what does the red dot on instagram mean

What does the red dot on Instagram mean? How to Remove it?

Instagram is a popular application for sharing videos, pictures & stories with friends. Besides this it will notify you about all the activities too. Sometimes you see a red dot on it. What does the red dot on Instagram mean? Actually, it informs you about a notification that either a person followed you, like your post and posted something.

In this guide I will elaborate on why it’s appearing on your Instagram and what’s the reason behind it. Moreover I will share the solutions to fix and how to remove this dot from Instagram.

What Does The Red Dot On Instagram Mean? Why Does It Appear On Instagram?

Whenever you are dealing with an application, it might show some notifications. Sometimes it shows complete notification of the comment or lifestyle. In the same way Sometimes there’s the appearance of a red dot on Instagram. It might be for some reason. Actually, it shows an indication of notification on Instagram that you have to check.

  • Sometimes it appears to inform you about the content. That you need to check.
  • All the time it’s not related to the profile activity status. 
  • If you see a red dot under the profile picture, that shows a notification about your profile.
  • Moreover, it might be the indication of the tagged photos. 
  • Additionally, it can show you to update your profile as well. 
  • When you are inactive on your Instagram for sometime then it shows this to interact with sending notifications. 
  • Can be the indication of multiple accounts that you can switch easily. 
What Does The Red Dot On Instagram Mean? Why Does It Appear On Instagram

What To Do If The Profile Photo Red Dot Doesn’t Disappear?

First of all make sure that you have checked all the notifications. Once you check all the notifications tabs surely it will disappear. Then it clearly indicates that it appears due to the notification that is not about your profile. 

  • If the red dot still appears click on the profile and switch to some other account. It can be helpful if you are using multiple accounts. In that case you can easily switch between these. 
  • Because when you check all the notifications & still see it then it might be a notification related to some other account.
  • Better solution is to log out of all of the accounts. After some time, login again and check if it still appears. 
  • Try out the clear cache for Instagram. Sometimes it happens due to software glitches. 

Why There’s A Red Dot Appear Under The Home Button On Instagram?

Basically you can see the red dot also under the he button on Instagram screen. It’s actually showing a notification. So why is it appearing here? Let’s explore the overall reasons and indications behind it. 

  • It indicates that your Instagram friends have uploaded a new photo or video. 
  • Moreover it might be an indication of your friend’s Instagram story. 
  • As a result in these cases Instagram notifies you to check for updates. 

Meaning Of Red Dot On Instagram Status Bar

Sometimes the red dot appears on the status top bar. However, the appearance of this dot indicates different notifications. It actually provides you with the information that checks your activity status. Whenever the dot appears on the top it might show that you have a new follower, comment, publication etc. 

However if you are seeing the notification on the messenger icon. It shows that you have a new message. For that purpose you have to read the message in the direct message section

Meaning Of Red Dot On Instagram Status Bar

How Can I Remove Instagram Red Dot? Is It Possible To Do? Complete Solution

Before removing you must be aware that what does the red dot on instagram mean? Clearly it’s a notification dot. The red dot usually appears for some time. Afterwards it disappears. Usually it indicates to check for the new notifications. In order to remove this dot you can go for these;

  • First of all, review your Instagram activity status. 
  • Check for the direct message section on Instagram.
  • It actually represents the new posts from your friends. Check that and it will be removed.
  • Click on the heart shape icon on the upper side of the instagaram. Now check the notifications section. Afterwards the red dot will be removed. 
How Can I Remove Instagram Red Dot?
  • Moreover it can be the indication of notification of other accounts. It’s the case when you are using multiple accounts on your mobile. 
  • In addition to this you can also pause your notifications from Instagram. 

Removal Of Red Dot From Toolbar

Basically it show’s a new notification on Instagram. For temporary removal check notification. However if you don’t want to get further do these steps. Firstly go to the Instagram settings & choose to Pause the notifications. Through this you will not further notify for the notifications.

Details Of Overall Instagram Icons Under Posts & Red Dots 

Hereby, I am going to discuss all of the post icons. This will be helpful for knowing about the notification and red dot. So let’s start with the overall Instagram icons knowledge. 

  • You can see the person icon on a post. That is clearly an indication of the tagged person in a post. 
  • There’s a rectangular box shape under the Instagram post. Using it you can save any post on Instagram. 
  • Moreover, there’s the presence of a heart shape under the Instagram post. If you double click on it you will see it turn red in color. It shows a notification to other people that you like their post. 
  • Besides this, there’s a chat but bubbles. It shows the comment section. Here, you can click to write a comment.
  • Moreover, there’s 3 dots appearing on the post. Pressing it will lead to other options. 
Details Of Overall Instagram Icons Under Posts & Red Dots 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Does Red Dot Next To Instagram Account Mean?

It shows that there’s a certain type of activity happening on your account. Moreover, it shows that you have got any engagement on your posts.

Q. Why Won’t The Red Dot Go Away On Instagram?

It might be due to the app cache or server down. In that case, try to clear the cache of Instagram. Afterwards, it will go away. Moreover, you also need to check for the internet connection. 

Q. Can You Tell If Someone Looks At Your Instagram?

No you can’t see who is looking at your account or profile on Instagram. 

Concluding Thoughts

Instagram is a great way to relax. Whenever you upload or your friends upload a new post it shows notification. People experience the red dot on Instagram. So what does the red dot on instagram mean? You can easily elaborate on the meaning of notifications from this. However when it appears, how to remove it? Is explained above. 

However, seeing through this red dot you can easily find out about Instagram’s activities. So in that case it’s actually a good option that gives you the exact clarification about notification type. So enjoy using Instagram because this red dot has nothing to worry about. 

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