Are Airtags Waterproof

Are Airtags Waterproof? All About You Need To Know

People are wondering, ‘’Are AirTags waterproof?’’ The answer to this question is no. It means that the airbags have some loopholes in their design. We need to figure out these problems so that we can resolve them. In this article, we will highlight the drawbacks of airbag design and offer effective solutions to make them reliable for users.

Why are Airtags not waterproof?

Airbags are highly resistant to water damage. It means that we can use them for outdoor activities even during rainy conditions. Moreover, Airtags can withstand being submerged for up to 30 minutes. A waterproof time can enhance the amount of time that the gadget can withdraw from being exposed to water. There are a few things you need to know about water damage to Airtags.

1.       Water Pressure is a Significant Factor

The risk of serious damage increases significantly if the Airtag is submerged at more than approximately 3 feet. It could be more damaging than a longer time submerged in shallower water if water pressure at a depth is greater than 3 feet. Fortunately, waterproof cases from Case-Mate can help your Airtag to withstand more depths for a brief period.

Are Airtags Waterproof

2.       Water Resistance Rating of IP67 is a Significant Factor

Airbags are water resistant to some extent, however, this has led to them being provided an IP67 water resistance rating. It portrays that they are perceived as highly water-resistant as compared to other electronic devices. Most importantly, this has the same rating as the iPhone X. Therefore, this is considered water resistant rather than waterproof.

3.       An IP67 Rating is Suitable for Use in Most Settings

Multiple water-resistant devices are suitable to handle brief exposures. However, a particular length of time that they will be able to withstand relies on the water-resistant rating of the device. An IP67 rating of this device has been sufficient for most of the settings where exposure to water is possible. Therefore, devices with this water-resistant rating can tolerate spills and other causes of water damage. Consequently, the protective casings from Case-Mate make your devices more water-resistant.

An IP67 Rating is Suitable for Use in Most Settings

4.       A Steady Stream from a Faucet can Cause Damage to Them

People are wondering, ‘’Are Apple Airtags waterproof?’’ It is essential to know that a continuous stream from a faucet can cause damage to Apple Airtags. Damages come out when the faucet is in a high-pressure setting.

Is Dripping Water Less Damaging?

It does not cause serious damage if the water is falling on the Airtag in small droplets. That is why the exposures are relatively brief.

Is Dripping Water Less Damaging?

Do Airtags Get Wet and Pursue to Work?

An Airtag continues to work for up to 30 minutes when submerged in shallow water. However, you must avoid exposing the device to water if possible.  

Can Signal Strength be reduced?

Water can absorb Wi-Fi signals. Consequently, the Airtag cannot function properly if it is underwater. However, this will make it difficult to retrieve the device.

Is Water Resistant not the same as Waterproof?

Waterproofing does not mean the same thing as water resistance. However, waterproof devices can withstand approximately any exposure to water. Moreover, water-resistant devices can easily handle relatively brief exposures.

Case-Mate provides a wide variety of cases for Airtags. These devices are available for a broad variety of products that Airtags are used with, like keychains and AirTag dog collars.

Can Airtags Get Wet?

Water can damage the Airtags within a short while. ‘’May Airtags get wet?’’ The answer to this question is yes. They are highly water resistant, therefore, you can minimize the chances of them being damaged by water by using a case. A few of the effective products come from Case-Mate.

Can Airtags Get Wet?

Can Apple AirTags be Waterproof?

Airtags have an IP57 rating along with their battery covers in place. It means that they can resist more splashing and be submerged in a meter (3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. You will be fined if you accidentally leave one in the shower or drop one in a toilet. This rating comes under lab conditions. However, we will consider twice about regular or swimming showers with an Airtag. Someone who has aimed to destroy an Airtag could toss it in a bathtub or pond and reliably wish it to fall apart, even if it takes much longer than 30 minutes in practice.

Water resistance is not a ‘’permanent condition,’’ as cautioned by Apple itself. However, it may decrease as a result of normal wear. Entropy will take its toll, and the rougher you treat an Airtag, the more quickly that resistance will disappear. Therefore, you should not allow an Airtag to get beat up in your gym bag, luggage, or hiking pack. You should attach it in a way that will leave it mostly untouched.

How to Dry Your AirTags?

If you receive an Airtag, it is necessary in most cases to dry the outside with a soft cloth. Similarly, it keeps the liquid away from eroding and sealing. You should avoid a blow dryer since the heat could damage circuitry or sealing. Follow these steps if you are worried that water is already past the sealing.

1.   You must remove the battery cover by pressing it down. Afterward, rotate counterclockwise until it stops.

2.   You must separate the battery, cover, and body, allowing them to air-dry for several hours. Most probably, you will be able to accelerate the process with silica packs. You must avoid using rice since grain fragments could get stuck.

How to Dry Your AirTags?

3.   Once you are done, resemble the AirTag and ensure that you hear a tone when the battery is pressed into its slot. It portrays that the battery is connected which is a good symbol of Airtag’s functioning.

To make sure whether your Airtag is alive or not, open the ‘’Find My App’’ on your iPad or iPhone and choose it in the items tab. Assuming it is functioning, abandon any future water exposure.

How to Dry Your AirTags?

Airtag Waterproof & Splash-Proof Cases

It is important to keep Airtag’s water-resistant ratings around water. However, there are several quality products that you can get from stores.

1.       Elevation Lab Tab Vault Case

Elevation Labs were the first to launch a waterproof case for the Apple Airtags. Moreover, the Tag Vault has a compact design and is made up of stainless steel that protects in space. Consequently, this is one of the best Airtag cases in the market.

2.       Caseology Vault Case

It is a great option for keeping your Airtags safe. However, this can feature a durable case with a built-in carabiner which you can use to connect everything. It is easy to store the Airtags by using its flexible frame. You can open the cosmology vault on both sides, allowing the Airtag to be traceable when you are seeking your misplaced item.

3.       Amitel Case

Airtel case is the best solution if you have a shaped item to which you attach an AirTag, such as a remote control. You can use the adhesive to connect the Airtag to the item you want to track. Therefore, this makes it easy to clean the silicone construction of the case.

4.       Generic Water-Resistant AirTag Case

It features a simple silicon design with an opening at the upper side, making the Airtag easily accessible. It prevents your device from restricted access when you are reaching it quickly. Moreover, the case is available on Amazon and comes in 7 different colors.

5.       Olixar Silicon Protective Skin

This case does not have any clasp, however, the edges are stretched to fit over the AirTag. This is a secured and well-protected case from the elements once it is there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AirTags be Waterproof in a Shower?

Yes, Airtags are waterproof in a shower because of their IP67 water resistance rating.

Can AirTags Sustain in Salt Water?

Airbags are highly resistant to water damage. Therefore, they cannot sustain themselves in salt water.


People want to know, ‘’Are Airtags waterproof?’’. The answer to this question is no. On the contrary, if you follow our instructions then you will be able to counter this issue. There are several casings available in the market which will make it helpful for your AirTags.  

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