How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Xbox

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Xbox

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to Xbox One is not as difficult as it sounds. An individual can link them to his Xbox gaming console by following some steps. If you still do not know about how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to an Xbox One controller, this article is specially designed for you. In this article, you will avail information about linking your Bluetooth device with your entertainment console. Similarly, we will explain how to enjoy your games for long periods.

What is a Bluetooth Speaker?

A wireless Bluetooth speaker is a sound device that allows its users to enjoy their favorite music or podcasts. You can take them almost everywhere you go because they are mostly portable. There are no wires to connect, therefore, you can do this easily. A user can connect it wirelessly to his cell phone or other device and have fun. Most importantly, there are no limitations to your Bluetooth speakers.

How does a Bluetooth Speaker Work?

It is easy to set up your Bluetooth speaker anywhere you want. You just need to connect these Bluetooth speakers to your tablet or cell phone. Moreover, a Bluetooth speaker shares the same technology as a car radio. It connects directly to the source of sound rather than needing wires. You can easily move around your Bluetooth speakers and play if the source is not right next to it.

Is It Possible to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to an Xbox One?

The ultimate answer is yes! An individual can easily link his Bluetooth device to Xbox One. Moreover, it is not as challenging as people think at the initial stage about the subject matter. Accomplishing this task is possible only by the specific tools you require. However, the Microsoft Xbox One does not have an integrated Bluetooth microchip. It portrays that a user will have to use an external device for him like a Bluetooth adapter for the sake of connecting his Bluetooth speaker to his console.

Furthermore, he must be aware that both of the devices’ Bluetooth abilities are properly paired and turned on. Consequently, a user can adopt this method and connect a wireless device as long as it is Bluetooth-capable.

Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker | Best Bluetooth Speaker for Xbox

There are various brands of Bluetooth speakers available which emit a stuttering and unpleasing audio quality if the wrong one is linked to your device. You must check out ‘’Soundcore Motion+! if you are seeking for a speaker brand which will work perfectly with either Xbox One X or Xbox One S. However, it has been a high-resolution wireless audio device which includes an ultra-wide frequency range.

Similarly, it generates a high-resolution audio quality, connecting via Bluetooth. The quality is not affected by any frequency waves, and all thanks to its Qualcomm AptX technology. Moreover, it avoids losing the crisp and clean sound quality of the audio file.

How can We Connect Bluetooth speakers to Xbox?

Unfortunately, Xbox one is not launched with Bluetooth audio connectivity. Moreover, a Bluetooth speaker can increase the gaming experience and sound quality. A user has used a dash of roundabout creativity for connecting a wireless speaker while using cell phones. You will find a smart speaker which may be one the most incredible wireless speakers by giving a highly rating in our Echo Dot 4th Gen review. You can do this even by not directly connecting it to your Xbox one. On the contrary, it is quite easy to connect the PartyBox710 to various Bluetooth-ready devices. It is important to note that the connectivity between the systems can lead to bad sound output or latency problems.

If the speaker has better signal strength then you should go through our JBL Charge review. In order to ensure nobody can access the speaker, you should learn about how to lock a Bluetooth speaker. However, you should be in the middle of a gaming session during this process. A user may want to enhance his immersion by playing music on numerous Bluetooth speakers. We will address all kinds of tips on Bluetooth connections such as connecting Bluetooth to a record player or connecting Bluetooth to a projector. In this article, you will also avail the information about how to connect a Google Home to Bluetooth speakers.

Important Steps

Connect Xbox and Mobile to the Same Wi-Fi Network

  •  Visit Wi-Fi settings to ensure that the cell phone and console are sharing the same network.
How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Xbox

Switch on Remote Features

  • Visit your Xbox general settings. Press one ‘’Connections & Devices’’.
  • Then select the ”Remote Features” option.
  • Examine the box to ‘’Enable Remote Features’’.
  • · Visit the box which says ‘’Power Mode’’ and set this box to ‘’Instant On’’.
Switch on Remote Features

Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Mobile Phone

  • Pair the cell phone with your Bluetooth speaker.
  • Open the official settings on your mobile phone. Hold down the pairing button until the speaker becomes discoverable.

Install the Xbox App on your Cell Phone

  • Find the Xbox Entertainment App after entering your phone’s app store.
  • Install the app and create your account after signing in.
Install the Xbox App on your Cell Phone

Connect to Xbox One

  • Click on the connection icon, if you have signed in. However, this connection icon (Xbox with a Wi-Fi signal) is available on the upper right-hand corner of the app.

Connect Controller

  • Connect an Xbox controller, if the Xbox interface appears on the cell phone.
  • Use the remote control to investigate a song or app. This is essential to observe that the sound output comes through the speaker.

 Bluetooth Speakers Features

There are many features of wireless Bluetooth speakers, and we will discuss a few of these features.

A Bluetooth speaker includes:

1.   Rugged Durability

2.   Versatile Portability

3.       Water-resistant           

4.   Impressive visual effects

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to an Xbox 360?

No, it is not possible. Because the Xbox 360 does not have built-in Bluetooth functionality.

Will Using the Remote Play App cause Lagging?

No, the amount of lag relies on the power of your internet connection.

Is It Possible to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker without your Mobile Phone?

Of course, you can easily plug a Bluetooth transmitter into the back of your Xbox.


How to connect Bluetooth speaker to Xbox? This is a million dollar question people usually ask, nowadays. There are many features of a Bluetooth wireless speaker. Moreover, there are various other devices which are ready to connect your Bluetooth speaker. On the contrary, the system experiences lagging when there is no powerful internet connection. Therefore, you should ensure a better internet connection to avoid any sort of lagging while enjoying your favourite music.

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