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Levo pa71 Power Bank: Specs, Features & Complete Review

The levo pa71 is a powerful power bank with elegant style. Moreover it’s charging rate is 5V/1A. As a result it will only take 3 to 4 hours to charge it completely. Moreover you can charge 2 devices simultaneously at the same time. Additionally you can charge a mobile at least 2 times with it. You might feel it is expensive according to the price. 

It makes a great facility to charge the device’s while traveling. Moreover it has a safe built in program that also protects devices from overheating. This article will share all the specifications, features and in depth details about this power bank. 

levo pa71

Introduction To Levo Pa71

It is the power bank that is useful to charge a device. However it is a good device that is helpful to charge your devices. It becomes difficult to charge your mobiles when you are outside. However there the restaurants & petrol pumps are not a good option to charge. Additionally there is a risk of stealing as well. 

However power banks are an excellent option. Once you have to change it & it will store the energy. As a result you just need to connect it with your mobile to charge it. 


Brand name Levo
Model levo pa71
Weight 16 ounce 
Dimensions6.5×3.5×1.3 inches
USB ports Two 
Battery typeLi-ion Battery
Storage capacity7100 mAh
Electricity requirements700 watt
Available colorsBlack & silver 

Why Should You Choose It?

  1. Longer battery life with elegant style
  2. A great energy source to operate & charge multiple gadgets
  3. Moreover it is a powerful & portable electrical socket. 
  4. It immediately saves your device from battery loss. 
  5. Additionally it is durable & made up of high quality. 
  6. Feature of multiple charging with great device compatibility features.
Why Should You Choose It?

Working Steps For Levo Power Bank

It is a powerful power bank. Moreover it works following through the 2 step’s. 

  • Charging & storage
  • Charging other devices

First of all you have to charge your power bank. Afterwards it will store the energy inside it. As a result the electrical energy stores inside it. However when you need to charge the mobile you have to connect it with the power bank. As a result it will convert the AC power to DC. As a result you can charge any device easily. 

Device Compatibility

Basically it is compatible to work with mobile Devices. Whenever you decide to go for an outing you must need a secure mobile battery. In order to provide this facility power banks are useful. However nowadays mobile phones are a common item with extensive use. Actually the battery issue arises during travel & other purposes. Moreover they are also compatible devices that are;

  • Camera
  • Tablet
  • USB input
  • Mini computers
  • Speakers
  • iPhones or iPad
  • Headphones
  • Android
  • Additionally some variants can be useful to charge a laptop. 

Availability & Price

Basically when you search for this power bank you will not find any website that is selling it. However, according to some source’s it will cost you $25 USD/23 Euros. 

Specifications & Features 

1. Available Colors

You will find fashionable & traditional color trends. There are two attractive colors available to purchase. That are;

  • Black
  • Silver

2. Style 

This power bank is actually available in the attractive style. Additionally it has sleek design features. Moreover there are many varieties available to purchase with different styles & powers as well. 

3. Features Of USB Ports

Most of the power banks are available with only one USB port. However in this model there are two ports. As a result you can charge 2 mobile Devices at a time. 

4. Available Battery & Power

  • First of all you will find a high quality battery inside it. 
  • Moreover it has long battery life as well. 
Available Battery & Power
  • Additionally it is lightweight. 
  • However it has diminutive size but quality is high.
  • As a result it is able to handle high power levels. 
  • Basically it uses 700 watts of electricity. 

5. Portability

  • Basically it contains a 16 ounce weight. 
  • Overall its dimensions are 6.5×3.5×1.3 inches.
  • As a result the dimensions, features are supportive to make it more convenient.
  • Eventually it is a more comfortable & portable addition to carry. 

6. Digital LED Display Features

Moreover you will find this digital LED feature in it. This LED will display the remaining battery life eventually. This is helpful to know and monitor the power bank utilization.

7. Battery Type

It has the li-ion Battery. Moreover it contains 10,000 mAh battery power. 

