UNO Reverse Card

What is UNO Reverse Card Meme?

Uno card games are highly popular among millions of people. If you are fond of playing uno cards then the use of reverse cards can be a game changer. Basically it changes the direction of the game from clockwise direction to counter clockwise direction. The uno reverse card actually acts as a skip card that makes the game one step back.

Every type of Uno card game includes a reverse card in it. The use of reverse cards can eventually be a turning point in your favor. Here you will find all the detailed rules and uses of this reverse card. Using all necessary tricks you will be able to use this card in your favor during a game play

UNO Reverse Card

What Is Uno Reverse Card?

Uno is the invention of Merle Robbins. Uno card games include a reverse card in it. It’s actually the card that changes this direction of the game. With time there are many variations & designs are also included in this game. Almost in all of the Uno game versions you will find this reverse card within it. 

  • Basically it will change the game direction by shifting the start of the game from the right player instead of the left player. 

UNO Means: a warning to the other players. 

What Is Uno Reverse Card?

Origin & Spread

According to the urban dictionary on 18 April 2018. According to this definition you can utilize this reverse card to define the means of “no u”. Basically the floral galaxy user uploads this version of the photo shopped UNO. Afterwards it quickly spread after the video upload of YouTube on the Ziggy TV on 19 may 2019. 

What Are The Rules For Using Reverse Card?

It creates and adds more spice in a game. According to old rules you can also choose to skip the reverse card. However this rule is unclear. Instead of this, mostly people still choose to play according to this. It provides a full game changer effect. However, it still has some rules that are necessary to follow. That are;

What Are The Rules For Using Reverse Card?
  • First of all the uno dealer is chosen from the players. 
  • The distributor will distribute the 7 cards to the players. However the other cards will be discarded. 
  • In addition to this the downside pile cards are kept downside. It’s necessary so that no one can see these.
  • However for the beginning of the game the first top card will be shown to everyone.
  • Now all of the players need to match their cards with the discard piles using the color & number. 
  • The direction of playing the game changes after this card. 

What To Do If The Top Card Is a Reverse Card?

If this condition appears then you have to follow the game pattern in which the right player of the dealer will get the chance to play first. In that case the left player will not get the chance to start the game. In addition to this the player can play any card with matching either with the same color or by choosing the reverse card. 

What To Do If The Top Card Is a Reverse Card?

Rules For 2 Playing Person’s

Whenever this card comes for two players then you can utilize it though simple ways. As a result the person who uses this reverse card will get the chance to play instead of the other player. There’s no doubt that this reverse option is actually a good option for the player to change the game in favor. 

Rules For 2 Playing Person's of UNO Reverse card

Uses Of Uno The Reverse Card

  • Basically this card can change the game instantly. In addition to this it also holds some other points too. 
  • Moreover this card is a kind of skip card. 
  • Through the use of reverse cards you can seize the play of the other player with one card. 
  • It can be useful to change the game plating order.
  • Moreover you can use this card as a karmic judge. 
  • Using this card can lead the game into adverse consequences as well. 
Uses Of Uno The Reverse Card

Draw 4 In Uno And Reverse Card

The question arises whether you can use this card in the draw 4 or not? However, according to the rules it’s possible to use. With this permission there is also a condition that applies here. Discard pile and reverse card colors should be matchable. 

Basically the main purpose of using this card is to change the whole scenario of the game. However it is still unable to reverse the action card impact. It depends on the number of cards available in the other person’s hand. 

When a person plays the draw 4 card then the next player must have to draw the 4 cards. Only staking can prevent the card drawing here. 

Draw 4 In Uno And Reverse Card

Draw 2 & Reverse Card

This reverse card will only change the direction of the game. However it has nothing to do with the cards changing. In the similar way it will do for drawing 2 cards. 

Video Memes On Reverse Card

Video 02:

Memes & Examples On The Reverse Card Of Uno

However besides the gaming care this is actually useful too in the normal life routine. Basically people are also using it in the sense of fun. In this form of the memes it can actually be playful with the help of using reverse cards. 

Afterwards in 2018 the memes started to arise. Moreover the internet users are also transforming this word into the “no U”. 

Example 01

Memes & Examples On The Reverse Card Of Uno

Example 02

Hitler: we invade you russia

Use Of Reverse Card In Terms Of Love & Mathematics (Examples)

You can choose to use the reverse card for love too. Additionally it can be useful to end the conversation of I love you more. 

1st person: I love you

2nd person: I Love you more

1st person: Uno reverse card

In addition to all, you can also choose to use this term in the way of mathematics. As a result it will play the same role in math too. 

Uno Reverse Song 

Basically with this title there is also a song. You can listen it here

Artists name Cartoon Wax,  Martian
Releasing year 2022
Album name Uno Reverse
GenresSpoken Word, Hip hop music

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Uno Reverse Card Mean?

According to the Uno rules this card shows that the playing direction will reverse. Basically it means that if the game continues in the clockwork direction then after this card it will reverse. As a result the direction of the game will start from the counterclockwise direction. 

Is There A Green Uno Reverse Card?

Yes there’s a green reverse card present in the cards. Basically this card is present in the standard deck of the uno. Moreover it usually comes in the following four color’s. 


Can You Reverse A +4?

Unfortunately you can’t reverse it. 


Uno card games are played by millions of people. However with all versions of these card games you will also find an exciting Uno reverse card feature in these. This card play is actually a game changer and might favor you. 

However you can use it in various ways and follow some rules. In this guide you can follow all the ways and rules and utilize this card easily in your favor to change the direction of the game. 

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