally, you can go for loop videos, save them, turn them into mirror mode videos, etc.

In this article, I will share about this tool’s website, its features, and how you can make it work. In addition to this, it will include the pros and cons of each and every detail of this online platform and its alternatives.

Introduction To Urlebird: What’s That?

Actually, it’s a website where you can watch TikTok videos. It not only provides you with the viewing feature, but besides this, you can also download these videos. However, it’s important to note that this website is not affiliated with TikTok either. According to the users, it’s a safe app. It’s useful in areas where TikTok is banned.

Introduction To Urlebird

Highlights Of Features And Functions

As you know, it’s a great online viewing option for TikTok. Both on iOS and Android, it’s available to entertain. Basically, it has many features that keep users engaged. Some of its features include;

  • Chromecast Features 

First of all, it gives you the Chromecast feature. That means you can also watch TikTok content on your TV.

  • Make Playlist

Through its playlist feature, you can manage videos easily.

  • Add Annotations

Additionally, you can also add annotations to your videos. As a result, you can create attractive storyboards using it.

  • Loop Mode 

It also supports the feature of loop mode. That means you can play a video on loop. As a result, the video will not stop automatically until you turn it off.

Highlights Of Features And Functions
  • Mirroring Mode

Moreover, this one includes the option of mirroring mode as well. That’s why you can use it on two screens at a time. Concludingly, if you display it on the TV, you can also watch it on your phone or iPhone.

  • Offline Videos

You can also watch and save the videos for viewing later.

  • Text Editor

Through the use of this text editor option, you can add and write different comments on the videos while they are playing.

  • Speed-Changing Option

Moreover, this video also supports the speed-changing option. So according to that, you can adjust the speed of video playback. So either you can choose to play the videos slower or faster.

  • X-Ray Feature

It gives the user the X-ray feature. That means you can watch what’s happening inside the video while playing it.

  • Save Video

The most important feature of this tool is video-saving. Conclusion: If you are busy and have to watch the videos, you can save them. So that means you can watch these videos whenever you want.

  • 360° Environment

The user can easily watch the videos in a 360° environment.

Steps For Using Urlebird

This platform is easier to use. Here I am sharing step-by step guidance on how to use this platform.

  1. First of all, open your browser and search for this. 
  2. You will see a website on top with some options on it.
1st Step For Using Urlebird
  1. Now you can see videos there that were uploaded by TikTok users recently.
  2. One of its features is the hashtags that are used on TikTok. By opening these hashtags, you can see any videos here.
  3. Besides this, it shows the music options. Here, you can look for the latest TikTok music videos.
  4. On the last page, you will see these downloading options. Additionally, you can use the URL to paste here and download the videos.
2nd Step For Using Urlebird
  1. You can open your own TikTok and also copy the URL link. Below the videos, you will see the comment feature. You can also click on these and check them as well.
  2. Afterwards, you can also check the new menu scroll, copy the link, and click on it from TikTok.
  3. Now go back to Urle’s website, paste the link, and now you can download the videos too.
3rd Step For Using Urlebird

When Do You Use It? When Does This Platform Access Be Beneficial?

It’s a platform that shares content that is actually stolen from the original TikTok application. However, you can use this platform because it’s beneficial for some conditions.

Conditions where it is useful

  1. If you don’t want to show someone that you have checked on TikTok, you can use it.
  2. When you want to download someone’s TikTok videos,
  3. Moreover, if you are living in a country where TikTok is banned, you can use it.

How’s It Different From Tiktok?

Basically, you are also playing TikTok videos. However, it’s quite different with its features and is highly popular among other video viewers. In addition to this, it gives you more customization features for your viewers. Moreover, it can easily add filters and texts that are lacking on the TikTok app. The Chromecast feature is also a great feature.

How's It Different From Tiktok?

On this app, you can watch TikTok videos whenever you want. This is also approved by the App Store. Besides this, some people are not satisfied with the type of content it has. It’s made up of different video categories. So it includes food, fashion, kids, pranks, and funny clips. In addition to this, it has 1 million downloaders.

It’s an entertaining option. So it’s legal to use and download. However, it’s not a good suggestion to give its access to children. It actually happens because its app contains content that is inappropriate for children.

Is This Site Affiliated With Tiktok? How Do They Allow Access To Tiktok Videos?

They don’t show up behind the app, which is how they access it. It’s also an interesting and strange thing that they even have access to some private accounts. They show their contents on their website. Finally, it is not TikTok compatible.

In addition to this, people who are using TikTok are not satisfied with sharing their contents on the site.

Is This Site Affiliated With Tiktok

Pros and cons

You can freely use this application, and it’s easier to deal with.Without any disturbance, you can watch your videos because there are no ads on them.Moreover, without leaving your website, you can watch your videos.You can watch videos at an adjustable speed.This application is not available for all, and it’s not compatible with all devices.In addition to this, you have to wait for some time before this video loads. It happens because it’s not compatible with all the available videos.This app is only available for iPhone and Android users.It gives unauthorized access to the TikTok user footage.

Alternatives To Urlebird

If you are not satisfied with the use of this website, you can also go for its alternatives. There are many websites that offer the related features of viewing TikTok and other videos. Some of these are:

1. Quintly: For Tiktok And Facebook

Through this platform, you can use Facebook and TikTok.

2. Iconosquare: Social Media Management Tool

This is a great platform for managing social media. Moreover, it also gives insights into demographics, followers interests, and locations. Through this, people can manage their Instagram posts.

3. Later: Social Media Scheduling Tool

Through this, people can publish and schedule videos, stories, and pictures on Instagram.

Other Alternatives

  • Popsters
  • HypeAuditor
  • Social Insider
  • Exolyt
  • Brand 24
  • Analisa.io
  • Sprout Social
  • Hootsuite


Q. Is It Safe To Use Urlebird?

Right now, there are no complaints against this website. It’s also clear that this website is based on stealing content. You don’t need to include your personal information, so it might be a good option.

Q. How Do I Register On Its App?

If you are using the website, you don’t need to register for it. However, when it comes to the app, you can open different videos and also download different TikTok videos.

Q. Where Can I Acquire Urle’s Bird Content?

To access the paid features, you have to install the application. For online streaming, you can go to the website and search for any type and category-based content easily.

Wrapping Up

TikTok’s most popular social platform Aside from checking the videos directly on TikTok, you can also watch and download videos from other websites. Urlebird is a highly rising website that features TikTok videos, and you can watch all videos there. Moreover, with Chrome, you can also watch all videos on your TV.

So you can go and search for the videos on this website. Although it’s important to know that this website is not affiliated with TikTok, So, it’s important to note that it might risk your privacy, so be careful while using it.

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