Why is My Airtag Beeping Main Factors & How to stop it

Why is My Airtag Beeping? Main Factors & How to stop it

People are wondering, ‘’Why is my airbag beeping?’’. Apple’s Airtag has revolutionized the way we keep track of our stuff. There are a few loopholes due to which your Airtag starts beeping. If you want to fix this problem, follow in our footsteps and enjoy your gadget. In this article, we will discuss the factors that cause beeping, and offer effective solutions to fix it.

What is an Airtag Beeping?

Airtag is a powerful tracking attachment through which a person can locate his expensive belongings when they go missing. Simply, this is designed to provide peace of mind. Sometimes, it starts to beep randomly for no reason.

Why is My Airtag Beeping

Factors making your Airtag cause Beeping

The beeping sound can be alarming which is coming from the Airtag. But there is nothing you should worry about. Here, we will discuss why your Airtag starts beeping.

1.       Glitch in the Connection

A glitch or bug in your iPhone connection and Airtag is the most common factor why it starts to beep. It is most likely that there is a failure in the connection of your device. However, you can fix this glitch by troubleshooting the connection by disconnecting the device and adding it again. In this way, you can easily fix any improper beeping. You should also turn on your Bluetooth every time to fix this bug that causes a beeping sound.

2.       When you are far away from Airtag

The Airtag starts to beep through the Airtag speaker as a reminder if your Airtag is separated from its owner for an extended period. If you stay close to your Airtag, it will keep track of your belongings. However, it is a main feature of Airtag through the Notify When Left Behind function. If your Apple device is away from your Airtag for a long time, this will be activated. Most importantly, this beeping sound can be annoying to someone. Therefore, we will give you a solution to fix this issue.


To get to one of the known locations, you need to set up your Airtag on the Find My app. You can prevent beeping if you create an exception to the location you frequent. Consequently, if your Airtag is there without your Apple ID device, this will not cause any beeping.

3.       When your Airtag is Found Moving with Anyone Else

When someone with an iPhone receives safety alerts, an Airtag starts beeping that it is found moving with them. This is a security specification established to prevent them from being tracked by an unknown Airtag without activating Lost Mode. However, iPhone users can type ‘’Play Sound’’ on an Airtag within their Find MY app and find detected near them. Moreover, this can alert people and allow them to locate the Airtag which is potentially tracking them. This alert can be activated by both Android and iPhone devices.

This anti-tracking feature provides support against unnecessary stalking. However, it can prove to be annoying in a few conditions. For example, when you send your pet to a groomer or pet sitter, and you allow your pet to be transported with a person with an iPhone, they may choose to play a sound and receive a tracking notification.

When your Airtag is Found Moving with Anyone Else


If you have planned to get your item or pet attached to an Airtag and have them travel with a particular person, do inform them beforehand about it. It has the potential to help prevent any alarm to someone and prevent any unwanted beeping Airtag noises. It is worth noting that these safety alarms do not apply to Android users with Android phones.

4.       Malfunction

A malfunction with your Airtag causes it to randomly make noises for no reason.


The only solution to a malfunction is to reset your Airtag.

5.       When your Airtag is not updated to the Advanced Firmware

The AIrtag starts beeping when it is not running the latest firmware. It sometimes occurs when you have an old version of the Find My app, however, your Airtag has not been updated to the latest firmware.


Open the Find My app, if you want to update your Airtag. Moreover, choose items at the bottom and tap on your Airtag. You can check when there is an available update for your Airtag and download the modern firmware version. I recommend you contact Apple Support if you want more help on this matter. Now, you have essential information about the beeping sound coming from Airtag and how to fix it. If you follow our tips, then your Apple Airtags will not give you any surprises.

Normal Mistakes while Setting Up an Airtag

You should avoid some of the mistakes while setting up your Airtag.

1.       No Airtag is Fastened Well

This is the most common mistake when you do not attach Airtag properly to your item. Before attaching the Airtag, you must ensure that it is firmly secured so that it will not become loose or fall off during normal use. Consider attaching your Airtag to a carabiner or other similar device that is firmly secure, if you are using an Airtag with a fabric item like a purse or bag. Eventually, it ensures that your lost item would still be detectable by using an Airtag.

No Airtag is Fastened Well

2.       No Exception Locations are configured

This is the most common mistake when users use Airtags without configuring their settings. Therefore, you should visit the Find My app and insert some of the common locations you visit as exceptions for the ‘’Notify’’ When Left Behind function. Some of the examples are your home, the office, and the gym. This can prevent any unwanted beeping noise.

No Exception Locations are configured

3.       The Airtag is signaling a Lost Item

The airbag starts beeping when it initiates the signal to help you find a lost item. A Good Samaritan can hold their iPhone to the Airtag to report the item as found if it is lost somewhere you are far away. Moreover, this can be a good choice if you reunite with your missing item.

On the other hand, you might have accidentally triggered lost mode on your Airtag. You should check the Find My app if you hear your airbag beeping. It means that you enabled tracking by mistake.

Is Your Airtag Ready for Setup?

The last 2 chimes associated with Airtags are heard during setup. One chime plays when setup is complete, and the other plays when an Airtag is ready to be set up. There are some sounds you might hear when you have just bought a new Airtag.

Is Your Airtag Ready for Setup?

How to Avoid Airtag Beeping?

If you are not sure why your Airtag is beeping, try updating the Airtag’s software, changing the Airtag Battery, or resetting your Airtag.  

How to Remove and Reconnect the Airtag with Your iPhone?

This method is useful to fix any unnecessary beeping sound. Follow these steps if you want to do this.

1.   Visit the Find My app and choose the items carefully.

2.   Choose your Airtag which is not connected.

How to Remove and Reconnect the Airtag with Your iPhone?

3.   Swipe up to acquire the Remove item choice.

4.   Eventually, tap on the Remove again option too.

Connect and pair your Airtag again with the device, if you have once connected this process. This is possible by tapping on the pop-up screen on your iPad or iPhone.

How to Remove and Reconnect the Airtag with Your iPhone?

How to Reset Your Airtag?

If you want to remove the battery up to 4 times, make sure to reset your Airtag. The process is necessary in a few cases when your Airtag encounters any type of update or glitch. Try to reset your Airtag, if you hear any unwanted beeping, and the problem may sort out automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my AirTag Beeping?

The Airtag starts beeping when it is first set up, when the battery was changed successfully, and when it is tracking an item through the Find My app. Moreover, if your airbag is separated from your iPhone or iPad devices, it will again cause beeping.

How long can the Battery last?

Apple Airtags’ batteries can last around one year. Most importantly, the actual time length of a battery relies on the frequency of its use and the condition it is kept in throughout the device’s life.


People want to get information, ‘’Why is my Airtag beeping?’’. The answer to this question is that there are many factors involved that trigger Airtag to start beeping. You can fix this problem by accomplishing the features we mentioned above. For more information visits https://mindtechies.com/.

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