Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad? Solutions to Enhance Speed

The speed of the internet varies according to the internet company. Many users face Internet connection and speed problems after some time. Most people wonder why is spectrum internet so bad? Actually the speed & performance depends on location, position of the router’s and no of people using it. 

It’s not the company always Sometimes other factors trigger the issues. Moreover you can also solve it using some tricks to speed up the internet speed. Here I will discuss some reasons that slow down the spectrum internet & how to solve these issues. 

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad?

Many users complain that the spectrum internet stops working during working. It’s most annoying that the notification of Internet connection loss appears more often. That’s why they are showing the temporary glitches. However some of its reasons are;

1. Faulty Or Old Wiring

Old cables can be a reason for the poor performance. That’s why pay attention to the wiring with the wifi router. Moreover the router’s wires more oftenly break out or damage homes. The replacement of the old wires can be helpful.

Faulty Or Old Wiring

2. Traffic On Network

It might be possible that there’s not any problem on the internet. Simple it because of the traffic on the site that you are trying to open. If the spectrum is the internet source in your area then the slight speed lowering of the internet can be realistic. It’s because all are using the same WiFi. 

3. Speed Stealing

It’s possible that Without your acknowledgement your neighbors are stealing the wifi network. If other devices are connected with your wifi then the speed will slow down. In that case you need to manage and check on the activities.

Moreover you can also choose to block the device’s manually. Through the use of spectrum, advanced home wifi. 

Speed Stealing

4. Out Of Range Device

If the speed is slow then it might be possible that your device is out of range. Due to the big houses or with multiple storey might face this problem. That’s why first of all make sure that you are using a device within the range. 

Moreover you should keep the device in an open area without any blockage. In addition to this you can also use the wifi extender. It’s helpful if your room is far from the router. 

5. Routers Compatibility And It’s Age

It’s important to use these new and latest routers for high speed & performance. DOCSIS 3.1 technology is operated by the latest spectrum router’s. Additionally you should check the wifi routers settings. 

However for the increase of speed you can install WiFi pods to increase its speed. Moreover you have to check for the WiFi router in order to make the inbuilt encryptions for reducing the bandwidth. 

Routers Compatibility And It's Age

6. Multitasking

If you are multitasking then the speed will definitely slow down. 

How To Find Out If The Spectrum Internet Speed Is Slow?

First of all you have to make sure that 500 Mbps internet speed is available for the price of $69.99/month. Actually the speed also depends on the country you are living in. You should use Ethernet cable for the connection of device and router. 

How To Find Out If The Spectrum Internet Speed Is Slow?

In order to get the exact reason for the slow speed then you need to firstly go for the speed test. Afterwards you can exactly know about the speed variations with time. However the use of website’s will define the status of the uploading & downloading.

  • If you find the less speed from the paying amount you can contact the customer service.
  • More oftenly you will observe the speed of 540 Mbps, or 300 Mbps. 
  • If you are noticing slow speed for uploading page opening and downloading then the speed is low. 

What Should I Do When Spectrum Internet Is Slow? Ways To Fix It

If your spectrum internet is slow and not working properly then you can go for some fixing ways. Using these tricks you can get rid of this problem. So here are some of its fixing ways;

1. Cleaning Of Browser Cache

Whenever you visit website’s your browser will store its information in the form of cache. That’s why sometimes this glitchy data can be problematic. Cleaning is important to upgrade the speed of the internet. You have to remove it in order to make more space. 

  • First of all, refresh your browser with the use of clean slate.
  • Open your chrome settings. 
  • Click on the 3 vertical dots to open the menu settings.
  • Go and choose the setting of more tools.
  • Now you have to choose the setting of clear browser data.
  • Hereby you can check the “Cached images, files & Cookies.”
  • Choose the “clear data” option to clear it all. 
Cleaning Of Browser Cache

2. Switching Off Virtual Private Network (VPN)

These VPNs can slow down the speed of your internet. The decrease in the upload speed arises because of the VPN server internet traffic. That’s why switching off your VPN will be much helpful in order to reduce low speed. 

Moreover you can also check for the other plugins on your browser including the extensions. These all might be a cause behind the low speed. For example Grammarly & ad-blockers.

