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How to solve Sea of Thieves Server Status Problems? Latest Guide

It’s the century of gaming and technology. Sea of Thieves is a video game with millions of players. However, right now, people are facing issues while playing it. In that case, you must check the Sea of Thieves server status. Mainly, it’s due to technical issues.

In this article, I am going to share information about the server status of Sea of Thieves. Moreover, it will include all the possibilities that are hindering its progress and how you can resolve them. In addition to this, I will share the ways in which you can exactly know the status of any game. Let’s start with the introduction to this game.

Introduction Of The Sea Of Thieves

It’s an action-adventure video game that is played all over the world. It’s easily playable on the Xbox and Windows 10. Basically, this game was developed by Microsoft Studios. You can either play cooperative gaming or

Aside from this, you can also choose to play the combat, which is player vs. player. Additionally, you can take on the role of either a part of the crew or a pirate. Users can connect with each other in different ways through this game.

Introduction Of The Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves Server Status

However, it’s important to know that the server is currently offline. So it’s important for players to notice that this game is not currently online. You have to wait for some time until their servers are online again.

Reasons: This game is currently down due to maintenance purposes. After that time, the game will be available to play.

Sea Of Thieves Server Status: Graphic Representation Of Highly Reported Problems

Hereby, I will represent some of the problems that are most commonly reported against this video game.

  • First of all, it can be clearly seen that most of the issues arise due to the sign-in. Usually people forget their password, and it might happen due to a slow internet connection.
  • Secondly, the status you are facing is due to the problems with the online play. That’s due to the website being related to or accessing the game file.
  • Only 7% of the problems are happening due to the game crashes. That might be due to some internal or external factors.
  • Lastly, the server doesn’t respond due to the glitches.
Graphic Representation Of Highly Reported Problems

Bearded Errors And Sea Of Thieves Server Status

Somehow, the sea of those thieves doesn’t show the status response. However, you will find the beard errors when opening the game. For this purpose, first of all, you have to search for the beard error type and then go for its fixation.

  • Cinnamonbeard and Bronzebeard, Kiwibeard, Ashbeard, Fishbeard, and Hazelnutbeard
  • Lapisbeard, Llamabeard, Bluebeard, Obsidianbeard, Redbeard, Yellowbeard
Bearded Errors And Sea Of Thieves Server Status


1. If you are playing on Xbox Live, then you must have a membership.

2. Go to the controller and click on the guidance button. Afterwards, select the menu button and quit it. Later on, relaunch the game and then play it again afterwards.

3. Check your internet connection and try to connect to the game again.

Server’s Type And Size Of Thieves

The servers of this game are synchronized. Playing through this game, you will get the same experience and surroundings for each player. So as a result, if you migrate to some site, any person can feel interested. It will change the location and sites with experiences. As a result of joining the server, you do not have to leave the game.

What Should I Do If the Sea Of Thieves Server Status Is Down? Fixing Ways

If the server is creating problems, then first of all, check for the reasons. However, you can go and apply these ways, through which you can easily resolve it.

1. Relaunch The Game

Sometimes there might be connection issues. For this purpose, you have to first close the game to remove the temporary glitches. As a result, you need to restart or relaunch the game. Following this, the game will restart.

Relaunch The Game

2. Update The Outdated Version Of The Game

You will also have trouble playing the games if you are using the outdated version. As a result, you are not connecting to the servers. That’s why you have to make sure about its updates. Make sure that you are using the updated version of the game.

3. Power Off The Internet Router And Restart It

Sometimes the game doesn’t start or work due to internet connection issues. As a result, you have to follow some steps for its removal. Follow as

  • First of all, you need to power off the router.
  • Afterwards, wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Now turn it on.
  • This method will resolve the temporary glitches in the internet’s connection.
  • Sometimes the main issue creating things for the network is the wifi internet connection.
  • That’s why you can easily connect the PC to the router through a LAN cable.

4. Check The Integrity Of The Game Files

Using the game client, you need to check for game integrity. Make sure that all of the game files are present in the system. Through scanning, you can also check for corrupted files. If there’s any kind of missing file, the game will not work properly.

Check The Integrity Of The Game Files

5. Disable The Antivirus And Firewall.

  • Sometimes these applications, such as firewalls or antivirus, block the game. 
  • As a result, in order to get rid of this problem, disable them for some time. 
  • Afterwards, try again and try to access the game again.
Disable The Antivirus And Firewall.

6. Use A Different Network Or Device For Accessing Games

Sometimes it’s the device that is just incompatible with the game. As a result, you should try to access the service or website using any other device.

7. Restart Your Device

The device is not working sometimes due to network or any other issues. In order to access the game, you can also restart your device. Surely this will be very helpful, as it removes the temporary glitches instantly.

8. Use VPN For Changing The Address.

In most cases, the server doesn’t work if they have blocked your ISP provider. So as a result, if you are looking to access it, go for changing your IP address. For that purpose, you can use the VPN. As a result, you can easily access the game by changing the IP address.

8. Use VPN For Changing The Address.

9. Clear The Browser Cache

It’s important to notice that the problem is not arising from the browser cache. So clearing the cache might be helpful for you to assess the websites and networks.

Where Do I Know The Exact Status Of The Sea Of Thieves?

First Source

First of all, for accurate status, you must visit the official website. After opening the site, you will get a notification that the server is down. Basically, for accurate results, it’s better to check the gaming status.

Second Source

Secondly, you can choose to use the downdetector. It’s the website where you can find the status of any game. Actually, this will give the real downtime occurrence and statistics of a game. Moreover, it will graphically represent the region where the server issues were found.

Second Source

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Am I Getting A Lavender Beard?

It can occur for multiple reasons. That’s why if you are seeing this error on your side, then first of all, you need to check the server status. Moreover, it can be due to firewall issues.

Q. Does Sea Of Thieves Run Well On Pc?

You can easily play this game on the Xbox or at 540p. It’s a great advantage that you just purchase an Xbox console and a laptop, and you can play the game at any time.

Q. How Much Ram Is Good For Sea Of Thieves?

In order to play this game, at least 2 GB of RAM should be present. However, for the smooth running of this game, you must have 4 GB of RAM.

Q. What Does Strawberry Bear Mean?

It’s mainly due to network errors or the server being down.

Concluding Thoughts

So it’s clear if you are looking for the Sea of Thieves server status than they are right now offline. So the main reason behind it is that it’s maintained. The servers are working in the sense that each player is getting the same scene while they are playing games.

However, when the status is cleared and you still find difficulties, go for solutions. Through this article, you can get rid of these accessibility issues. More information on

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