If I Unsend A Message On Instagram What Happens

If I Unsend A Message On Instagram What Happens

Sometimes you mistakenly send a message on Instagram & want to delete it from both sides. With the update feature, you can also unsend the messages. So if I unsend a message on Instagram what happens? No worries it will be removed from both sides.

In this article, I will share all the information for unending Instagram messages with their step-by-step guidance. 

 If I Unsend A Message On Instagram What Happens

Is There Any Messages Unsend Feature On Instagram? 

Through the use of Instagram direct message (DM), you can easily text your friends. Sometimes a person mistakenly sends a message to a person. Afterwards, you regret sending the message. However through the Instagram unsend feature now it’s easier to remove it. 

How Can I Unsend A Message On Instagram?

If you send some messages and later on think that it’s not too sent. Sometimes it happens that a person regrets what has been sent. In that case, you can take benefits from the use of unending options. For unending follow as;

  • First of all, open your Instagram account. 
  • Now open the direct message section on Instagram. 
  • Open the specific chat in which you want to unsend a message.
  • Now you have to tap on the message for some time. 
  • Afterward, you will see the menu that appears on the side of Instagram. 
  • Select the unsend option hereby to remove the message.
How Can I Unsend A Message On Instagram?

In this way, the message will be removed from the chat. Whenever you want to unsend it you can go for it. Afterward, the recipient will receive the notification of “message has been unsent”. 

However, it’s important to note that Instagram keeps a copy of this message for some time. Afterward, the message will be removed. Even the administrators of Instagram hold access to this message if it’s necessary. 

Unsending Group Message

Additionally, you can also unsend a message in any group. In a similar way to the chat the group message unsend feature works. 

  • First of all, open group chat. Click on your message.
  • Now select the Unsend option to Unsend it. 

If I Unsend A Message On Instagram What Happens? Detailed Description

Whenever you message someone they will receive the notification of a new message. However, if you want you can also unsend it before the recipient sees the notification. Moreover, it depends on the unending and sending of the message. 

However, if you unsend the message before the recipient person sees the message the notification will also disappear. However, if the person opens the message there will be no effect over the previous notification. 

Instead of this, all these features are highly amazing in some Conditions. Moreover, you can use this feature for certain cases. However, this option is not available to work within different conditions. The message will be deleted from the inbox. 

If I Unsend A Message On Instagram What Happens? Detailed Description

If I Unsend A Message On Instagram What Happens In Case Of Voice Messages?

Just like the simple messages, the Instagram voice messages work. The message will similarly be deleted from the recipient’s inbox and chat history as well. However, if the recipient receives and listens to the audio then he can still see the notification of the message. 

Limitations Of Instagram Message Unsend Feature

If I unsend a message on Instagram what happens? However, if you are sending something on Instagram and want to delete it later. But there are some limitations to it. Additionally, there is something that can limit this feature.

  • This feature is available on the latest version of Instagram.
  • Whenever you are using the old version you can’t unsend it.
  • You can unsend it if the recipient has not opened the chat.
  • It’s not a guarantee that the recipient has seen the message or not. 
  • They might take the screenshots before you unsend them.
  • Moreover, if they have received and seen the message you unsending doesn’t mean. 
  • It is useful for retracting the message. 
  • Concludingly it’s important to think before sending something. 
Limitations Of Instagram Message Unsend Feature

When You Should Use The Unsend Option On Instagram?

However, this feature can be helpful for some matters. Hereby we are sharing some examples of it that are;

1. Whenever you mistakenly send messages to the wrong person. It’s important to avoid any type of harassment.

2. Sometimes typing mistakes send the wrong information to the recipient. In this case, you can use this to avoid misunderstanding.

3. Whenever you change your mind to something you can remove it accordingly.

4. To avoid any kind of harassment and spam.

5. Moreover you can avoid any awkward situation by correcting the unsend messages. 

Time Limit For Unsending Message

There’s not any specific time limit to unsend it. You can Unsend any message at any time. 

Can I Unsend Messages When I Am Block?

The question arises whether it’s also possible or not. However when you are blocked in a conversation. You can’t unsend the message. It will not remotely delete just like the other messages. Through the blocking, the messages you send will not be able to be deleted. 

How Can I Recover The Unsend Messages On Instagram?

Once the sender unsend the messages they are permanently deleted. So it’s important which messages you are going to delete and send. However, there is a way by which the unsend can be shown on the recipient’s account. 

How Can I Recover The Unsend Messages On Instagram?

For that purpose, immediately turn on airplane mode. Due to this in this short period, the message will not sync within this time. Though this way there’s a time for you to decide whether you want it or not. 

It’s important to note that this will only work if the recipient hasn’t seen this message yet. 

How To Find The People Who Unsend Messages On Instagram?

There’s not any option for finding unsend messages that are deleted within the chats. It’s a tool to delete the texts that are mistakenly sent. However, it’s important to use this option ethically. It’s important to respect other people’s privacy. 

Reported Messages Also Include Your Unsend Messages

According to the Instagram reporting these messages will count in the report. When someone reports your conversation it will also include your unsend messages. But it is counted within the 14 days of unending. That’s why these messages will be removed from the Instagram databases as well. 

So it’s completely known that this conversation will be removed from both hands. 


Will It Notify If I Unsend A Message On Instagram?

The answer is no. Instagram will not send any kind of notifications in case you send a message. 

When You Unsend A Message On Instagram Does It Delete For The Other Person?

Basically when you Unsend the message it is no longer available. That means it will be removed from both the receiver & your chat. 

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A DM?

It doesn’t show any kind of notification in case of taking screenshots. 


It’s annoying when you send Instagram messages out of frustration or by mistake and regret later. However, you can also remove it through the unsend option. But I’m really confused. What happens if I unsend a message on Instagram what happens? In that case, your message will be deleted from both sides.

Following this guide you can follow the steps to unsend and know how unsending works in your favor. 

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