ViewSonic monitor no signal

ViewSonic monitor no signal Reasons & Fixes

For business, entertainment and Gaming purposes, ViewSonic has a wide range of PC monitors. The working of the monitor depends on the power supply, cables and connection. With the continuous use you might see the notification of “viewsonic monitor no signal” on its screen during the work. 

For error free performance firstly you need to find the reason behind it to apply any solution. You need to make sure about cable checking to prevent it from damages that cause this problem or it might be due to power supply issues. In this article I am going to discuss some easier solution’s to fix this no signal notification. 

viewsonic monitor no signal

Reasons Behind The “Viewsonic Monitor No Signal” Notification

When you see the no signal observation it might be due to some reasons. Most probably following are some of its main reasons that are;

  • Faulty cable connection
  • Non compatible settings for the display screen
  • The graphic card drivers might be faulty
  • Dusty RAM stick
  • Old cables
  • Might be the cable connection is faulty or unstable
  • PC not sending the output towards the monitor

Monitor Display With Orange Light:-

Basically sometimes the screen appears with no signal. In addition to this you will find the orange light too. It represents that source is working However it is unable to receive any kind of signals. Moreover your monitor turns off after this notification due to power saving mode. 

Easier Fixes For The Viewsonic Monitor

In most of the cases following through the easier steps the monitor can start to work again in the similar way. In case of this no signal notification first of all you need to apply some quick tricks that are;

  • Try to turn it off and again on the monitor.
  • Moreover you can check after unplugging all cables and then plug it again.
  • Power cycle the monitor
  • Press and hold the monitor’s power button. After some break, plug the power again. Later on, connect the monitor’s video cable onward.

Things To Check If No Signal Notification Appears On Screen

If you see this notification on the viewsonic monitor no signal then you need to check a few things. So here is the checklist;

Things To Check If No Signal Notification Appears On Screen
  • Check your connection cable’s
  • GPU drivers update status
  • Check out the input source
  • Reset the viewsonic monitor

Possible Solutions For Fixing “Viewsonic Monitor No Signal” Issues

1. Input Sources Checking And Setting

First of all it’s important to know that the monitors are present with the multiple ports that are; USB C, display port, HDMI. As a result you need to first select the correct port. In this way if you are connecting the laptop or either the PC with the help of Display port or HDMI you need to also select for the input settings in your viewsonic. 

Input Device Settings

First of all you have to make sure that the monitors access it. It can work through the menu button and scroll down for the input source connection using the + or – buttons. Probably the no signal notification will be removed. However even after the correct settings of input devices the problem persist then you need to go for another solution. 

Input Device Settings

2. Check The Port’s & Connection

It might be possible that there is no problem with the monitor. It is probably due to the faulty ports. Check the port’s that you are using either it is a USB-C cable, Display/HDMI port. Moreover you need to check both the cable ends to check for the damages. 

In addition to this you have to check for the monitor power cable. Is the right power supplying to the monitor or not. 

Check The Port's & Connection

3. Check For The Software Glitch

In most of the cases due to the softwares glitches the system might not perform well. Due to this the monitor suddenly stops working. In order to clear the software glitches you have to prevent the system from decoding the signal. 

As a result you have to reset the system to avoid any type of glitches. For this purpose you need to hold the power button for at least 60 seconds to make it work. 

 Check For The Software Glitch

4. Resolve The Hardware Issues

If you don’t find any solution then you can resolve it using the Hardware settings. In that case it’s possible that your internal hardware system like graphics card, RAM or any other components. However before disassembling the system make sure that your computer is turned off. 

First of all locate the graphics card from the PC back. Its loose fitting usually causes the no signal situation. 

5. Graphics Card Drivers Need Update

If you are using the desktop computer you can simply connect it with another monitor for sometime and update it. Through the GPU update the problem can be easily solved. For updating you have to follow these;

Graphics Card Drivers Need Update
  • First of all, update the GPU drivers through the device manager option. 
  • You need to search for the devmgmt.msc command in Windows Run.
  • Now you have to choose the display adapter section expansion.
  • Afterwards you have to select the display driver and update it through the right click feature.
  • However for selecting the driver option you need to search for the automatic searching options.
  • After the update, restart your computer. 
  • Now you can easily check whether the notification is appearing again or not. 

