Why is VR not suitable for under 12

Why is VR not suitable for under 12? Reasons & its Side Effects

According to medical research, children below the age of 13 should not use VR. However, why is VR not suitable for under 12? It’s actually due to some harmful effects on the eyes, brain, and body. Excessive usage can lead to severe health issues as well. That’s why precautions are better than cures.

In this article, I am going to share the reasons for the negative effects that support the point that VR is not suitable for children under 12. In addition to this, I will share the precautions by which VR can be used with the least harmful effects on health.

Why Is VR Not Suitable For Under 12? Reasons 

Following are the reasons that support the concept that it is not suitable for children under 12.

  • Addictive 

Due to the 3D features, the brain experiences intense brain pleasure. The addiction to screens is not a good habit for children. After playing once or twice, the children become addicted to the screen.

additive VR due to 3d animations
  • Vision Problems And Blurriness

With the continuous use of the VR, children will experience the blueness with time. This problem actually arises from screen illusions. That’s why your child will focus on the illusions more often by setting the focus point. The objects appear to be more distant, which introduces the vision problems.

  • An abundance of blue light

The major issue with the VR screen is the presence of the blue light. It’s harmful for the eyes. Eventually, it can affect the vision badly. The same is true of that blue light that is emitted by the TV, laptop, and mobile screen. You must keep yourself limited to this light.

  • Disrupt Sleep

It’s not a good habit to use VR before sleeping. This will disrupt the sleep cycle for everyone.

  • Injury Risk

There are chances of injury due to the headset. After wearing it, the children will not be able to see their surroundings. It can increase the chances of injury.

VR can cause injury
  • Cyber Sickness

The brain analyzes all the signals and responses that a person sees or hears. As a result, disorientation and other online factors are collectively named cyber sickness.

  • Hollowing Underneath The Eye

When under 12 uses the VR continually, it can trigger eye strain issues. Besides this, it will cause the hollow of the underneath eye.

  • Face Issues

However, with continuous use, it might cause red marks on the face. Besides this, it introduces wrinkles on the skin. It also increases the risk of acne formation.

  • Overuse And Distractions

It may be a rising factor for distractions. Due to the overuse, their minds will be distracted from the study. Using the VR for over 30 minutes at a time is not safe, both medically and psychologically.

VR resulst in overuse and addiction
  • Headache And Dizziness

Continuous usage will replay the VR scenes in your mind. Due to this factor, headaches and dizziness affect the physical health of the body.

  • Triggers Psychological Disorders

This will expose the mental health risk. Moreover, for some users, it stimulates negative stimuli. It will cause abuse, violence, and increase the flashbacks, which trigger anxiety. It might be the cause of the depression.

  • Other Health Risks

This may include other health risks. It might cause nausea, motion sickness, and fatigue. Moreover, it may cause motion sickness.

How Can Children Under The Age Of 12 Use VR Safely? Ways To Minimize Harmful Effects

Why is VR not suitable for under 12? It’s because of the aftereffects on the health. For children under 12, you should proceed with the precautions. Once the use limit is crossed, it can be damaging for the children. However, you can follow up on some of the tips that are helpful to reduce the harmful effects of VR. That are;

How Can Children Under The Age Of 12 Use VR Safely? Ways To Minimize Harmful Effects
  • Set A Time Limit.

Set up the limit to use the VR for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Afterwards, take a break for some time before using it again.

  • Wear Protective Glasses.

You can also find protective glasses on the market. These glasses will act as a barrier against the harmful radiation that is secreted by the VR screen.

  • Don’t Use It Before Sleep Time.

Avoid using VR before bedtime. Ultimately, it will disrupt the sleep cycle of children. That will also strengthen the immune system in the children.

  • Use A Blue Light Filter Built Into VR.

There are many VRs that are built using filter techniques. These are more comfortable to use and safe for long-term use. Usually, the Sony and Oculus brands introduce this type of VR. That is not very harmful overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Happens If You Play VR Under 13?

It can affect the bear’s sight. Moreover, it can also affect the development of the eye.

Q. Is Vr Age Restricted?

The average age for using VR is 13 years old.

Q. How Long Can A 10-Year-Old Play VR?

For safe calculations, it’s okay to use a VR headset for at least 2 hours a day.

Final Thoughts

Children usually love to use VR. However, there’s a specific age after which you should allow your child to use VR. Why is VR not suitable for under 12? In that age period, children might experience anxiety, headaches, and eye diseases due to its continuous usage.

However, by following the above precautions, you can allow them to use them. Usually, you should allow your children to use VR after 13. Afterwards, there will be fewer chances to get affected by VR. For further information, visit https://mindtechies.com.

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