How to upgrade wood frame in 7 days

How To Upgrade Wood Frame In 7 Days to Die – Complete Details

How to upgrade wood frame in 7 days to die? Through the upgrading it will be easier to get protection from the zombies. The upgrading will start when you keep the material collection in your inventory box. However the upgrading takes place from cobblestone towards the concrete. Then it will finally turn into steel. 

This guide will help you to upgrade wood Frames in this exciting game. It will include all the recipes, details, upgrade level’s and tools for your understanding and easiness. 

What Is a Wooden Box Frame? Build Up & Upgrading Process

Basically the wood frame block is the useful building block. However it can be upgraded into variously sized block’s. Actually it comes in the playthrough moments. That’s why here we will focus on the utilization of wood frames in it. 

Steps To Follow

  • First of all you have to collect 2 pieces of wood. Basically you can get these cutting through the tree or wood. Besides this you can also purchase it. 
  • After getting the material you need you have to press tab & go to the inventory.
  • Now you have to select the wood.
  • As a result you will see the button of recipes. After pressing the click on button you will get the craftable list of items.
  • Now you have to select the wood frame from the list as well.
  • Hereby you will need to press the craft for crafting the wood frame.
  • However after crafting all the items will start to appear on the inventory. 
  • Now you have to use the hot bar for placing all the items. 
  • Moreover you can select the product’s through the mouse scrolling.
  • After the selection you will see the wood block frame as transparent. 
  • Through the right clicking you can place & pick the desirable wooden block.
What Is a Wooden Box Frame? Build Up & Upgrading Process

Upgrading Of Wood Frame

How to upgrade wood frame in 7 days? In order to build the defensive walls you need to upgrade the wall frame. In addition to this needs the upgrades towards the resources. However, the upgrading involves the importance of the stone ax. In order to upgrade it you have to follow some easier steps.

Upgrading Of Wood Frame
  • First of all you have to collect the 4 woods along with the wooden frame.
  • After obtaining the item now you can select the stone ax. You have to choose it from the Hot bar. 
  • For placing the wooden frame you need to point the Crosshair.
  • Afterwards hold press until the healthy bar filling that is empty starts to appear.
  • However the pointed arrow will represent the block upgrading rather than its destruction.
  • You need to completely fill the health bar though holding the mouse button.
  • Afterwards the filling of the wooden frame will upgrade towards the wood block.
  • For further upgrading simply hold and press the block for sometime. 
  • As a result it will upgrade till no material remains in the inventory.
  • However the cobblestone block is the most upgradable variety in it.

List Of Blocks

Following are the lists of blocks where the base wood frame can be easily upgraded.

Wood BlockAdditional four wood, wood frame block
Cobblestone BlockHaving 10 cobblestone rocks, Reinforced Wood Block
Wood Frame BlockIt requires 2 wood to craft, Base material
Reinforced Wood BlockExtra 4 wood, Wood Block

How To Upgrade Wood Frame In 7 Days; Materials And Upgrade Level’s

However the frame will not stops at one level at all. After increasing the points you can easily start to upgrade it. Thought he upgrading frames become more able to hold the weight. Besides this it becomes able to make it harder for the player’s and zombies to break it. 

Upgrade Level 01

The first upgrade involves putting more weight on it. In order to complete it you must have the 4 units within your inventory. However this frame comprises 225 hit points.

Upgrade Level 02

It gradually adds up an extra layer over the top of the block. As a result the looks completely changed. However this one also requires 4 extra units in it. This frame also comprises the 255 hit points.

Upgrade Level 03

This upgrade will turn this wood into stone. Moreover you will need 10 Cobblestone Rocks to accomplish it. In addition to this it’s upgrade also involves the high hit points. As a result it has 1500 hit points overall.

Upgrade Level 04

It’s the conversion of a cobblestone block into a concrete block. However you need to have the 10 Concrete for this purpose. It has low health. Moreover it upgrades with the 1250 hit points. 

How To Upgrade Wood Frame In 7 Days; Materials And Upgrade Level's

How Many Times & How To Upgrade Wood Frame In 7 Days?

Basically you can upgrade the wooden block frame up to 4 times within these 7 days. In addition to this each level performs the features that make it more durable. Each level carries the change in looks. However each of the levels also requires different types of material as well.

