how to know if someone phone is off

How to Know If Someone Phone Is Off? A Step-By-Step Guidance 

It feels so embarrassing when you call someone but his phone is dead or off. There can be different situations whether you wait for an important call and cannot afford to miss it, or you are only curious. In this respect, everyone wants to come out of these circumstances. In this article, we will discuss the major factors, reasons, and solutions to let you able to know if someone’s phone is dead or not.

There are many factors involved due to which people do not attend your call. There may be a possibility that someone is not in the right place at that moment. It means that his phone will be out of service. Furthermore, someone can also ignore you intentionally. 

Best Techniques to Determine Someone Phone is Off

Here are a few methods to determine if someone’s phone is dead as follow:

Try to Call a Particular Person 

You should call a particular person. You will then hear a message claiming that the call you dialed cannot be completed. It will happen only if someone’s phone is dead or off. Therefore, you can take it as an indication of a dead phone. 

Try to Call a Particular Person 

Try to Send iMessage 

You must send a message to at least one of the recipient’s contact numbers. If you receive a display ‘’Delivered’’ on your screen then it means your message has successfully reached that particular person. It is possible only through iMessage. 

Top on that, if the recipient is not using more than one device then it will not appear as ‘’Delivered’’ on your screen. On the contrary, if he uses an iPhone with another additional device like iPad or Macbook then it will appear as ‘’Delivered’’ on your screen. 

Try to Note the time in between messages delivered 

It is a nice way to check if someone’s phone is dead or off. You must note the actual time between two cell phones in which a message has been delivered. If a message you sent took a longer time than normal, it is then a clear indication that his phone is off. 

Try to Check if the Call Goes Directly to Ringing Before Going to Voicemail

If you make a call and it instantly goes to voicemail, it portrays that his phone is dead or off. If your phone does not ring a few minutes before going to voicemail, it means that your phone is dead. On the other hand, if it rings before going to voicemail, it is crystal clear that your phone is not dead. This is considered to be the best method to know if someone’s phone is off. 

Try to Dial Call with Another Phone 

It is more likely that there might be problems with your cell phone. Because it will prevent you from contacting a specific individual you are approaching. Try to dial a call with another phone number, if all these methods have stopped working. In this regard, you can even use a public phone, a family phone, or a friend’s phone. 

Check the Social Media Accounts of a Person 

It is a nice way to ensure that someone’s phone is dead or off when you scroll down a person’s social media accounts. Due to this, you can determine whether the person was recently online or not. If an individual remains active on social media then his phone will never be off or dead. 

Pay Attention to Clues 

There are more chances that a person’s phone is dead if he does not carry his cell phone with him. This is how you can determine whether someone’s phone is off with the help of these clues. 

Dial Calls to Their Friends or Family 

If you call someone and find his phone is dead or off as a result, you must then contact his friends and family members. Of course, this is not a reliable option but can be used as an alternative. 

Aeroplane Mode is On

If someone’s aeroplane mode is on then he cannot attend your call. 

Aeroplane Mode is On

Non-availability of Mobile Service

There is also the possibility that the location where the person stands will be out of service. In this way, he cannot attend your call because of signal problems. However, a person must discuss this issue with you after reaching the right place. 

Activation of ‘’Do Not Disturb’’ Mode

If someone’s phone is running on ‘’Do not disturb’’ mode. Of course, he will not be able to attend your call. 

An Individual is Ignoring You 

It could be a choice of a person behind ignoring your calls. For example, if he uses social media accounts or watches his favorite movie then he can ignore you intentionally in this regard. Ultimately, the only thing you can do is wait for him. 

An Individual is Ignoring You 

You are Blocked 

There are several ways through which you can determine whether a person has blocked you or not. The most effective way is to call him from your friend’s number or another replacement number. If you manage to dial a call then it portrays that you have been blocked. In addition to this, scroll down your call history and check whether a mark as ‘’Blocked’’ is there. If it is mentioned then you have been blocked. 

A Person has Changed his Phone Number 

If you call a person and find no answer in return, it is more likely that the person has changed his number. You can check his social media accounts, especially WhatsApp. If a person’s number is currently available on WhatsApp then his number is active. Otherwise, he has changed his number and you must approach him.  


If you call a person but he does not answer your phone in return, then there could be several reasons behind it. How to know if someone’s phone is off? The answer to this question has been discussed properly in this article. Similarly, there are many ways through which you can fix this problem. You can contact one of his family members, his close friend, or his teacher. For more information visit

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