how many times does facetime ring

How many times does facetime ring? Various factors & Reasons

Apple has the feature of FaceTime; by using it, you can communicate through audio or video with your friends. Although it’s always confusing, how many times does FaceTime ring? It depends on various factors.

In this article, I am going to share the factors that affect the ring duration for FaceTime. Moreover, I will discuss why you are not receiving the facetime and the reasons behind your unavailability.

What Is Facetime? How Does The Facetime Ring Work?

It’s a communication application for audio and video connectivity with friends on the iPhone. In order to change the ringtones, you need to open the settings and change the ringtone from the settings. Moreover, this application is available across all Apple devices.

You can also use it for group discussions. For that purpose, you have to create the link to the meeting and send it. Whenever you call someone, you will hear the ring sound.

What Is Facetime? How Does The Facetime Ring Work?

How Many Times Does Facetime Ring?

The use of FaceTime depends on various factors. Usually they ring for 30 seconds’ duration when you place a call. That means it will ring around 11 to 13 times in those seconds. In order to check for the ring’s duration first of all you need to make the call. That’s why make a call first of all. 

How Many Times Does Facetime Ring?

However, it’s ring time depends on some factors:

1. Internet Connection

If the caller and the call receivers are using a fast internet connection, then the call will ring for 30 seconds. However, the slow internet connection can ruin the FaceTime experiences. Due to the poor internet connection, the ring will not forward on the other side.

2. Utilization Of Cellular Data

If you are using FaceTime, make sure that cellular data is on. If there’s no internet connection, the other person will not receive your facetime. In a slow cell data speed, it will ring only for a few seconds and end the call onwards.

3. Blocked Facetime

If someone blocks you and you are calling them, then it will ring only 1 to 2 times overall.

4. Another Person Is Unavailable

If the other person is not available on FaceTime, he will not receive your call. Besides this, if the internet is not working, FaceTime will not ring.

5. Device Compatibility

First of all, the ring time depends on the compatibility of the device. If you are not using a device that is supportive of FaceTime, then it will not forward the call.

Device Compatibility

How Many Times Does Facetime Ring When You Have Blocked Someone Or Are Blocked?

When it comes to the normal ring duration, it will end after ringing 11 to 12 times. However, if you are blocked, the call will disconnect almost immediately. When you call someone and they block you, the same happens to them.

In the case of blocked accounts, you will only receive 1 to 2 rings. Afterwards, the call will disconnect.

What Should I Do If Facetime Doesn’t Ring?

First of all, try to enter the number to which you are trying to call. Now check for the rings. If you are not hearing the sound or calls on your phone then try to do that additions. 

What Should I Do If Facetime Doesn't Ring?
  • Check For The Availability Of Facetime

Make sure that in your region it’s allowed to work. If it’s not working in a particular area, you will not find FaceTime ringing. In that case, you can use the VPN for using and calling.

  • Trying To Switch Calls

If you are trying to switch the call from video to audio, it will not work for you. In order to convert a video to an audio call, first of all, you need to cut the call.

  • Update Facetime

Sometimes the ring feature doesn’t work because your app is outdated. For that purpose, first of all, check for app updates. If the new app or update is available, go for it.

  • Reactivate Facetime 

It might happen because of the FaceTime issues. In that case, first of all, close the app and then reactivate it.

  • Disable Firewalls And Antivirus

Sometimes it might happen because of the firewall or any other connection. In that case, first of all, disable the firewall. Later on, connect to FaceTime.

Can You Tell Me How Long The Facetime Ring And Call Go On?

Whenever you are on the call, you want to be able to check that. However, once you cut the call, you can check for its duration. Right after you call someone, the ring goes on. For that purpose, after the call ends, go to your call log on FaceTime and watch the history. This will clear up the exact call duration.

When Will You Receive an Unavailable Response On Facetime?

The notification of availability appears in the following cases:

  1. If the person doesn’t accept or reject the call,
  2. If they’re on another call,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Many Times Will Facetime Ring If Blocked?

If you are calling someone who has blocked you, it will usually ring one to two times. Afterwards, the call will disconnect automatically.

Q. How Long Is The Ring Of Facetime?

Actually, the ring lasts for 30 seconds when you are calling through FaceTime. It will ring 11 to 12 times within this time.

Q. Can You Be Blocked And Still Facetime?

If you have blocked someone, they will not see that. Moreover, they will not get any kind of notification, even if you block them.

Q. How Many Facetime Calls Per Day?

According to the statistics, the facetime daily calls total 16 to 20 million.

Concluding Thoughts

Whenever you call someone you don’t know, how many times does FaceTime ring? The facetime rings for at least 30 seconds. Besides this, it also depends on various factors. However, the sound features are amazing with the good-quality videos.

If you don’t find ringing for the upcoming calls, it can be due to some reasons. In that case, you need to check for internet connection and app details. For more details, check out

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