How To Cancel Frontier Internet

How To Cancel Frontier Internet?

If you are using the services of frontier and moving to some other country then what to do? So basically if it’s for a shorter period then you can pause it. If you are not satisfied or permanently moving then go for cancellation. If you don’t know how to cancel frontier internet? Let me help you. The cancellation can only be made over the phone

You must go through some cancellation steps and return equipment for it. In this article I will share all the necessary steps for faster cancellation. However if you are looking to plan upgrading/ downgrading or pause? You can also find about it here. 

What are Requirements And Fee To Cancel Frontier Internet?

The cancellation of the frontier internet is quite difficult. However it’s possible to do so. Basically you have to follow these steps in order to follow it;

Requirements Of Information

  • First of all check out the contract if any However this system is not actually available now. 
  • Your account number and pin for the confirmation of cancellation.
  • Email address or phone number

Frontier Cancellation Fee

Fee Type Amount 
Cancellation fee for frontier$9.99
Early termination fee maximum$400
Equipment replacement feesIt varies according to the equipment. However overall it will be $100–200 per item. 

Basically the users mostly need to pay the cancellation fee. However the equipment fee applies when the equipment misses. 

How To Cancel Frontier Internet? Step By Step Guidance

1. Checking For The Contract

Basically before proceeding further first of all you have to check for your online account. There’s 2 important things that you need to check. 

1. Your plan and that contract

2. Check the fee is paid or not

It’s actually important to resolve and check these matters earlier to avoid any type of dispute. However if you are thinking of ending the contract before time then you need to pay the termination fee. You can also go for the contract Free connections with the companies. 

What are Requirements And Fee To Cancel Frontier Internet?

2. Cancellation Through The Call

It’s a sucking process however you have to complete it. Basically their agents try to convince you through different bonus offers not to cancel it. That’s why you can schedule the call time with the average 20 minutes. 

  • First of all, call 1–866–786–6693. You can schedule this call any time on Monday to Friday between 9AM–2PM. 
  • Now you have to make a cancellation request to a retention specialist.
  • However it’s easier to say that you are moving somewhere out of their range. 
  • Afterwards they will start to make further offers to make you stay with them. However you can simply tell them that you are moving out of the country.
  • Later on you have to decide for the specific date when the serving will end. 
  • Right now get the confirmation number or the email receipt for cancellation proof. 
  • Lastly you have to request for the prepaid label for UPS. It’s important because you have to return the equipment. 

3. Autopay

The frontier will auto draft the card for billing. It’s an optional choice. You can disconnect the autopay. It’s necessary to review the final bill if you are going to pay for the final bill.

4. Returning Of Equipments Using UPS

They usually don’t allow you to personally return the equipment. You have to send them via ups. Actually it’s the only way for Returning frontier equipment. 

  • First of all you will get an email about the boxing and prepaid label. It’s an important part of the cancellation.
What are Requirements And Fee To Cancel Frontier Internet?
  • Moreover you have to wait for at least a week before it arrives at home.
  • If this step is skipped over the call then you can use the site to request for it. 
  • However if you will not return the equipment within 30 days they will charge you for the replacement fee.
  • After the final bill it’s better to inform them over the call that you are shipping the equipment. 
  • It’s important to perfectly pack all the equipment and you have to check them before sending it. 

Structure Of Equipment Replacement Charges

These rates are actually mentioned here according to the frontier rate sheet. According to the location and type of hardware the replacement fee varies. If you don’t return the equipments within 30 days of cancellation you have to pay replacement charges. 

Type Of EquipmentReplacement Fee 
Set-Top Box$100
Router $100+

5. Final Statements

If you will not agree at any cost & want to disconnect you can do it. How to cancel frontier internet? After call and other procedures here the last step you to do is final statements. 

You can receive the bill according to the regular routines. That might be possible after a few days of cancellation. If your bill doesn’t arrive then you can also login to your account for accessing it. 

Details Of Early Termination Fee At Frontier

The termination fee will be applied if you break the contract before the time. Most of the contract plans were introduced before 2020. However if you have only one to two years of the agreement then there will be a few months remaining here by. 

So here is the complete information about their contract type and termination fee. 

Type Or Plan Termination FeeRequirements For The Contract
Tv bundlesFreeContract ( plans were actually phase out onwards from 2021) 
Internet- only FreeAfter 2020 there’s no contract policy
Phone bundlesFreeNo contract policy

How To Change Or Upgrade/Downgrade The Frontier Internet Plans?

If you are unsatisfied and looking for how to cancel frontier internet? You can also go for a change in plans. The changes can be made over the phone. Basically they allow you to change, upgrade or downgrade your plans easily. However through the call you can also try to downgrade the continue packages. 

How To Change Or Upgrade/Downgrade The Frontier Internet Plans?

Plan Upgrading Requirements & Process

If you are looking to upgrade the plans you can do it online. In most of the cases it doesn’t require the addition of any new equipment. The fiber plans gateway is actually enough to handle the low and high end plan speeds. 

Plans Downgrading Requirements & Process

You can only downgrade your plans over the call. Basically it’s a common thing used by various internet companies. Actually it’s a trick to make you stick towards the plan or to convince you. Moreover the equipment also needs to be swapped whenever you swipe the plans. 

As a result they will send you the shipping label through the UPS. However it might take some weeks to arrive. 

Can I Move Or Pause My Frontier Internet Service?

If you change your location you can locate whether they are providing the services in that area or not. Without any new account number the users can easily move using the frontier. However at new place you need to pay for the installation costs.

You can also choose to pause the service Instead of canceling it. Depending on your requirements you can pause it from one month to 9. However you have to pay for the service fee during the pause Time.  Although this fee is reduced from the regular fee. 

Can I Move Or Pause My Frontier Internet Service?

Alternative Of Frontier: Community Phone 

Within the USA the community phone is a better replacement option. There is a phone service worker without an internet connection. Additionally you will also get the following features besides it that are;

  • Spam call blocking option
  • You can go for the caller ID. Through this with any outbound call you can show your number & name.
  • The feature of landline texting is also available.
  •  Call history
  • 3-way calling feature
  • No hidden charges & 24/7 customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cancel My Frontier Service Online?

Unfortunately you can’t cancel your frontier service online. For cancellation you must require to call the company representative.

How Much Is It To Cancel Frontier Communications?

For canceling the frontier services you have to pay $9.99 as a cancellation charge.

How Do I Call Frontier To Cancel My Service?

You can call at  855-981-4544 and ask them to cancel your service. 


It’s better to cancel the internet subscription if you are not satisfied. If you’re using frontier service, how to cancel frontier internet? Actually this can be done using the phone call. However the process is a little bit time taking & annoying but I have to do it. 

They are actually trying to convince you of the offers. It’s up to you if you want to continue further. Otherwise you can simply cancel it. You can seek help and go for the cancellation with the above requirements and steps as I discussed in this article.  

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