How To Cancel Att Internet

How To Cancel Att Internet Service? 2023

If you are an att internet user and not satisfied with their services or moving to another country then you need to cancel it. So, how to cancel att internet? The cancellation can be made over the phone, by visiting their retail store or it can also be made online. 

In this article, I am going to describe all the ways for canceling your at&t internet. Moreover, I am going to share all the terms, termination fee & step by step guidance for cancellation of service. 

How To Cancel Att Internet? Possible Ways In Detail

There are three ways by which you can cancel out the att internet. You can cancel it out using the following ways;

How To Cancel Att Internet? Possible Ways In Detail

1. Cancellation over the phone

2. Online cancellation

3. Cancellation through the Retail location

1. Cancellation Over The Phone

If you want to cancel your internet account over the phone then this option is also available at att. Simply you just need to make a call and inform them of this. It’s easier when you don’t have enough time to go there locations & also want cancellation. However, due to the retention scripts, it might take some time. For speeding it up go for it;

  • First of all, make the call at 1-800-288-2020. Through this, you will connect to the customer service line. 
  • If they’re unable to identify you then they might need other things for verification like the account number.
  • However, on the call, you just need to tell them that you are calling for the cancellation.
  • Afterwards, they will ask about the type of service you want to cancel. Now you have to tell them that it’s about the “internet”. 
  • At this time a person comes on the line and asks for the reason. You can simply say that I am shifting to some other country and want to cancel my internet. 
  • You need to request a nearer cancellation date before the start of the next billing. Otherwise, you have to pay for it.
  • As a result, the company will demand the equipment return with the authorization number. 
  • However, if you are returning the equipment using UPS you can write down the number on its downside. 
Cancellation Over The Phone

2. Online Cancellation

Is it possible to cancel it online? Then how to cancel at the internet? Yes, it’s possible and you can cancel it through the use of your account. So some important things for canceling it online are;

  • First of all, it’s important to know that you can cancel it if you are a DSL customer.
  • However, the people who are using the AT&T fiber service or IPBB will only be able to cancel by two ways. They can cancel it by visiting the store or by calling over the phone. 
  • There are high chances that you can’t use this method. Because they start to stop any type of signing on the DSL product afterward from 2020. 

3. How To Cancel Att Internet Through Visiting The Retail Location?

Many retail stores are present within the country. Basically, most of the stores are present in the major cities. However, if you are facing any sort of billing problems then you can easily cancel out your internet service. Follow these;

  • First of all, you need to pack up the equipment that you get from AT & T. It includes all the equipment like receivers, modem, gateway and the cables. 
  • Additionally, it’s better if you put it all in the same boxes as they came in. 
  • Pack and take it to the AT&T store.
  • After going to the store, tell the agent about the internet cancellation. You may tell the reason that you are moving out of the connection area or something else. 
  • As a result, set up the cancellation date before the next billing start date. 
  • Afterwards, you need to receive the recipient. Basically, it’s for the return of equipment & connection. 

Cancellation Fee For The Plans

Here’s the plan wise termination fee amount for the internet cancellation. 

Type Or Cancellation FeeAmount 
Equipment replacement$75–200+
Landline, TV termination fee $15–360

Why Do People Cancel Their AT&T Internet?

There might be some reasons why they cancel their plans. These are;

  • When you don’t require a high-speed internet connection at home.
  • Jumping on the 5G Bandwagon.
  • Some people don’t like AT&t that’s why they go for the cancellation. 
  • For changing their Tech habits.

What Are The Steps To Canceling The AT&T Internet?

If you have decided to cancel our internet connection then you have to go through some steps. If you don’t like any service and want to cancel the internet service must check out these few things;

What Are The Steps Of Canceling The AT&T Internet?

1. No Pending Dues

You must ensure that you have cleared all the dues. Either it’s related to the payment of small services, or any direct products of AT&T. Otherwise they might charge you for the late fee or make a penalty. Moreover, you must prepare if there’s any kind of restocking fee or if disputes arise.

2. Requirements Of Contract

  • Some of the AT&T services require the contract while some do not require it. However, for the internet, there are only internet plans. 
  • However, when it includes the TV bundles & phone there is 2 year agreement. 
  • If you decide to cancel the service before the exact ending time then you need to pay an early termination fee. 

3. Cancellation Request

For cancellation you have to make the cancellation request. You can cancel over phone, cancel it through visiting retail stores or by online ways. 

4. Return Internet Equipment

When you are using the internet the company gives you some equipment. On cancellation you have to return these to the company. You can return it through the UPS if you cancel the service over the phone. For the UPS you have to bring these items for the cancellation that are; 

  • If possible you can pack the items in the original boxes. 
  • However if there are no original boxes pack it within your own boxes neatly.
  • You have to return the authorization number & the prepaid shipping label. 
  • Moreover you have to also pack the other accessories, Ethernet wires & power cords to return.
Return Internet Equipment

However the leased equipment must require the return feature within the 21 days. Otherwise they will billed you with the lost equipment term. Their unreturned product fees are actually very high so you should avoid it.

