How to wake someone up over the phone

5 Best Ways for how to wake someone up over the Phone

How to wake someone up over the phone? It’s quite easier through the calling and massaging them. The problem arises when their phone is on silent. However you can use the third party applications as well. You have to mutually install this app and set the particular time alarm on it. 

Galarm, WakeMe, Air horn and snoozle applications are also useful for waking up a person. This article will include all the possible ways that are helpful to wake up a person on call. 

how to wake someone up over the phone

How To Wake Someone Up Over The Phone?

Simply you can call and message someone to wake him up. Additionally you can make it possible through the alarm setting and playing sound. There’s no doubt that waking up over the phone is the most simple and easier way. Additionally with the use of some applications you can send the alarms to someone’s phone as well. However with this help you can easily make someone wake. 

How To Wake Someone Up Over The Phone? Using Iphone

You can easily make someone wake up through the use of an iphone. However you can choose to play sound on the person’s device easily. For that purpose you can use the “find my app” feature. 

Steps To Follow

1. First of all you have to open the “find my app” on iphone.

2. Now you will be able to select the device’s from the bottom bar option.

3. Moreover you can also select to share the location. It will share your location to the phone where you want to play the loud sound.

How To Wake Someone Up Over The Phone? Using Iphone

4. Afterwards you have to select the device’s from the menu where you want to ping.

5. Moreover you can add other iphone devices through clicking on the (+) icon.

6. Now choose to play sound in order to make the ping.

How To Wake Someone Up Someone When The Iphone Is On Silent?

Whenever the phone is on silent it becomes difficult to manage the alarm. Whenever the mobile is on silent the notification will automatically get mute. Additionally you will not be able to hear any kind of call, alerts, alarm’s and other notifications. 

Possible Ways 

  • With the help of calling you can wake them. Through this help their phone starts to vibrate that might be helpful to make them awake. 
  • Additionally with the help of a loud sound message this can be helpful.
  • Moreover with the help of flicking the silent switch you can also help them. Once the phone is on the ringing facility you can make it possible to call them. 

How To Send Alarms To Someone?

How to wake someone up over the phone? In order to send alarms to someone you can take help from some applications. These applications can vary for Android and iphone. For example you can use the Alarmy & Galarm. However these two can be useful for the android and iOS users. 

How To Send Alarms To Someone?

Emergency Bypass Settings On Iphone

With the help of focus filters and mode you can easily reduce the distractions. However it is helpful to make you more concentrated on something. In order to set the time you have to make it off is necessary to remember. In that case all of the calls, texts and other notifications automatically rejected. This all happens because it will keep you away from the distraction.

As a result you can make this feature on your device. Yes you need to turn on the emergency bypass option in the settings. Basically it can be helpful to wake up someone through the calls and other ways. 

Emergency Bypass Settings On Iphone

Set Up Exception Settings In DND

However when you are blocking all the notifications you can choose to set the exception contact. In this way this person’s chat and calls will not be blocked. 

Use Of 3rd Party Applications To Wake Up Someone

How to wake someone up over the phone? Basically these third party applications are helpful to make and complete your work. When someone is not responding to your calls it becomes too helpful. You can instantly place the alarm reminder for the birthdays, group reminders and urgent alerts. 

1. Galarm

First of all it’s important to remember that you both must have this application in their phones. Moreover it can be useful for the iOS and Android users. Additionally this alarm will automatically start to ring on the user’s mobile for which you select the contact. 

Use Of 3rd Party Applications To Wake Up Someone

Steps To Use

  • First of all you have to open the application in iphone/android.
  • Now click on the (+) icon.
Steps To Use
  • Afterwards you have to go with the new alarm.
  • Now select the contact you want to set the alarm for and move to the next steps.
  • As a result now you can set up the options of time, date and ringtone.
Steps To Use
  • After following all the steps press on the save button.

2. Snoozle Application

When you mutually have this application you can also take help from this. However you can easily send the self voice notes & voice memos. 

  • As a result you can record anything up to 12 seconds long and send it to your friends.
  • Moreover you can speak in any silly voice and send memos.
  • Additionally it has the self deleting feature. In this way the message will delete automatically after playing. 
  • You don’t have to worry about the voice play on repeat.

3. Air Horn 

You can find the amazing sound effects on this application. Moreover you have to choose the sound effects on the application that you can use. For that purpose you have to install it on your friend’s phone. Additionally you can select any amazing sound alert effect in order to wake them. 

Air Horn 

4. Wakeme App

This application actually allows you to record anything in your own voice. Moreover you can choose this to send the alarming tunes to strangers. As a result if someone wakes up immediately within the 90 second’s they will get a chance to talk to the sender. 

Wakeme App
  • Moreover this application helps to make profiles on it. 
  • In this way people can easily reply to anyone who sends the alarm and wakes a person.
  • Particular gender wake up alarm feature is also available on it.
  • However if a person starts to add friends then he will be going to receive it only from that member. 
  • Moreover all of the members are also able to create a schedule as well. 

5. Wifi Activated Sunrise Alarm

With this special option you can also set up an alarm for friends. First of all you have to make the installation of the app. You have to use the phone for selecting the wake up time. 

  • You have to make sure that you are using the same wifi network. 
  • Additionally these sunrise apps also offer to choose different light shades. 
Wifi Activated Sunrise Alarm

What To Do If Someone Is Not Waking Up?

Basically if you tried out all the ways and suspected that the person is not waking then what to do? It might be possible that they have put their phone on silent and are unable to hear the ringtone. However if you are sure that it’s not the case then you need to stay alert. 

Additionally you can call someone from their home and inform them of the situation. Either you can call them continually it’s possible that they will wake-up due to the vibration. You can also personally check to make sure that it’s not the medical case. 

What To Do If Someone Is Not Waking Up?

Can I Wake Up Someone Whose Mobile Is Off?

If their mobile is off then you might not reach them easily. First of all you have to make sure that their mobile is off. Moreover you can try to send text messages. If you don’t find a reply in any case then their phone is off. In addition to this you are also unable to send them the wakeup notifications as well. As a result you have to visit them and personally wake them up. 


Can I Send An Alarm To Another Phone?

Yes, now it’s possible with the help of some applications. First of all you need to mutually install a similar application. Afterwards you will be able to set the alarm and can wake them using your voice notes. 

How Do You Wake Someone Up When Their Phone Is On Silent?

In that case you can easily wake them through the use of find my phone option. However, through the help of the software you can play a sound on someone’s phone. Additionally this system is available on both the iphone & android. 

How Do I Wake My Boyfriend Up Over A Call?

You can just send them some cute messages or send voice notes. Moreover you can Surprise them with their favorite breakfast. However you can also switch on the lights. 

Final Thoughts

How to wake someone up over the phone? It’s quite simple and easier through calling and texting. Moreover you can use the third party applications in order to wake them. These applications are quite simple and helpful to attain it.  WakeMe, snoozle, Air Horn and glaram. These tools and applications are easy to use and need to be installed. 

So now you can easily get the solution to this problem. However if the mobile phone is on silent then you can use the “find my phone” feature to solve this problem. This will instantly play the sound on their phone that is helpful in waking. For more information visit

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