Wood Frame Burning Time

However there are many combustible materials within the 7 Days To Die. However if you’re out of the fuel then there are some other ways. As a result these can be helpful to make the campfires & forges. Moreover if you have the wood frames around then you can toss easily for the fire. 

How Many Times & How To Upgrade Wood Frame In 7 Days?

As a result it will completely burn out within 1 minute & 40 seconds. Wood frames are the easier way to save the wood for using it in the fuel. Whenever it comes to a normal wood it completely burns within 1 minute. 

Flipping An Upside-Down Wood Frame Corner Steps

You can easily rotate the ramp frame made up of wood. That can be turned into any direction. For doing it you have to follow some steps;

  • First of all put the wood frame block in the hot bar.
  • Highlight & find where to put the block. 
  • However if you are not sure about the location then rotate it accordingly.
  • Hold & press the “R” to check the pop up in order to form the cross hair. 
  • Moreover you will see the different options.
  • It also applies the Advanced settings on the highlights of the bottom bar.
  • As a result you have to select the advanced rotator mode. In this way you can place it anywhere you want. 
Flipping An Upside-Down Wood Frame Corner Steps

How To Upgrade Wood Frame In 7 Days With The Use Of Tool’s

You will find different tools that play an important role during the upgrade. These all are easier to hard levels. Moreover these tools include;

  • Nailgun
  • Claw Hammer
  • Stone Axe

However within all the Stone Axe is considered as the worst tool. Besides this it can be easily obtained in the start. It actually works quickly too. In order to create the huge base you must try to use the claw Hammer and nail gun. 

Cement Mixer, Workbench & Crafting Forge

Forage can be easily crafted in the inventory with the engineering skills.

Cement Mixer, Workbench & Crafting Forge

Forage Requirements: 

60 clay, three short pipes, ten leather, 50 small stones, 3 duct tape 

Crafting Time: 30 seconds

Crafting Of Workbench Requirements

20 mechanical parts, 50 wood, 25 forged iron, one claw hammer, one wrench

Crafting Time: 4 minutes and 26 seconds 

Cement Mixture Requirements

1 engine, 20 forged iron, 10 mechanical parts, 4 springs

Crafting Time: 17 seconds

Replacement Of Wood Frame With Metal Frame

There is no doubt that wooden base appears as a sturdy material. However there is not any kind of metal frame type of thing within the game. Besides this the iron frame is actually more studier then the wooden. However it’s not an easy task. For that purpose you require 18 iron, forage, and mixing clay. Forage preparation requires 11 seconds to proceed further. However the conversion requires following steps;

Replacement Of Wood Frame With Metal Frame
  • First of all, the wood frame will be upgraded to something. You need to break it until it becomes a wood frame. 
  • With the use of “E” then you can pick up the wood frame easily. 
  • Moreover you can also choose to break the block into empty space.
  • Afterwards place the iron from the Hot bar.
  • Now you need to place it according to the required space and position.
  • Moreover you can choose to rotate it in the left right direction.
  • After choosing the right direction you can go with the right click to place it on the position.
Replacement Of Wood Frame With Metal Frame

Log Wood /Wood Frame Which One Is Good?

With the use of 2 woods you can easily prepare the wood frame. However there’s a need of 20 Wood to make the log cabin. In addition to this the wood frame carries the 50 hit points. However the log wood block carries 400 points. Initially build up requires the log wood blocks in the presence of sources. With the use of 4 more wood you can upgrade it gradually. In addition to this the stronger is the stronger block. Moreover it requires more resources in comparison to wood frames.


How Do You Upgrade Frames In 7 Days?

If you have the necessary elements in the inventory then the upgrading will start easily. For frame shape upgrading you require to press some keys too. You need to hold on to the right click of the PC with the equipped wooden ax.

What Is The Strongest Wall In 7 Days To Die?

Basically the steel blocks are the best & strongest walls in the 7 days to die. However they are also expensive too.

Can You Sleep In 7 Days To Die?

Your character can not sleep within this 7 days to die game. 


How to upgrade wood frame in 7 days? 7 days to die is a game in which you need to upgrade the wooden frames. Basically the upgrading starts from the conversion of wood to  cobblestone that ends with the steel frame. However the upgrading depends on the inventory box and hit points. However with the help of tools the upgrading can also start. This wall upgrade will be helpful to protect from the zombies and other enemies. 

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