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Does Candy Crush end? How many levels in it? Complete Details

Candy Crush is the most popular playful game that starts with simple levels and then includes continuous complexity in the levels. After playing up to a certain level, people usually look for the answer to the question: does Candy Crush end? It’s actually an endless game that includes more levels each week. So when the makers are ending its levels?

In this article, I will guide you through the steps to reach the end levels of the game and how to crack the hurdles in each level. Moreover, I will mention the tricks to cheat for the extra lives that will be helpful to reach the levels steadily.

Does Candy Crush End? Levels & Lives

According to various reports and figures, this game is a continuous series of levels. On each level, you have to pass through various obstacles and hurdles. After passing through each level, you will jump up to the next level. This game is now endless.

With the passage of time each week, the owner’s adding up levels in the game. That’s why, with every update, you will receive more levels to play next. As a result, this cycle continues to go around.

Life Limits Per Day

You can pass the levels, but with limited lifelines. It creates a huge hurdle in crossing the level’s. That’s why you can only play up to five lives in completing a level. Afterwards, you have to wait for a day to play next.

Candy Crush Level Statistics And Highest Reported Level’s

According to the estimations, there are certain levels on which the game is composed. In general, the overall levels are around 10,000 to 13,000 if you are playing it in HTML. However, if you are using the Windows 10 app, you will be able to play up to 105 levels in addition to 13000.

According to some websites’ estimations, Candy Crush Saga has 12905 levels. Usually, these levels are based on the episodes. These are the highest levels up to which the players have reached. 

Candy Crush Level Statistics And Highest Reported Level's

How Do I End Up Levels Quickly In Candy Crush? Tricks To Reach End Levels

1. Quickly try to mix up the strips. Swipe up the candies, do it in such a manner that you will connect 4 to 5 candies in a sequence. This will increase the chances of striped candy. That will combine with any other stripe candy and brash the other candies abruptly.

2. Understand the chocolate and its interference with the levels.

3. Pause your timed game.

How Do I End Up Levels Quickly In Candy Crush? Tricks To Reach End Levels

How To Cheat For Extra Lives?

  • You can also cheat for the extra lives to play the game. 
  • Through the continuous flow, you can pass the levels easily. 
  • For that purpose, you have to go back to the home page and go to the settings. 
  • Afterwards, change the data and time on your phone.
How To Cheat For Extra Lives?

Attentive Points That Might Take You From The End Level To The Game Start

Sometimes, when you change your phone or update it, pay attention to the game. Right after the reinstallation of the game, you will go back to the start of the game. As a result, you will lose all the already-passed levels and go back to zero.

Last Levels That Can Stuck The Game

Before you reach the last level, the game will start to get stuck. Most people get stuck as the level increases, and you need a whole day to complete it. Unfortunately, you will find really hard obstacles at levels 5180. You will not get any further boosters or swallows. Ultimately, it makes it impossible to pass through the end levels of the game.

Last Levels That Can Stuck The Game

What Will You Get After Finishing The Candy Crush Game?

Whenever you complete the complex and high levels, you will get the gold or firework stars. For some players, it can be good or disappointing behavior. However, if you pass all these levels, you will still get the notification “to be continued”.

Aside from this, they will give you banners of congratulations, and later on, you have to wait for the next levels. Whenever you move forward, the level becomes harder.

What Will You Get After Finishing The Candy Crush Game?

Infinite Possibilities

It’s a spectacular and cyclic form where you will get more chances to play and finish games. However, once you have reached the last level, you will continue to be in contact with it. You have to pass through challenges and get endless experience.

Is There Anyone Who Finished Candy Crush Saga? Players Guidance

Does candy crush end? No but sometimes some players are lucky enough to pass out the available game levels easily. People might use the boosters to finish the games. Afterwards, they need some time, and the owners will add more levels to the game.

At the same time, the company can add up different numbers of levels in the game. They might add up to 20 or higher levels to the game.

Will Candy Crush Include The Last Level In The Future?

Many People want to know when the candy crush ends. It’s totally up to the makers. However, it’s still in continuous form because they are adding more levels every week. Whenever they start to end this addition, it will probably end. So whenever they want, they can end the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Last Level Of Candy Crush?

Right now, there’s no ending level in this game. However, they usually start to add up to 15 to 20 or more levels each week. Eventually, you are not going to find the end levels quickly.

Q. Who Finished Candy Crush?

When it comes to the mobile candy crush game, there’s a person named Simon Leung who is honored in this way. Moreover, some youtubers also state that they have crossed the highest reported ranks in the candy crush.

Q. Can We Complete Candy Crush?

No, you can’t complete this game completely. However, it’s only possible if the owner starts to take it to the next level.

Q. Is Candy Crush Scripted?

It’s a swapping game, and it’s playable according to an array of colors. Moreover, this game depends on luck.


Many people got stuck in the game with the question: Does Candy Crush end? So literally, this game is still continually updated with the times. If you come across near-end levels, that is not easily possible due to complex levels and limited lifelines. However, if you come near the end levels, you will find a notification to continue the game.

Within a day or more, you will find more levels in the game. However, following through on this article, you can easily complete the levels with ease. So enjoy and play the endless season of Candy Crush on your devices.

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