Advantages Of Levo Pa71

Following are its advantages;

1. Affordable

It is an affordable product that can be useful. Moreover it has exceptional features at affordable prices.

2. Battery Storage Capacity

Additionally it can quickly charge any high power device in minutes. Basically it contains the li-ion Battery. Moreover it has the storage capacity of 10,000 mAh. 

3. Easy To Handle

Additionally it is much easier to handle & operate. Moreover a person can independently operate & control its features as well.

4. Fast Charging Features

It is a fast charging Device. You can easily charge it and without electricity can charge it easily. As a result of its rapid charging feature you can find it exceptional. 

5. Two USB Ports

You will find 2 USB ports and can charge 2 mobile phones at a single time.

 Two USB Ports

6. Product Warranty

Moreover you will get the 1 year product warranty. Basically with its presence you will get the optimum results. 

How Long Does It Last? Battery Reviews

First of all, its battery life is actually useful for 3 to 4 days. However it is inexpensive according to the features. Moreover it has the power to charge multiple gadgets at a time. Additionally due to the presence of USB ports you can easily carry this elegant design. 

Pros & Cons Of Levo Power Bank 71

Pros Cons 
You can charge your smartphone. Basically it contains a 10,000 mAh li-ion battery. Additionally it has a built-in flashlight.Moreover it is easily transportable.However you can charge 2 devices simultaneously at a time with 2 ports. Optional charging cables contain lightning & micro USB. First of all, the carrying case is not included in it. Moreover there are other best battery power banks available in the market. Additionally it is more expensive.However it is not a waterproof product.As a result, it is not suitable while raining.You will get only one output connector. However the USB port isn’t present with the high speed. 

Important Tips To Increase Battery Life

However with the inappropriate use you might damage or destroy battery life. With the help of device maintenance you can increase the battery life. Following are the important tips to increase its power and life that are;

  1. For fast charging try to charge it in airplane mode.
  2. Try to keep your device away from the moisture. As a result it will damage the battery life.
  3. However, right after charging, immediately disconnect it from the power bank.
  4. Mobile overload will result in overheating. As a result it will decrease the battery life.
  5. However when you keep it in dry space then it can show optimal performance. 
Important Tips To Increase Battery Life

Things To Avoid

Following are the important things you must avoid that are;

  1. The charging sources other than the original are reducing the device lifespan.
  2. Moreover, always try to use the original cable.
  3. Additionally try not to use the device while it’s on charging.
  4. Before charging make sure that the power bank is charged. 
  5. Moreover you should not try to charge the device to 100 percent. 

Comparison With Other Power Banks

1. Comparison With Anker Powercore 10000 

Anker is actually small, lightweight, with low capacity. Moreover you can charge mobiles mostly for 1 to 2 times. It has a 10000mAh capacity. However it will cost you $49.99. Both have the LED screen. That clearly indicates that the Levo power bank is better. 

2. Comparison With Ravpower 20800MAH

It has a massive 26,800mAh power capacity. Moreover it can charge 5 to 6 mobile devices after charging it for once. 


What Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Power Bank?

There are some important factors that you must check before purchasing. Have a look at some checklist that are;

  1. Capacity power
  2. Size 
  3. Input (recharging time)
  4. Output power
  5. Price of the power bank

Why Should You Buy Levo PA71?

Basically it contains all the features that are useful for a powerful power bank. Moreover you can instantly charge your devices with its fast power charging. It is available in sleek, lightweight, affordable and elegant style. 

Which Colors Are Available In Levo Power Bank 71?

There are two colors that are available in this power bank that are;

1. Black

2. Silver white

Final Thoughts

The levo pa71 power bank is a wonderful addition that has great working power. Moreover it will immediately start to charge your device’s with fast speed. It has solar technology, with an LED display. This LED will represent the battery power & remaining charging. 

Additionally it will come with a 1-year warranty. You can simultaneously charge 2 devices at the same time. Additionally it has the Compatibility with other Devices as well. As a result it is a good power bank overall. However the downside is that it is not a waterproof product. 

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