Why is Alexa Making a Static Noise   

Why is Alexa Making a Static Noise? 6 Problems & Remedies  

Alex is a smart AI that is making your life easier in all aspects. However, some unexpected measures from it can annoy you as well. Static noise from Alexa is enough to ruin your day. Here, a question arises: Why is Alex making a static noise? There can be several issues including low battery, faulty auxiliary cables, and poor Wi-Fi connections. Similarly, other problems like equalizer damage can be caused by high volume. If you follow some steps, you can easily solve all of these problems. In this article, we will address all problems which force Alexa to make a static noise along with effective solutions.

Why is Alexa Making a Static Noise?

According to some reports, several Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen units randomly begin making weird crackling and static noises. However, the problem seems related to the motion-detecting feature of the devices.

Why is Alexa Making a Static Noise

6 Problems for Alexa Making Static Noise

Alexa usually listens to your command by using a mic. Moreover, it answers your command by using a speaker. Sometimes, it becomes uncomfortable when the speaker releases a static sound. Users do not prefer to hear these unnecessary noises. What are the reasons behind these noises? Follow some reasons to know this.

Problem 1: Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet connection is the main reason Alexa makes random noise. If there is an occurrence, you may hear static noise for some seconds. Poor internet connection generally makes it tough for Alex to respond and receive commands. The speaker does not work especially while playing music. Therefore, Alexa makes strange noises to make you aware of the circumstance.


Put the Wi-Fi router in a central location, so your device can connect easily. You should replace the router capacity if you feel it is not enough. You must try to check the ones below.

Wi-Fi Routers’ Types

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi RouterA broad range of coverage connects up to 25 devices. It is a reliable high-speed router.
TP-Link AC 1750 Smart Wi-Fi RouterIt is a reliable high-speed router. Works with Alexa, has QoS and parental control.

In addition to these, your broadband capacity may not be enough as well. To ensure a smooth connection, contact your internet service provider. Similarly, you also require to change Wi-Fi in your smart plugs.

Problem 2: Faculty Auxiliary Cable

A large number of people are using an auxiliary cable to get audio from Alexa or Amazon Echo devices. Moreover, there may be a connection issue with the cable. All these issues trigger Alexa to make static noises. There might be a problem with Bluetooth connections if the audio is okay while using an auxiliary cable.


If your auxiliary cable is not working properly, you should test it to inspect it. To make sure it is okay, change the input device. If needed, change the auxiliary cable. Consequently, you will be solving the problem.

Problem 3: Low Battery

The problem of low battery occurs if your audio device connected to Alexa runs on a battery. A device can generate static noises to identify the battery is running low. A static noise can be produced due to its low battery, if your mobile phone is connected.


Recharge your battery, if an external audio device is connected which is running low on battery. If the problem persists, you can switch audio devices. To some extent, you will be able to solve these problems.

Problem 4: At Higher Volume Long-Time Use

This is the main reason behind the problem. It can damage the speakers if you are using your audio output device at higher volumes. Static noises can be heard, if there is damage to the speakers. It mostly occurs if there are low-powered speakers. Most importantly, your soundbars can get turned off as well.


You must keep the volume of your speakers at an optimum level. Moreover, you should avoid raising the volume unnecessarily. You should use good quality speakers to avoid any sort of damage. If it is necessary, you must replace the speakers. S

Problem 5: Equaliser Issue

Generally, equalizers maintain the frequency of sound or music output. Some static noises may be produced, if the equalizers start to malfunction. They get misplaced and produce noises, if you try to change them manually.


Restore to factory default settings, if you find a problem in equalizer settings. You should adopt the necessary precautions if you intend to change the equalizer settings.

Problem 6: Bluetooth Connection Issue

This is another mentionable problem here. Error in faculty Bluetooth audio devices, Bluetooth connection, and poor connectivity can produce static noises. This has also been a main problem due to Alexa making static noises.


Pair and unpair the Bluetooth device again, if you identify Bluetooth connection problems. You should see whether the audio output is correct after that. Most importantly, you must restart your device. There have been several reasons: why is Alexa making static noise? You should contact the dedicated support options by Amazon if you still face random problems with your Alexa. Moreover, there is also a one-year warranty. Therefore, you should not skip this opportunity.

How to Update Alexa?

You need to follow some instructions, if you want to update your Alexa. First of all, visit the settings and go to the device options. Try to check the software updates there. You will see it and then install it if there is any software update available. Now, you can update your Alexa.

How to Update Alexa

When Does Alexa Turn Blue?

When it receives your voice command, it turns blue. It portrays that Alexa has gotten your command and now it is receiving your command. Once the process is done, the blue light will go away. Therefore, you do not need to be worried about this irrelevant thing.

Does Alexa have the Potential to Update Itself?

Yes, Alexa has the potential to automatically update itself over Wi-Fi. However, Alexa updates normally include several new performance improvements and features. If you have a constant internet connection, you can easily download the update. You will be done, if the update is installed.

Can Alexa Detect Emergencies?

Yes, Alexa has the potential to detect emergencies. During emergencies, you can use Alexa as an alert device. Moreover, you can also call someone using voice commands. To call for services in emergencies, you can compile Alexa in this regard. Consequently, Alexa can detect emergencies.


Why is Alexa making static noise? It is a million-dollar question people are asking about. However, Alexa is a smart AI that makes your life easier. In addition to these, Alexa turns blue in some cases. It can also help you a lot in detecting emergencies. For more info visits https://mindtechies.com/.

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