Action Camera Head Mount

6 Ways To Use An Action Camera Head Mount

Using camera mounting options you can capture the more focused and mesmerizing videos. However, an action camera head mount is a great option. Through this mountain you can record all the front views. It’s the best option for sports videography with no use of hands. However lens orientation & head strap positions matter alot. 

In addition to this you can also use other body parts for camera mounting. That are bite, shoulder, wrist, chest, backpack, hat mounting. This article will discuss the head mounting types, features, pros and cons in detail. Additionally it will highlight the working & specifications of other mounting options. 

Action Camera Head Mount

What Is An Action Camera Head Mount? 

Actually it’s a strap or a mount that helps to attach a camera with your head. That makes the videography more easier. You don’t need to carry it along with the sports activities. Just mount it on your head and you can capture anything. 

Important Tips For Using Action Camera Head Mount

You must follow some important tips in order to follow the head mount. That are;

1. Lens orientation plays an important role in mounting. As a result you must ensure that you set the lens in the proper position. Mount the camera using a head strap to focus on the particular angles. 

2. Moreover the head strap will comfortably mount on your head. You must use it over the eyes. 

3. Before you are making the final footage try to test it. Mount and record a short video in order to check the framing. 

Important Tips For Using Action Camera Head Mount

Where To Use The Camera Head Mount?

Basically, it will enhance the quality and capture the most attractive views. You can choose this mountain to record action and sports. Moreover, you can choose this to use in;

  • Rock climbing
  • Tracking
  • Running
  • Parkour
  • Tennis
  • Hiking
  • Basketball
Where To Use The Camera Head Mount?

Action Camera Head Mounting For GoPro Users

Basically, this is a new technique to use for capturing adventuring moments. With the use of GoPro and the help of head mount you can easily record videos. 

Best Head Mount: GoPro Head Strap + QuickClip

Action Camera Head Mounting For Gopro Users

Steps To Use

  • First of all, you have to adjust the camera with the head strap.
  • You can use the Head Strap and mount the camera on any size of helmet.
  • Moreover, with the help of a quick clip, the GoPro camera can be attached to the baseball cap.
  • However, this mount system is suitable for any GoPro camera. 

Insta360 Users Helmet Mount (Useful In Air)

Name: Insta360 Sky Bundle head mount 


  • These head mounts are best to use for sky driving activities. 
  • Additionally, these are the best ones and prepare for this purpose. 
  • Moreover, these are perfect, secure, and reliable.
  • Actually, they are safe to use and will not get entangled in parachutes.
Insta360 Users Helmet Mount (Useful In Air)

Steps To Use

  • Basically, this blue bundle includes the head mount buckles and adapters. 
  • Moreover, they include adhesive mounts. They are good to attach a camera to the Head mount.
  • Additionally, the adhesives mount may be in curved and flat forms.
  • For extra height, you can also choose to use an extension pole. 
  • As a result, you can capture all the moments properly. 

Helmet Mount (Useful On Land)

Name: Insta360’s Unicorn Helmet Mount


  • First of all, it works greatly to capture all the moments. 
  • Additionally, it has a high tensile strength mounting adhesive. 
  • Basically, it is suitable for all the action and high-speed sports.
  • Perfect to capture the skating, mountain biking 
  • Moreover, you can easily capture the 360° footage with it. 
Helmet Mount (Useful On Land)

Steps To Use

  • You have to use carbon fiber to mount on the head.
  • However, now you can easily capture the first-person POV footage. 
  • Moreover, with the adjustment you can capture the 360° footage.
  • Your camera will stick to it easily in such a way that it can survive in rough weather. 
  • Additionally it can work properly even in 50 mph wind.


It contains the rod so avoid wearing it in Ariel activities. Moreover you should not try to use it during high speed activities. So basically you have to avoid its use in such conditions where there is the chance of cord entangling. However when you are using a parachute the cord might get entangled. 

Revo’s Adjustable Head Strap Mount

  • It’s one of the best third party action cameras. 
  • Moreover it is less expensive than the GoPro head strap.
  • Additionally they look similar to the GoPro mount. 
  • It’s versatile, best, affordable and durable. 
  • You can easily capture the first person footage from this.

Steps To Use

  • The action camera head mount is similar to the GoPro mounting.
  • However it has a 3 prong mount that supports the camera.
  • However it doesn’t contain any accessory clips.
  • Although it’s a good, adjustable and easy to fit size with the cameras.