3. Background Applications

If there are more and more applications on the cloud side the bandwidth will also increase. Due to which the internet speed slows down. Moreover these program’s & applications will also consume the background space with power. 

If you are continuously working and opening multiple tabs on your browser it will slow down your internet. That’s why you can also feel late delivering messages, time talking and uploading. 

That’s why it’s necessary to pay attention to the tabs that you are not Using. Try to open the ones you are working on. Close all the other applications and then search for the websites loading.

4. Restart The Router Or Modem

Moreover the modem and router are networking data storing. Usually they store information in the form of Cache. However they can also accidently store up the error in computers that will cause slow speed. 

That’s why you have to reboot your Devices in order to fix the cache issues. It can be done through the unplugging of the router from the power source. This will be helpful to improve your connection after refreshing. You can also check it through the speed test. 

Restart The Router Or Modem

5. Frequency Band Changing & Allocating

If you allow the bandwidth allocating the devices will show you a better internet experience. Moreover it’s important to note that some routers work with the connectedness device limits. 

In addition to this you can search for my spectrum app. Download it from the app store and you can easily manage the devices you are connecting to. 

Frequency Band Changing & Allocating

6. Browser Bottleneck Disabling Settings

Many people face internet speed issues and why is spectrum internet so bad? It might be due to the  bottleneck effect. Your browser will include the plug-in & add-on feature too. Moreover the pages will take some time due to the security concerns. 

  • In order to disable the add-ons you have to open the tools menu.
  • Now you will see the option of “manage add-ons”. Click on that.
  • However in case of using Google chrome you can also disable it through the use of “setting’s”. 
  • If afterwards the disabling you are still browsing the internet at snail’s pace then there might be a problem in the modem.

7. Resetting Of The Network Settings

If you tried out all the ways and it’s not working then you can try this. Most of the settings require factory resetting. However you must know that by doing it all of your logins & passwords will be deleted. 

Network Settings Through App

  • First of all open the device settings & choose the ” general” settings feature option.
  • Look at the “reset” feature and tap on the “Reset Network Settings.”
  • Afterwards you can complete the process of speed test for checking the difference.

Manual Network Settings

  • Through the use of paperclip you can manually hold & press the device resetting option. 
  • Afterwards the device lights will turn off, whenever you release it.
  • As a result you need to wait and check for the modem/router lights to turn on. 
 Resetting Of The Network Settings

8. Router Relocation

It’s a rising question that why is spectrum internet so bad? The main reason behind it is due to the router’s location. Sometimes the objects or interference might block the wireless connections. That’s why the placement of the router is important for high quality speed & signal. 

  • It’s important to note that don’t place it on the near side of metallic appliances.
  • Moreover you have to check for interference. Besides this make sure that there’s nothing that is interfering with the signals. 
  • Clear all of the obstructions on the sides. 
  • For the equal distribution and strong signal strength make sure to place the router in the center of the room.
  • Moreover you have to keep it on the flat surfaces.
Router Relocation

9. Seek Help From Customer Service 

If you have checked it through all the ways and it’s not working then you need to contact customer service.

  • Through this you can get a reliable connection through their help.
  • Moreover they will offer you the alternative.
  • Additionally they can offer you better internet plans. 

Ways To Increase Speed Of Spectrum Internet

For increasing the upload speed of the spectrum internet you can go for some easier ways that are;

  • Update the hardware to the latest hardware
  • Restart the router
  • Connect your device with the internet through Ethernet Cord.
  • Close the background applications
  • Try to switch off the VPN 
  • Upgrade your internet plans


Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad Recently?

Basically it more often happens in case of outdated routers & modem. However it might be due to the high traffic. 

Why Does Spectrum Lag So Much?

If you are running multiple tabs including games, apps and browsers it will start to lag.

Why Is My Spectrum Wifi So Weak?

Actually it depends on the number of people who are using WiFi and on the location. 

Concluding Thoughts

Using the internet is the need of the time. Many people feel that after getting the internet connection they face connectivity issues about the spectrum. So many people are confused as to why is spectrum internet so bad? The answer is actually not. The network issue might arise due to some other reasons.

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