6. Monitor Resetting

If you check the notification of the viewsonic monitor no signal you should apply solutions. However if still the notification appears and you don’t find any fixation then you have to do some monitor resetting. It might be due to the micro-figure settings. As a result you need to reset it. You can do it following through these steps;

  • First of all, open the screen menu on your monitor.
  • Now you have to navigate and select the option of memory recall. 
Monitor Resetting
  • As a result the monitor will reset. 
Monitor Resetting

What To Do If Nothing Worked?

In case of not working on the monitor you need to pay more attention. It might be possible that your PC is broken and showing any damages here. Moreover your internal components might be broken. 

What To Do If Nothing Worked?

As a result if nothing works for you then get it checked from the nearest repairing shop. Moreover you can also choose to contact the customer care system of ViewSonic. It’s possible in this case if your monitor has a valid warranty. 

What To Do If The Monitor Is Not Turning On?


It might happen due to the damaged, old or loose cable’s. If you’re using the overloads and  faulty power strip then it might happen. Moreover the computer’s internal problems might not make it able to work. 


In order to remove this error try to shut down your computer for some time. Restart it. Reinstall the battery. Press the power button for some time and then restart it. 

What To Do If The Monitor Showing No Power?


Usually the faulty cables with the power connection don’t work enough to supply the power. Outdated cables or maybe they fail to work with the passage of time. 

What To Do If The Monitor Showing No Power?


Look carefully and inspect whether the cable’s are actually connected to the monitor or not. Replace the outdated or damaged cables. 

What To Do If a Monitor Is Not Showing The Full Screen? 

Of Course you want to see every inch of your monitor that you have paid for. Sometimes the monitor doesn’t work properly and showing the full screen. In that case you have to fix it immediately. 

Pressing the F11 key will be helpful to fix the full screen issues. You just need to hold the key and it will show you the whole program in full screen mode. 

However, for clearing the software conflicts you need to press some key’s combination. That is ctrl + alt + del and enter for the task manager. You can also check any playing programs using the Alt & Tab key. 

What To Do If a Monitor Is Not Showing The Full Screen? 

How To Clear The On And Off Blinking Of Monitor?


It can be frustrating to watch the screen. Basically the cable problems trigger this issue. Loose and old cables don’t perform well with this. As a result the monitor screen starts to blink and the monitor shows the flickering. Graphic cards can also be problematic.


Update the graphics card driver. Replacing the graphics card will be helpful in that case. 

What To Do If The Viewsonic Monitors Not Playing Sounds?

The sound playing can fail due to some reasons. First of all you need to check the monitor’s sound volume. Either if it is mute or down then you will not hear the sound. Try to clean the speakers. Check the sound settings. Disconnect all cables & connect it again.

What To Do If The Viewsonic Monitors Not Playing Sounds?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Fix My Monitor When It Says No Signal Detected?

You can check and apply some simple ways to clear this problem. 

  • First of all check your cables. In addition to this check the monitor’s input source as well. 
  • Reset the monitor and check the PCs hardware. 
  • Moreover you can reset the CMOS.

Why Is My Viewsonic Monitor Not Connecting?

Due to the loose cable’s connection it will not work properly. However the problem might be either with the HDMI or USB ports. Check out the power connection. Its unstable power also doesn’t allow it to connect.

Why Is My Viewsonic Monitor Not Detecting HDMI?

It might be possible that the cables are defective. In that case try to use another cable and check the results. 

Final Thoughts

The ViewSonic monitor show’s good performance while working. However sometimes you will observe the notification of “viewsonic monitor no signal”. In order to solve this problem firstly you need to know the possible reasons. Loose cable’s, connection, power cycle can be the possible reasons. 

You can easily get rid from this through the resetting, updating Graphic card driver. Moreover make sure that your cables are not damaged as well. The overall solution’s are mentioned above in this article you can check and apply to ensure the performance. For more information visit

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