Pros And Cons Of Action Camera Head Mount

Pros Cons 
Camera will not be bound with your hands and it can instantly capture whatever the view in front of you. Additionally it’s a safer option to capture. Whenever you think that it’s falling you can easily handle it. Moreover it is compatible with almost all sports cameras. The other body mountain options will be a blockage for the movement in some sport’s. It’s actually a better option to carry. It might feel like uncomfortable equipment. Moreover you have to constantly move and look for the video. These continuous movements might affect your game performance. Additionally it’s not a good option for capturing and making films.It will only capture that are in front of you and you are seeing. 

Bite Mount For Action Camera

Name of camera:  GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty

Bite Mount For Action Camera

Features & Use 

It’s not necessary to use the Head mount camera. As a result you can also choose this bite mount for an action camera. Whenever you are swimming you can choose to use this. You can’t use the Head mount in water because you have to use your both hands too here. In this way it’s best to use the bite mount instead of other for GoPro camera. 

Bite Mount For Action Camera


  • It has limited use.
  • Moreover the bite mounting can cause irregular breathing.
  • Additionally you will get a little more winded. 

Other Ways Of Mounting Action Camera On Body 

1. Chest Camera Mounting 

It’s a great capturing option. Moreover it is mounted in front of your body. Hence can be secure in a way that you can support it with your hands too. Moreover they are stable too.

Chest Camera Mounting
Pros Cons 
Suitable for all and can be securely mounted using the gears.It is going to feel uncomfortable after sometime. 
Chest Camera Mounting

2. Shoulder Mounting

It’s a great option to capture the first person video and others. Moreover it’s the best option to use for video blogging.

Pros Cons 
First of all it gives a stable shoot.Perfect for video blogging. Easily capture in front happenings. Actually it’s quite difficult to keep the position of the camera in the right direction.Moreover it can make you feel uncomfortable after some time. 
Shoulder Mounting

3. Mask Mount Ways

  • It’s a good option to capture in-front happenings.
  • Moreover it’s suitable to capture underwater activities. 
  • Much useful for the underwater drivers. 
Mask Mount Ways

4. Backpack Camera Mounting

It’s quite similar to the shoulder mounting. It’s a good option to use for hiking and other activities. Additionally it’s a comfortable option too. However it’s quite difficult to keep it in an accurate position. Moreover it’s difficult to handle and keep its focus clear. 

5. Magnetic Mounting Ways

It’s a simple and easier mountain way. You just need a metal surface on which it will stick easily. However it becomes a good option when you are traveling on a vehicle. 

Pros Cons
First of all it can quickly attach the camera on the metal surfaces.Easily attach over the clothes, bike, gear etc.Basically it’s not a secure way to attach the camera.If you hit with anything it will detach the camera instantly. 

5. Hat Mounting For Camera

It’s a good and unique way for the hat lovers. Basically it has the clip on mount quality. However it’s not a comfortable option. Moreover your head will constantly start to move downward.

6. Wrist & Hand Mounting

Basically it’s the more common option that is useful during biking and hiking. Moreover there are many types of these mounting. 

Wrist & Hand Mounting

1. Floating

2. Rotate around bands

3. With adjustable Bands 

Wrist & Hand Mounting


How Do You Put An Action Camera On Your Head?

You can choose to put this through different straps and ways. However you can choose to mount it using the chin mount, head mount. Moreover you can position it on the top or side of the head. 

Can You Wear Gopro On Your Head?

You can choose to mount the GoPro Head Strap mount + QuickClip. This will instantly stick the camera to your head. Afterwards you can record videos. 

Where Do You Mount An Action Camera?

Mounting camera will be helpful to capture events more flawlessly and focused. You can mount camera on different body parts that are;

  1. Head Strap Mount
  2. Helmet Mount
  3. Backpack Mount
  4. Chest Mount
  5. Handlebar Mount
  6. Bite Mount
  7. Mask Mount
  8. Shoulder Mount

Final Thoughts

It’s important to capture life events and adventures. However the camera mounting options are good to make hands free capturing. For sports, an action camera head mount is one of the best options. It will let your hands free and capture the in front videos. It’s good for tracking, climbing, running and gaming. However it might make you feel uncomfortable sometimes.

In addition to this you can also choose other camera mounting options. Additionally the wrist, shoulder, hands and chest mounting. These will also be a good option for photography & videography. However you must know that you have to attach it in a secure way. For more information visits

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