Equipment returns also include 2 fee structures. That will be allotted in case of the equipment missing or damages that are;

  1. Non-return equipment fee
  2. Damaged equipment fee
Type Of EquipmentReplacement Fee 
WiFI Gateway$100+ replacement fee
Modem$75+ replacement fee
Internet-only package (full) $200+

5. Make Sure The Billing Is Stopped

After cancellation you must know and check your account. Additionally you have to ensure that there’s not any kind of extra fee appearing on the account. If you still see the billing you must require the 3 things to settle the dispute.

  • You must have the emailed or printed form of cancellation request.
  • Receipt copy from store for the returned products. 
  • In the case of UPS the shipping receipt. Additionally you should have the number of authorization of the return equipment. 

Important Things To Remember For Cancellation Of Wireless Service

First of all you need to keep in mind that if you have joined through the promotion & want it to cancel then know a few things. How to cancel att internet? You can call them to cancel it simply. However If you need the cancellation before the end date of commitment you might get charged for the extra fees or penalties.

  • If you want to cancel it on the weekend’s then on the working days the application will proceed.
  • Moreover if you are using the At&T email account then there’s a waiting period. You have to wait for 30 to 60 days after the cancellation. After this time period the account will be deleted. 

Early Termination Fee For The AT&T Internet Cancellation

The early termination fee depends on the contract remaining time. 

1 year contract fee = $180

2 year contract fee = $360 

Early Termination Fee For The AT&T Internet Cancellation

Right after the cancellation of the agreement you have to pay $15 each month up to the end of agreement time. If you cancel it within 6 months then you have to pay a $10 termination fee each month. 

For avoiding any type of early termination fee you have 14 days after signup. If you cancel within this period you don’t need to pay an extra termination fee. In most of the cases they also waive your termination fee in case of any Solid reason. Like health, financial problems or moving to another country.

Plan Requirements Of The ContractEarly Termination Fee
For internet only No contracts starting Oct 2020That’s free, For legacy customer’s it’s a maximum of $80.  
Phone bundlesOptional contract$15/month for the remaining time. Max $180/$360
TV bundlesOptional contract$15/month for the remaining time.  max $180/$360

Can I Downgrade Or Upgrade My Internet Plans?

Through your online AT&T account you can easily downgrade or upgrade your internet plans. However they have different equipment according to the plans. For example if you switch from 100Mb to Gigabit. 

In addition to this IPBB or DSL they can be done through the phone call. However you can add TV online but in case of removal you have to return the equipments and visit the stores. 

Can I Downgrade Or Upgrade My Internet Plans?

Can I Pause AT&T Services For Sometime?

If you want to not use the internet for a particular time period and want to save your money then pausing will be a better option. With the help of this pause you can enjoy your trips without paying for the bills. You can pause it in following conditions;

1. Natural disasters

2. Military deployment

However some of the pauses come with the pause fee of $7 per month. Additionally you have to take care of following as well;

  • The minimum pause period will be 60 days.
  • However the maximum pause period can be 270 days. 
  • You must have to give the pause notice before 10 to 30 days. 
  • However the ongoing discounts & promotions can’t be paused for the later use. 

Can I Transfer The AT&T Service To The Moving Moving Area?

If you are moving to some other area and want to know about how to cancel att internet? Then you can also transfer their service to the moving area. It’s quite easy, you just have to make a call & request for the service transfer. The AT&T maintains 2 areas. 

1. Smaller AT&T Fiber service area

2. Copper-based DSL service area

If you are moving to the fiber area there’s no need of return’s & pack ups. However if you are moving towards the new address then you should firstly look for the cheaper options like Xfinity or spectrum

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Contact ATT To Cancel My Internet?

In order to contact the owners you have to call at 800.288.2020. 

How Do I Cancel My ATT Internet Payment?

First of all you have to sign in the at&t account and then go for the billing & payment options. Afterwards select the payment management. Now you can cancel out the payment that is under the autopay. 

How Do I Cancel My ATT Account?

In order to cancel the att account you can go for different techniques. You can visit the store and cancel it. Moreover you can call at 1-800-331-0500. Moreover you can use the att wireless phone by calling at 611. 

Concluding Thoughts

People want stable and good internet services however if they don’t like the service they can easily cancel it & go for a better service. If you are using AT&T service and not satisfied you can cancel it too. So how to cancel att internet? You can cancel it over the phone, visiting through the retail store or using online options. 

Following the above procedures you can easily cancel your internet service and go for a better service. For more info visits

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